Leave Cara alone!

On the way to work while trying to avoid election coverage, I flipped to a top 40 station, as one does.  On this station, there was a stupid radio program with the talking heads bashing Cara Delevingne (a model/actress whose face you have seen because it’s everywhere right now both because she’s in a new John Green movie and making news but also because she’s the face of several products).  The talking heads excerpted an interview where the interviewers were trying to get Ms. Delevingne to say something terrible about her new movie or to admit that she’s exhausted/tired.  At first she denies denies, the movie is great, I’m not tired, then finally they’re like, is it just us?  And she says yes.

Then the radio hosts cut away and said Cara Delevingne continued to watch the tv as those reporters talked smack to her.  Then they started talking their own smack about her about how she is an actress and makes lots of money and shouldn’t be rude to reporters.  No mention of the reporters being rude to her.

They treated her as if she’s not a person, she’s just a figure that they want to take down.  She’s a successful woman and they want to exploit every perceived weakness because women are not allowed to be strong and rich and successful.  If they are, they’re certainly not allowed to be happy.  And the fact that she still pays attention to what the media says about her means they have a chance for drama which will drive audience towards them.  They’re probably hoping for a Britney Spears style melt-down (or, failing that, a Lindsay Lohan style collapse).

Would they do this to a man, even an outspoken man?  Of course not.

Stay strong, Ms. Delevingne.  You are a human being, not just a media idol.  I can’t imagine having to deal with all that nastiness.  You certainly don’t deserve it.

related:  A little googling finds that John Green is on the same wavelength here

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10 Responses to “Leave Cara alone!”

  1. taylorqlee Says:

    Super gross. Good on her for not putting up with their rudeness.

  2. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    Ugh. The media thrives on drama – and yes, it really does seem like they try to tear down young women above all else. Hopefully she can see through it!

  3. jlp Says:

    This is why I yanked my old stereo out of my car and installed a new one with bluetooth (for around $100 + my time/energy) that will communicate with my phone (more than $100 but totally worth it for me) and let me listen to podcasts to/from work. This has been, no kidding, one of the best quality of life improvements I have made in years, possibly ever. I now look forward to my commute. (Hopefully I don’t sound judgmental – I merely intend to sound evangelical.)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I do like npr, just not during election season.

    • Leah Says:

      I bought my car a decade ago before that was an option. But I did replace my CD-only stereo with a CD and cassette stereo. Had to buy it from a junkyard; all the people at the stereo store did not understand why anyone would want cassettes. I still have lots of audio books on tape, and I have a tape adapter for listening to my ipod.

      I like NPR fine, but I have lots of NPR podcasts of my favorite shows as backup for pledge drive/election times. And I rarely listen to music radio stations. Far better to hear my own music and no commercials or disc jockey blabber.

  4. Revanche Says:

    HRMPH. I didn’t know about this particular incident before but it just underlines my distaste for celebrity media and those stupid junkets and that whole culture where that kind of behavior is normal. Gross.

  5. Kellen Says:

    I saw someone make the point that it’s “part of her job” as an actress to be good at handling crappy interviews–but really, her job is being a good actress. Otherwise you could say the same that part of a football player’s job is being good at handling interviews, and from what I can tell, most of them aren’t that great at it (or the ones that are good have a stock answer that they stick to, no matter what the question is.)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, that’s what these people were saying too–she makes money as a model and actress, therefore we own her. But why are women, who make less, more owned than the men who make more?

  6. Just a little (link) love: White Collar Edition | A Gai Shan Life Says:

    […] to Nicole and Maggie, now I know Cara Delevingne’s name and I like that she’s not putting up with the BS […]

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