RBOC that has been lurking in the draft archive like a swamp zombie

  • Sometimes, in professional settings, it is best to keep the real authentic you to yourself.  Because the real you is crazy.  Authentic can be over-rated.
  • I’ve taken to shutting the door of our home office to keep the baby from destroying my stuff when we’re not in there.  Recently ze stopped by while I was trying to work and dragged me into DC1’s room, made sure I was distracted with DC1, and high-tailed it away without me noticing until I heard the sound of my papers crumpling.  [Wow, said baby is now 3 years old…this must be an old RBOC]
  • We were driving in a city and there was a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic with the tagline “Real Options”.  Next door was a Hanger store.  That seems about right.  I feel like I should have gotten a picture.
  • I learned a moderately expensive lesson– at a conference I went to Sephora with a friend.  My regular sunblock must have expired because I was getting sunburn walking between the conference area and my hotel, so I picked up a very small “travel-friendly” sunblock for $20 instead of dragging said friend to CVS to get the sunblock I use that doesn’t cause me to break out (and then possibly having to toss it at airport security), figuring at that price and “for the face” it would probably be fine.  The sunblock did work at blocking the sun, but also caused enormous break-outs on my face, possibly because in addition to its million other ingredients, there’s a heavy scent to it.   Note to self:  more expensive “face-only” beauty products aren’t necessarily better than mainstream what you get at the drugstore.
  • Speaking of old things lurking, who here has kept a journal?  And who has then gone back and read it later in life?  That’s a baaaaaaad trip.
  • I like cheese.
  • Sorry.
  • There is no #8.

Not *every* blog post can be pure gold… What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

44 Responses to “RBOC that has been lurking in the draft archive like a swamp zombie”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    My dermatologist said that about face moisturizer too. He liked neutrogena face cream for sensitive skin. In fact, now that you say that, I have been trying to use up a stinky scented face cream I bought at Tj max and it is causing my face to itch and break out. I really should just toss it…oh, so hard to throw stuff out. Maybe I’ll use it on my hands or legs instead.

  2. taylorqlee Says:

    Gruyere, though I’ll sometimes “settle” for aged gouda.

  3. CMonster Says:

    I have found but not read the notebook I used to keep with my two best friends in 7th and 8th grade. I can only imagine what gems will be inside!

    My favorite cheese ever every is probably a 15-year (or something) aged cheddar I bought at a farmer’s market one day.

  4. Zenmoo Says:

    Taleggio. Or maybe a mild, creamy blue. Or pecorino. Or raclette. Actually, ALL the cheeses are my favourite

  5. Sara Says:

    Practically everything at Sephora causes massive breakouts for me. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if the salespeople respected that when I’m in there with a friend I have had to stop going inside due to the number of rashes I’ve gotten from salespeople applying a product to my skin *after* I said, “No thanks, I’m allergic.”

  6. bogart Says:

    Goat ash cheese. Goat ash cheese. Goat ash cheese.

  7. Steph Says:

    Neutrogena’s face sunscreen has worked out well for me, and my face is pretty sensitive to break outs from anything that’s not nonacnegenic.

    Also, manchego or mozzarella, depending on context.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, that’s what I normally use.

      Sorry you went directly to spam. I don’t know why wordpress has been doing that lately. Maybe related to me being unable to comment on a good portion of blogspot blogs. :(

  8. Katherine Says:

    I don’t eat cheese, but I love nutritional yeast.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      What on earth? I mean, maybe if you’re lactose intolerant or something (which is sad), but if you’re a vegemite fan there is just something horribly wrong.

      • Katherine Says:

        I’m vegan. Nutritional yeast isn’t the same thing as vegemite! It’s not salty. also not a spread. It is good on toast, though. I also like it on popcorn and pasta.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Ah, well, if you’re vegan you get a bye on not eating cheese.

