Poll: What is your area of expertise

This could be by training, by profession, by hobby, whatever.  You get to decide.  Pick as many as you want.  Add details in the comments!  Especially if you choose other!



18 Responses to “Poll: What is your area of expertise”

  1. delagar Says:

    Thanks for letting us pick more than one — I do education *and* the arts! Why do I have to be in ONE box?

  2. Scooze Says:

    Where would you put fundraising?

  3. Linda Says:

    I guessed most of my expertise lies in Business and Community Service stuff. I have a hard time classifying my area of work and volunteering experience. I also added knitting as an area of expertise in Other. ;-) Maybe I should have added gardening and animal husbandry?

  4. Aurora Says:

    Former agri-biological scientist, team/project manager and business development. Currently retraining as clinical psychologist. Yes, weird combo. I love social science much more.

  5. Debbie M Says:

    I put Education/Training/Library and Computer/Mathematics. What I’m an expert in is one college’s degree audit system because a) I’m good at coding (not programming–more like putting equations in Excel) and b) I’m good at explaining to the users how to do things and translating in conversations between the users and programmers. I’m also certified to teach math and have scored math teacher certification tests, so those kind of belong in those categories as well.

    After doing clerical work for so long, I’ve also gotten good at checking for accuracy and being efficient with clerical type stuff. I am also above average at reading, personal finance (like all your readers), typing, embroidery, ballroom dancing, and maybe cooking.

    I am also an expert at figuring out what to do with myself all day, unlike some people who fear retirement for non-monetary reasons.

    • chacha1 Says:

      re: “figuring out what to do with myself all day” –
      Good gracious, me too. I can’t imagine not knowing how to spend my time. Deciding WHICH activity is the problem!

      • Debbie M Says:

        I know! It’s like with money: you can;t do everything, but you can do (almost) anything.

  6. chacha1 Says:

    I selected “Arts” etc which puts me in a very low percentile here. LOL But given that my activities of choice are all creative, it seemed appropriate.

    Also, “other = patents” because I wouldn’t call myself an expert in ANY field of law but I’ve certainly developed a specialty in patents.

  7. Zenmoo Says:

    My other is ‘sorting sh*t out’. This is a literal statement because I’m an engineer with a specialty in wastewater treatment & the mother of 2 small children.

  8. Engineer Cents (@engineercents) Says:

    I put computer/mathematics and law, since that’s ostensibly what my work is reduced to. I’d love it if I could do more of the former and less of the latter.

  9. Rosa Says:

    What do you call “figuring shit out”? I clicked business (among other things – I’m good at sales even though I don’t like it much) and administration, but what I’m best at is going through a bunch of records and finding where the process went wrong. Mostly with billing, but I’ve done it in a lot of contexts.

  10. Jay Says:

    I didn’t realize you could check more than one! I checked medicine/healthcare because, duh. Within that my areas of expertise are communication skills, behavior change counseling and end-of-life care. My personal motto is “diagnosis is my life”. My brain works diagnostically. I can’t help it.

    Other less lucrative areas of expertise: American mystery novels (especially written by women) and crossword puzzles.

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