• I’ve been trying to use the word “actually” less in writing.  It is seldom informative.  But I use it a lot.
  • 5 years after their last change, one of our tires was losing air on a regular basis.  While putting off getting new tires, DH started filling it up with a bicycle tire pump.  Then one of them popped while he was filling it.  So we got new tires.  $690.
  • Despite glowing reviews, TJ’s kouign amann is not worth getting/making.
  • I do a lot with the media.  Usually my articles that are picked up don’t have a male coauthor.  This is my first experience with a news-worthy article with a male coauthor and I’m not doing the interviews like I usually do because they specifically ask for male coauthor by name.  (With my newsy female-co-authored papers they often ask for “one of you.”)
  • Just when I was thinking, maybe we should put some of the money we saved for excess living expenses this year into the stock market… we were reminded why putting short term money into stocks is a bad idea!
  • I’m pretty good at figuring out when the market is going to take a dip– it is whenever I think about doing something foolish with our money because it seems like stocks never go down.  Sadly, I’m fairly sure that if I tried to market that, my power would stop working.
  • june 5, 2007 is when hank green stopped being creepy on vlogbrothers and started being the adorable guy all know and love today.  I think it happened when he backed away some from the camera.
  • Why is customs so easy to get into Canada but so slow getting into the US?  Is it that the US gets more people coming in or that Canada spends more money on workers?  What I’m wondering is should I be annoyed at the US gov’t or not.
  • Dear couple fighting in the hotel room next door.  It is 4:30am and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.  I do not care who he told what.  Just stop screaming obscenities at each other.
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30 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Engineer Cents (@engineercents) Says:

    “june 5, 2007 is when hank green stopped being creepy on vlogbrothers” Bahaha!

    Also, sorry to hear about the male co-author thing. That bites.

  2. Leah Says:

    Customs is easier so many places. Even in New Zealand, where they are quite picky about what you bring in, customs goes pretty quickly. I suspect we don’t hire enough customs workers. Our budgeting priorities in this country are skewed.

    Another vote for lame on the male co-author thing; maybe you should write a paper about that which the media could pick up :-p (or a note)

    I have called the front desk before on loud people in a hotel; it’s their job to help with that. I’ve also called 911 when I suspected the person next door was actually hitting the woman with him. Those people were asked to leave the next morning.

  3. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    Customs is always hit or miss with us. We’ve spent 4 hours in line at customs in Miami before, but slipped through in less than 5 minutes in Baltimore!

  4. Leigh Says:

    I think you just have had better timing with when you go to Canada than when you go to the US! I’ve seen it bad both ways. And if it’s slow coming into the US, clearly those people went to Canada at some point (or live there).

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Maybe it is just Toronto, which, according to my passport, is where I always enter even if that isn’t where I end up.

      • Leigh Says:

        I could see why Canada would have more workers at the Toronto airport than the US does ;) Have you considered NEXUS/Global Entry? It’s amazing!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        after each trip, I think, I should do nexus, but then I’m like, oh, but I don’t have any future international trips planned, and then one will pop up and it still won’t seem worth it because it is just the one

      • Leigh Says:

        That’s what my boyfriend said until he got it. Now he swears by it, especially since it comes with TSA Pre-Check too!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I’m sure I would have been happy had I gotten it before making a bunch of trips. But right now I do not foresee myself going abroad anytime in the next year. (And honestly, getting into Canada has been no big deal, it’s just getting out at the end that’s a pain, but it’s not like I’m in a hurry on the way back.)

      • Leigh Says:

        I way prefer a faster customs experience going home! It means I don’t need to get to get to the airport nearly as early as I would otherwise.

      • Rented life Says:

        We’ve been wanting to do Nexus!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        If you’re going a lot, it might be worth the $50 fee + trip to enrollment center…

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        If I’m being totally honest, this last trip, I got to stand in the second line both ways with the Nexus people because they pulled me out of the first line to swab my hands both ways, and hand swabees got to go in the short security line with the nexus people. Also got to keep shoes on and laptops in the bag. Very much worth the handswab! (But not necessarily worth going through the nexus process…)

  5. Steph Says:

    Yes to the “actually” issue. I also have trouble with that and “basically” when I’m giving presentations.