      • Linda Says:

        I’m not a vegan, but I do like the taste of nutritional yeast. It is sort of cheesy and adds good umami.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I will take your word for it. Given how disgusting both vegemite and marmite are, I doubt I will be seeking out nutritional yeast any time soon. (I tried vegemite for the first time when I was 7 years old and the memory still causes my mouth to react negatively! I’ve had vegemite and marmite since then, but I knew what to expect so they didn’t stick in my memory so much. The horror, oh the horror. Like the strip you do in science class that only some people can taste. So awful.)

      • Zenmoo Says:

        I love Vegemite and there is nothing wrong with me!

      • Norwegian Forest Cat Says:

        In high school one of my classmates replaced the chocolate frosting on a bunch of donuts with Vegemite and left them with a “free donuts” sign in one of the classrooms students tended to congregate in between classes. I’ve never been so glad that I don’t usually go for the free food…

  9. monsterzero Says:

    Cetaphil daily moisturizer is SPF 15 and is pretty much the only sunblock that doesn’t mess up my skin. That is to say, if I use it sparingly one or two days in a row, I might not break out. YMMV

    The journal re-read is something I put myself through every few years and it can be painful. As in, oh, now I see why she divorced me. I think it helps with the identifying of patterns and preventing history from repeating, though.

  10. Historiann Says:

    We were driving in a city and there was a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic with the tagline “Real Options”. Next door was a Hanger store. That seems about right.

    A-HAHAHahahaha!!!!! Yes, right on. I wish you had a photo too. (Google Earth, perhaps?)

  11. J Liedl Says:

    I use a hat for sunblock on my face. Pretty much everything makes me break out or causes an allergic reaction there. Bah.

    Favourite cheese? Hmm. today that would likely be Brie. We just bought a lovely small wheel of it and I can’t wait to dive in (but must wait until it softens up).

  12. Ana Says:

    Manchego and brie. Yummmm. Hat—good idea. I hate that white-ish appearance sunblock gives my face, it looks weird when I’m at work (I have to wear sunblock during the summer for my walk into work and home).

  13. Cloud Says:

    There is no way I can pick a single favorite cheese. That is too hard. I love aged gouda, the various Irish cheeses Kerrygold sells here in the US, parmesan, a good cheddar (I don’t care if it is orange or white)… I could go on and on.

    I don’t care for goat cheese, though.

    I use Oil of Olay face lotion with sunscreen for everyday, and Coppertone Sports for beach days, etc. My kids do well with Coppertone, too. I tried buying the Target thing similar to Coppertone and they both broke out. If it makes a 5 year old and an 8 year old get zits, it is no good. I through the leftover away!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I don’t like goat cheese either (it tastes like foot). #2 loves it.

      DC2 is wearing Badger and hasn’t had an eczema break-out since starting it. (The teachers are much better at using froofy sunblocks out here than they were at home– every kid has his or her own special snowflake brand here, so they don’t have to remember that DC2 is special.)

  14. Linda Says:

    My favorite cheese is Humboldt Fog, which is made with goat’s milk, so I guess it qualifies as goat cheese and #1 wouldn’t like it.

    I usually use a Kiehl’s brand of moisturizing lotion with sunscreen and my skin is OK with it. For a few weeks I tried a sample of some Aveeno stuff and it made my skin break out. I actually don’t care for the feel of sunscreen or moisturizers with sunscreen on my face, but I put up with it so I don’t get nasty skin cancer. (Both mom and sister have had the milder skin cancer on their faces). I also use a hat out here in sunny California.

  15. Debbie M Says:

    I agree that sometimes in professional settings it is best to keep (parts of) your real authentic self to yourself. I feel bad about thinking that sometimes because people should be allowed to be themselves at work, but then many, many people are on their best behavior at work and I find that to be super polite. Also, some parts of oneself are not generally relevant to the work world, so I’m pretty glad that things like religion and politics rarely come up.

