What is your favorite candy?

This was recently a lengthy topic of discussion during one of our trips to the city.  Many candies were discussed!  We discussed mainstream branded candy vs. gourmet candy vs. different types of candy.  We talked about the candy of our childhood and wondered why those stupid candy dots are still made.  I miss the divinity that my grandma used to make.  Anybody remember maryjanes?

DC1 likes twix and skittles.  DC2 comes decisively on the side of gummy bears (or gummy bunnies).

#2 likes Heath Bars and Kit Kats. Did you know that in Japan they have different flavors of Kit Kats, like Green Tea?  It’s ok.  Oh, and peanut mnms!

#1 agrees on Kit Kats but always finds heath bars to be disappointing.  I think chocolate covered almond toffee is my favorite with Trader Joe’s edging out See’s… though homemade almond toffee is pretty amazing. Definitely peanut mnms, though I like almond mnms better.

#2 thinks the peanut ones go down better than the almond ones.  But she doesn’t buy much candy.  “I mean if I’m getting something on purpose, it’ll be dark chocolate, often with nuts. Because I like dark chocolate and nuts. But that’s not often candy. Most candy is not high-quality enough and I don’t feel like spending money on good stuff.”

#1 only buys high quality dark chocolate bars, but that’s mainly because they don’t make me feel like crap.  If I could eat all the candy in the world without it causing negative consequences, I would buy a lot more candy at TJ’s!  I’m not sure that I actually like green and black better than kitkats, but one square of green and black will do for me what takes an entire kitkat, and if I eat too many kitkat I sugar crash later.

#2 usually prefers salty crunchy things to candy.  She should try chocolate covered potato chips and chocolate covered pretzels because they are so good!  The worst thing about Jimmy Fallon’s new job is that they changed his ice cream flavor.

Also we are agreed on Frango mints being awesome.  Those are also my sister’s favorite.

What is your favorite candy and tell us about your candy memories (especially the sweet ones)!


43 Responses to “What is your favorite candy?”

  1. eemusings Says:

    I like chocolate but only pretty plain types. None of the ones with STUFF in them basically.

    Don’t eat lollies at all.

    Ice cream and cheesecake on the other hand…and potato chips…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I love chocolate with nuts. Once one of DH’s friends brought me a box of See’s candy back from a business trip and he got me soft centers! Because he couldn’t understand why anybody would prefer nuts and chews. I almost cried I was so disappointed.

  2. Quail Says:

    Dark chocolate, peanut m&ms, chocolate covered almonds, and only if I’m at the movies, Twizzlers. Or non-pareils with my popcorn (sweet and salty combo, yum). I don’t like taffy, fudge, brittle, or most fruit-based candy. Definitely on the salty-crunchy side. What I noticed after doing a short-lived Whole30 attempt (ended due to my breastmilk supply dropping) was that all I wanted was toast – so that’s where I want to get my sugar from.

  3. TheologyAndGeometry Says:

    Dark chocolate, toffee and peppermint patties. Not a big fan of fruity candies or candies with nuts, though I usually do eat some jelly beans around Easter time.

  4. Jenny F. Scientist, PhD Says:

    Mmmmm… due to the unfortunate dairy allergy I’ve never had most candies. I’m going to vote for dark chocolate almost anything. Especially with a praline filling. The local chocolate shop makes these chocolate dipped franken-apricots the size of a small peach. Those are pretty good! Coconut milk caramels too.

  5. Engineer Cents (@engineercents) Says:

    My coworker brings in these Russian candies that are basically Ferrero Rocher but with dark chocolate. Those are my current favorite, though every once and a while I have a hankering for gummy worms.

  6. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    I really like the combo of milk chocolate plus salt. Adding caramel in there doesn’t hurt either.

  7. Katherine Says:

    When I lived in the big city for college I used to love dark chocolate peanut chews. I haven’t seen them anywhere else since then. I have dietary restrictions (no dairy) that mean I don’t eat much candy. Mostly I munch on a few chocolate chips.

    I remember homemade candied orange peel that my mom and grandma used to make when I was a kid. I always want to make some myself around the fall/winter holidays, but I don’t really like to eat oranges so I never have the peel to make it with.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      No dairy is sad!

