• I wonder how it feels to have something stuck in your whiskers.  I wonder if it’s like hearing a ringing in your ears.
  • Instead of reimbursing me for 2 months of summer health insurance (when I switched to DH’s plan), my university decided to charge me for another two months.  Fortunately they fixed it– ~$1400 deposited in my account.
  • Of course, when they did that I realized that this summer they’re still treating me as if I’m full-time, which means I screwed up on the health insurance decision for this summer.  What I should have done would be to keep my health insurance until *my* open enrollment period, then switch to DH’s plan using the reason that my health insurance has changed.  Doing that would have saved ~$700 for the two months.  Of course, there was also another month that was double-booked with health insurance because we had a bunch of doctors appointments and I didn’t want to deal with changing everything over.  I’m wavering on whether or not that laziness was worth ~$300.  (Added to that is us not realizing that DH’s health insurance started when it did, so we might not have been able to shut it off that month.)
  • I had garlic butter tatertots from a foodtruck.  #2 mocked me for never having had gussied up “gourmet” tatertots before.  Hmph.
  • I’m a lot cooler online than I am IRL, just so you know.
  • I’ve hit another professional milestone in my career– I’m being asked to write tenure letters and be an external reviewer for dissertations outside of my own university.  Um, yay more service?
  • Being able to pour Trader Joe’s X over Trader Joe’s Y, or to just pop Trader Joe’s Z into the microwave makes dinners a lot easier.
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21 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Kellen Says:

    My friend invited me for dinner the other night, and I apologized that I wouldn’t invite her over in return, since I don’t cook for other people. So she very kindly explained to me where all our dinner food at her house came from (curry came from Trader Joe’s; rice came PRE COOKED–frozen–from TJ’s.) She just put everything into nice looking serving dishes and microwaved. Oh, and added some cooked chicken pieces into one of the curries. It was a bit of a revelation for me. Also, delicious!

  2. Engineer Cents (@engineercents) Says:

    We had truffle tater tots last weekend at a friend’s going away party. They were divine. Gussied up junk food ftw!

  3. Leigh Says:

    I season tater tots every time. So much more delicious!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I hadn’t actually eaten tatertots since either grade-school or middle school cafeteria. The food truck did a much better job than the cafeteria at making them not disgusting.

  4. Susan Says:

    Yay for TJs. I definitely prefer made from scratch, but there are times of life when convenience is king. I’ve never had fancy tater tots. Well I’ve had sweet potato tots but I’ve never heard of fancy ‘tots.

    If find switching over health insurance is always messy with some overlap. Since you had a period where you were double covered, you could at least use both policies (co-insurance) so that you didn’t have any out of pocket costs. The second policy should pick up any co-pays etc.

    How’s paradise?? Other than TJs? Looking forward to hearing how you guys settle in.

  5. middle_class Says:

    We swear by the Italian frozen pizza and filled ravioli. I forget the exact brand but they’re both made in Italy and are excellent. I’m going to stop by TJ tonight to get some cheese, just because I can. :)

    • pyrope Says:

      I think about one meal in three during the semesters is TJ’s channa masala over rice (from the rice cooker). Better than any I’ve ever had at an Indian restaurant.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      TJ’s carries the inexpensive and GOOD pasta from Italy. OM NOM NOM. Reminds me, I should go today and stock up!

  6. seattlegirluw Says:

    Insurance headaches are the worst. I had to help my husband choose a new plan, which I of course put off til two days before the deadline. I spent most of an evening comparing benefit levels and making sure the specialists he likes were on the plan.

    I’m hoping he’s still happy with the plan at the end of the year because… ugh.

  7. gwinne Says:

    I so wish I lived near a trader Joe’s.

  8. Rumpus Says:

    I like Trader Joe’s pound-plus chocolate bars. Especially the fancy one with the gold wrapper…I think that’s a holiday special. And those cookies that are vaguely like fancy kit-kats. I’m sold, I should totally have Trader Joe’s cookies & candy for dinner.

  9. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    (1) Were the gourmet tater tots good?

    (2) Service like that I consider to be high leverage, in the sense of having a major impact on your field.

    (3) You poured TJ’s bourbon over TJ’s vodka? Sounds awesome!

  10. Notes from the Road 5 | xykademiqz Says:

    […] the online experience. Besides, as a few bloggy friends who know me can vouch, and to paraphrase nicoleandmaggie, I am probably cooler online than in real […]

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