• Do you ever wonder if some of the crazier blogs out there are really just performance art?
  • Do you ever hope they are?
  • Does anybody chew gum anymore? (#2’s partner does.)
  • Who put the bop in the bop shoo wop?
  • Why do little things annoy me so much?
  • Do you think swamp zombies are moister or more decomposing than any other kind of zombie?
  • Will I ever get used to how awesome it is here in Paradise?  I hope not! (#1 hopes to be enjoying her Paradise soon, but only has a year of it– it’s unlikely she will have time to get used to it!)

20 Responses to “RBOQ”

  1. independentclause Says:

    Yes, I think the crazier blogs are performance art. You take an aspect of your personality and magnify it.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Well, I suppose that’s possible (obviously we’re magnifying the awesome aspects of our personality), but I was thinking that maybe instead of being a *insert your favorite crazy blogger here*, it’s actually an artist who isn’t in that situation at all.

      • Ana Says:

        Fascinating. There are bloggers that have been exposed to be big fat liars (like, the blog about curing their cancer but never had cancer or about their dead baby that never existed) but those are more pathologic, and driver by a desire for either money or attention. Someone doing a crazy blog as a creative outlet—i dunno. The negative side is that you get people invested in your story, commenting and caring about you—it seems a bit mean to trick people into believing you are genuine. Though some bloggers I’ve come across are really so inane and ridiculous that I sort of hope there is no one that shallow & stupid alive.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        p.s. Ana, I tried to comment on your blog and OMDG’s blog today and both comments got eaten. The last time that happened it was a blogspot thing because I couldn’t comment on any blogspot blog.

      • independentclause Says:

        Of course. I like that thought. You guys are probably Wall Street bankers dreaming of the simpler life. (Stop laughing.)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Sorry, can’t help it. A simpler life! Hahhaahaha. Maybe a more varied and interesting life?

  2. Linda Says:

    My only complaint about Paradise is that my job can get in the way of me enjoying it! ;-) There are so many fun things to do all week long here!

    Truthfully, the only not perfect thing is that I am still acclimating to the Very Strong Sun here. I wear sunscreen and a hat whenever I’m outside doing stuff during the strong sun hours (roughly 11 AM to 6 PM), but it still seems to sap my energy for doing anything strenuous.

  3. Cloud Says:

    I can tell you that after more than a decade living in my little slice of paradise, I’ve acclimated to the point that I now sometimes complain when the temperature leaves the approved 68-78 range. But not to the point that I don’t know I’m being ridiculous when I complain.

  4. SP Says:

    Yes, sometimes I wish the crazy blogs are performance art, but no, I don’t think they are.

    I think it takes a long time to “get used to” any new Paradise, and even then…

  5. crazy grad mama Says:

    I chew gum. Not as a constant habit or anything; maybe once or twice a day when I’m alone in the office. It makes my mouth feel clean and helps prevent boredom snacking.

  6. Katherine Says:

    I think that since you are choosing your paradise you probably won’t get tired of it.

    On the other hand, I grew up in a place that a lot of people consider to be paradise, but I couldn’t wait to leave and don’t see myself ever living there again. I tend to see the downsides more than the upsides to this particular place.

    I do have a paradise in mind that my husband and I would like to live, but most people we tell about it have a hard time believing that we love it so much.

  7. chacha1 Says:

    who put the bop in the bop shoo wop?
    why, the Pink Ladies, of course ;-)

  8. Rosa Says:

    My husband is deliberately trying to get his weight down to a specific number at which he thinks his knees will tolerate running, and he chews gum all the time. Actually he always has chewed gum, but now he seems to be deliberately doing it to keep from snacking.

  9. Revanche Says:

    PiC chews gum. I used to. I just got out of the habit, probably because I didn’t want to buy it? I do like a good juicy fruit though.

    I don’t know what my Paradise would be now but a year of Paradise and not being acclimated sounds nice. Any length of time, acclimated or not, would be nice.

    Pretty convinced that swamp zombies would be squishier than your standard non-bog zombies.

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