      Candied orange peel is soo good. But it’s kind of a hassle to make. I think we’ve only made it twice. Do you do orange juice? Or you could put the oranges in with cranberry sauce…

  8. becca Says:

    Gummy bears were my favorite as a kid for some time. Well gummy critters.
    I still remember the time a school group went on a Baskin Robbins field trip and we had gummy bear ice cream. Among the top ice cream experiences of my life.
    Around Xmas, we used to get those overly priced gift basket catalogs. One year, there was one that had all kinds of gummies in it, including gummy penguins. Oh how I coveted those penguins! I asked for them a bunch of times, but they were too expensive. So my Dad, for the same price as the gummy penguins + shipping would have been, went to the store and bought gummy alligators, gummy dinosaurs, gummy bunnies, gummy butterflies… gummy almost-everything (no penguins). Most memorable candy gift ever.

    I have no idea why i liked gummies so much, but I suspect it had something to do with delicious gummy watches being available in the hospital gift shop when my Dad was sick.

  9. xykademiqz Says:

    I looove chocolate: milk or dark, and milk/dark with nuts, fruit (orange peel, raspberry), or mint.
    I don’t care for ice cream or most other candy (Snickers will do in a pinch if I am hungry).
    I also don’t care for salty snacks (the safest place for chips in the house is on my desk), except for Cheetos — Cheetos have a way to my heart (and gut, and thighs…). I hate Doritos (it’s the smell) with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      #1 will eat cheetos of opportunity. So if my work lunch box for an event has potato chips, I will pass them on, but if they are cheetos I will eat them without guilt. I don’t seek out cheetos though, because if I did, bad things would happen.

  10. Leah Says:

    I’m trying not to eat candy right now (sugar in general, sort of, but candy is my big weakness). And I’m headed to a place on vacay where I normally have bought and indulged in lots of candy. Which is to say: worst post ever ;-)

    Things I like include: sour belts, jelly beans (all types are delicious!), those raspberry gumdrops with the dots, skittles, and Milky Way bars

    Gummy bears, are, of course, delicious.

    Why does candy have to be so delicious?

  11. Linda Says:

    Homemade candies are the best! My grandmother used to make divinity, too, and she also had a fantastic caramel recipe that we used to make turtles (candies made from pecans, caramel, and chocolate) every year before Christmas. We kept up the turtle making tradition after grandma died, although now that I’ve moved I don’t get to do it anymore.

    Is it any wonder I love caramel — really good caramel — so much? And for folks who can’t eat cow dairy, have you ever tried cajeta (goat milk caramel)? Yum! My Mexican neighbors used to get cajeta candies that were these round patties. I have to track some of those down and see if they are as tasty to me now, as an adult, as they were when I was a kid.

    I can’t recall how old I was when I tasted dark chocolate for the first time. It’s not like dark chocolate was really common in the Midwest in the 70s, but certainly by the 80s there were things like Hershey’s Special Dark available. Now I’m pretty picky about chocolate and have been known to turn down milk chocolate (usually too insipidly sweet to me) and I’ve found my current favorite brand of dark chocolate and pretty much stick to that. Some dark chocolates taste waxy to me, including the Hershey’s that was my “gateway” dark chocolate. My current favorite is the Endangered Species brand. (I think I’ve tried Green & Black and didn’t like it as much. Good thing there are now so many dark chocolate choices!)

    Because I don’t generally eat milk chocolate, most of the candy at the check out counter doesn’t appeal to me. Occasionally, I’ll feel like getting a peanut butter cup candy, but that happens maybe once or twice a year. Frangos are awesome, though. I think it’s because they have a slightly salty taste, too. However, I haven’t had a Frango since they stopped making them at the old Marshall Field’s on State Street.