    I have kept a journal and re-read it. Yes, usually it is embarrassing. Sometimes super-embarrassing. And then I end up wondering what I’m doing now that will seem embarrassing later! But sometimes I find something well-written or wise or something and I love that. Plus, it’s definitely good to remind yourself why it’s a good idea that you’re no longer with Mr. X or why you quit that job or whatever.

    I also can’t pick a favorite cheese. Maybe sharp cheddar. But I also love cream cheese. And I love grilled cheese made with American (other cheeses are too stringy). Mmm, lasagna full of mozerella. Mmm, paremsan. I recently learned that Swiss can be really tasty so long as it’s room temperature instead of cold.

  16. Becca Says:

    I am surpassingly fond of a particular smoked goat cheese. Makes amazing omelets. Kiddo loves goat cheese. I think it’s due to early exposure to chocolate goat milk at our old farmer market.
    I took the niece and nephew our current farmers market and ended up with a much larger block of a lovely but very intense blue cheese. Suggestions for consumption welcome. So far all I’ve come up with is on good french bread with olives and garlic, strong enough tastes to stand up to it.

    I also really love Gruyere, which is particularly nice on sandwiches.
    And some aged cheddars are amazing for omelets and snackery.
    As a special thing, baked brie (my aunt makes really good ones). I wouldn’t want it all the time though.

    For the record, nutritional yeast really isn’t like vegemite (thank goodness!). Though I prefer Braggs for my vegan umami fix (it’s a soy sauce substitute).

    • Linda Says:

      Some of the pairings I’ve seen with blue cheese are: pear slices, grapes, apple slices, walnuts, and even honey. I think the idea is not so much to match the intensity of the cheese one for one as it is to balance it out. Since I’m trying to limit how much bread and other simple carbs I eat, I’ve found that a slice of cheese on a slice of firm fruit (like apple or pear) is really yummy. However, I don’t do that with Humboldt Fog (my favorite ultimate cheese); I simply eat it like a slice of cake. :-) (It sort of looks like cake.)

  17. SHU Says:

    I use a Peter Thomas Roth sunscreen that is from (gulp) Sephora. I break out easily and this one does not make me break out and is a color corrector. It is SFP 20 I think though (not 30+).
    Cheese = super stinky brie. MMM.

  18. Aurora Says:

    Port Salut cheese – soft, washed-rind French cheese. Spread on crusty bread. I could live on this.

    On the radio show I listen to on the way to work they read excerpts from one of the DJ’s 13-year old (i.e. she was 13) diary. It’s hilarious and actually very reflective at times. I was never sufficiently motivated to keep one myself.

  19. ralucacoldea Says:

    Gorgonzola all the way for me. Or maybe a bit of aged Comte.

  20. Ree Says:

    I recently discovered the wonder of Japanese sunscreens, available on Amazon. There’s one by Nivea that is a “water gel” that I love. The feel is so light compared to the thick, gunky feeling of U.S. sunscreens. ***Not FDA approved, though*** My daughter’s skin turns bright red in reaction to most sunscreens, even some physical blocks like Elta, but she can wear most of these with ease.

  21. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    (1) I have pretty reactive skin, and Aveeno products work magic for me. I especially love the colloidal oatmeal body washes. I even use them as shampoo.

    (2) Can’t pick one cheese, but if stuck on a desert island and had to pick one soft and one aged, it would be Kunik (soft cow, sheep, goat blend) and mimolette (aged cow).

  22. Revanche Says:

    My authentic self is NOT allowed to speak at work. It would be both rude and snippy at all the annoying people. It’d be worse for the worse than annoying people. But it does work hard so it’s allowed to ride along.

    I reread old journals in my late 20s and decided that the world would be better off without my ever rereading them again, so I shredded them all.

    I can’t pick one favorite but I love that we have some Mount Tam in our fridge right now. It nearly motivated me to bake a loaf of bread just for it, specially.

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