    Boooo to journalists covering your paper. Are you primary author and they’re skipping you for a dude?

    There was a hilarious episode recently in my field where this grad student way down the author list was quoted in an article as the study lead. I don’t know how it happened, but apparently the journo went on vacation and out of contact immediately after publishing, so everyone was (gently) teasing the student while he was trying frantically to get it fixed.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      In my field order is alphabetical, but I have never ever been first author alphabetically, so that’s the same as before.

      Once when we both presented (usually just one of us goes to the conference, but this time we both went), the panel organizer assumed I was his grad student(!) The (!) is because I am way older and farther along in my career.

      • Steph Says:

        How does someone judge who did most of the work? Or is just assumed that all co-authors did an equal share? (I ask because my field has ridiculous author lists, so only first or second author really matters)

        WTF! The patriarchy is stupid.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Assumed equal unless not alphabetical. Still, early name authors have a measured advantage. (Of course someone wrote a paper on that!)

      • Steph Says:

        Ah, interesting. That’s a nice way to alleviate politics over first author when it really is equal, though it makes sense that if someone’s not paying attention that bias will crop up :/ The alphabet one, I mean, no excuses for sexist chairs/journalists.

  6. Rented life Says:

    Re: Canada–we also notice they are much kinder going in than US is about letting us come back (we go over about once a month). I feel like they spend a lot more time looking at our documents and asking questions than Canada does. There’s a lot more cameras taking pictures of us at our local crossings into the U.S.

    I just spent much of last week transcribing hours of audio. I couldn’t believe how often people said “actually.” I can’t fairly say women said it more as there were just more female speakers overall. Everyone also said “you know” often as a filler word (instead of um, etc.).

  7. crazy grad mama Says:

    Funny, I’ve always had WAY more trouble getting into Canada than back into the U.S. Once they asked for three forms of ID and then searched my car; coming by plane I once got sent through the full immigration line despite being a properly-papered permanent resident at the time. German customs, on the other hand, was a breeze.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      You’re in good company– John Green never goes to Canada if he can help it too– they hassle him as well. (Apparently once you’re denied entry into Canada once, they make it harder to get back in.)

      In my particular case though I’m really talking about the lines before a person has a chance to hassle you. I’ve had 0 problems on either side at the actual person-interaction point.

  8. chacha1 Says:

    Some friends of ours went into Canada via RV and were stopped, searched, questioned, searched, and generally treated with vast suspicion. The Canadian border guards couldn’t believe that Americans going into Canada did not have a gun hidden somewhere. :/

  9. Debbie M Says:

    I love using “actually.” It’s much more polite than, “Hey, ignoramus. You’re totally wrong about this thing.” (And yes, sometimes I’m the ignoramus I’m referring to when I write “actually.”)

    What I really don’t like is, “You simply [do something complicated].” And “Obviously, [something not obvious except perhaps for people who already know everything in the document and thus should not be its intended audience].” I also don’t like when people say something is easy, even when it is technically easy, if it’s quite time consuming. Yes, a recipe that takes six hours might be easy and even fool-proof, but I’m still not going to make it (unless it’s something like bread where the hands-on time isn’t so crazy).

    In related news, today someone told me “you can’t miss it,” and I got to reply, “I already missed it [on the way here to ask you where it was].” (Or might have said, “Actually, I already missed it.”)

  10. Debbie M Says:

    I’m now fantasizing about things you could shout back in the hotel room.

    There’s the classic, “Hey, I’m trying to sleep.”

    Or you could go oddball and loudly recite poetry or sing your favorite aria or Christmas carol or something.

    Or you could go with something more dramatic like, “No! Put that gun down! They are just shouting, they’re not hurting you at all! At least talk to them first!”

  11. requin Says:

    I have a colleague who does the kind of research that sometimes gets picked up by the mainstream media. With one paper in particular, he said that the media seemed to be going by both prestige of university and gender, thereby ending up with the man at a top Ivy who was only tangentially related to the project and who didn’t normally work in that area. The co-authors who should have been called were either women or at state schools. Also, people looking to do radio (as opposed to print) interviews were even less likely to ask the female co-author, even when my colleague told them that they should be interviewing her.

  12. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I’m really bad with actually, and also just.

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