  12. Ana Says:

    Dark chocolate with crunchy salty things in it or (even better) spicy or other weird flavor (sour, smokey). Trader Joes toffee (I think with almonds?) and Trader Joes dark chocolate peanut butter cups. homemade toffee of any kind. peanut brittle. I don’t like the sweet taste, but I like all the other tastes and flavor combinations. I will turn away milk chocolate and will fling away “white chocolate”. I am a total salty snack fiend, especially if there is a cheesy flavor involved (cheetos! cheez its!). Now I am starving and will not be able to concentrate until I get a snack that is NOT the raw celery and bell peppers that are all that’s left in my bag :(

  13. gwinne Says:

    Ben and Jerry’s coffee heath bar crunch (which they renamed, damn them!) is my favorite ice cream. That said, I’m not much inclined to eat a WHOLE heath bar. Maybe those Halloween sized ones though…

    Mostly I go for good dark chocolate. It’s the flavor, not the sugar, that I want.

  14. Cloud Says:

    I love a nice mix of cookie, caramel, and chocolate- so things like Twix bars. When we go to New Zealand, I always buy Toffee Pops, which are technically a cookie but are in fact the Platonic ideal to which Twix bars aspire.

    However, I almost never buy those things anymore, because I eat to much before I’m satisfied. Like you, I’ve discovered that a small amount of really good dark chocolate will do the trick. So now I eat two squares of nice dark chocolate after every lunch.

  15. DrDad, PhD Says:

    I have a roving set of favorites, but most involve chocolate. Butterfinger, Kit Kat, Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces, Mounds, Almond Joy, etc. I guess I like a little variety, but not enough to ever have any in the house (I’d eat WAY too many). Oh, and in the summer they are all best frozen (even Reese’s pieces – I swear!)…

  16. chacha1 Says:

    I have two candy memories from when I was a kid. 1) There was a little corner store in the little country town where I went to elementary & middle school. They had every flavor imaginable (at the time; this was the 70s, y’all) of hard candy sticks. I remember particularly loving root beer flavor. 2) The public pool in that little country town had a snack bar where we could get candy. It was a tossup between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Bottle Caps (if you’re too young to have seen those, they are like really gigantic Swee-Tarts shaped like, hey, bottle caps).

    My favorite candy now is fancy dark chocolate. I am enough of a chocolate snob that I don’t much like Hershey Special Dark, but will eat it in a pinch. Cadbury Dark is sort of my baseline. I like Chuao and Theo and Ghirardelli and Lindt and Chocolove. And I will go through a dark-chocolate sampler from See’s in shockingly little time. My favorite candy bar is Milky Way Midnight.

    As for non-chocolate forms of candy, I rarely stray from caramel and marshmallow.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I used to get now and laters for 5 cents and lemonheads for 10 cents at the corner store. Not because they were my favorites but because I had a very small allowance (10 cents/year of age) and those were the cheapest. For 25 cents I could buy one of those colored semi-frozen slushy sugar waters in the large plastic tubes. (I still remember the prices… and the feel against my teeth… more than 30 years later!)

      My mom’s favorite was “Forever Yours” which came back as “Milky Way Dark” when I was in high school and is now “Milky Way Midnight.” My favorite candy that sometimes comes back are the Hershey’s chocolate mint bars with the little Oreo cookie pieces in them– they’re only around at holidays now but they first came out as bars. Sooo good.

  17. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    DH came home from his last business trip with chocolate malt balls from a fancy chocolatier.

    • chacha1 Says:

      I am not allowed to buy chocolate malt balls because I have zero self-control with them.

      *okay, I am allowed, but only when I concede and accept that I will eat the whole package at once.

  18. ralucacoldea Says:

    ben and jerry ice cream the cookie dough flavor!

  19. Linda Says:

    Oh, man, I think I need to unsubscribe from the comment updates! So many new yummies have been mentioned (caramel/marshmellow/dark chocolate?! Ahhh!!!) and I currently can’t have any chocolate at all. :-(

  20. MutantSupermodel Says:

    So to me, chocolate doesn’t count as candy. Chocolate is chocolate and its own category and I love pretty much everything that falls under that category except for that digusting white stuff.

    As for actual candy, my favorite is gummies– gummy cola is my fave guilty pleasure but really gummy everything wins. Gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy alligators, gummy fish, gummy sharks, gummy dinos, gummy EVERYTHING.

  21. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Goldenberg’s peanut chews and blow pops.

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