A little late link love

I don’t want to talk about my to-do list.

A really neat use of data analysis in reporting.  (Totes stolen from wandering scientist’s link love)

I had a dream last night that Scalzi did the voice recording of this.

Anti-VD propaganda during WWII.

Holding pattern... yikes!  We hope everything turns out ok for everyone involved.

Don’t pass math anxiety on to your kids.  (The quiz at the end is super stupid though.)

I still think there’s hope on this front.  It just takes some time for these kinds of changes to be gotten used to and utilized.

Marmoset Babies wait their turn to talk.

Campaign zeroWe the protesters.

My kids had been having this conversation repeatedly.  It goes on for a while:


One Response to “A little late link love”

  1. Omdg Says:

    Wow that math anxiety quiz WAS dumb. But it did make me feel pretty good about myself. :-)

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