Number one and the adventure of…. The Link Love

Ahoy!  #1 has a new job eating my head and #2 is traveling for work.  So neither one of us has really been surfing the net for the lolz.  Let’s give some links a try!

Do you feel like airlines hate you?  You’re right!

Do you want these things?  We do.

Did you know that HuffPo has a whole page devoted to campus sexual assault?

A nutrient-rich sludge… I mean, salad.

Rethinking work: Meaning-making is important.

This dude is angry about Katrina.  And more.

This seal be like, “Right there, yeah. Riiiigghhhhtttt therrrrre.”

Nicki Minaj comes correct.  “It’s disgusting that we exist in a culture that will vilify a black women for pointing out a white woman’s racial illiteracy.”

Eff the — yogurt.  Yeah.  Eff the yogurt.

We like the moon.

Everybody is talking about cat-level street view.

Sorry the links are light.  Feel free to peruse our links on the side there if you need something to read.  Now I’m going to bed for 3 days.   Yay weekend!!!


6 Responses to “Number one and the adventure of…. The Link Love”

  1. becca Says:

    I like yogurt, but I 100% agree that the marketing of this product has jumped the patriarchy shark long ago.

  2. Linda Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been a recent flight where they used the pure back to front loading method. Airlines these days make extra money by charging people for preferred boarding, so there are lots of people in seats all over the plane by the time they start “regular” boarding. Since I have no status, I usually buy a window seat near the rear of the plane (not all the way in back, and not near the lavatory) so that I have a better chance of getting my luggage in the overhead. That’s my personal strategy since I HATE to check my bag. It’s not about saving $25, it’s about knowing I’ll have my bag at the other end as soon as I arrive, and that it won’t get lost, mis-handled, or cause me further delay in getting the hell out of the airport (which always really, really suck.)

    Also, I do, in fact, love yogurt. Plain, full-fat yogurt is awesome. Mix in a bit of fresh fruit or jam, or top with a drizzle of honey and cinnamon and it is super yummy.

  3. Revanche Says:

    PiC loves yogurt and I kinda hate it. I only eat it for the gut-health benefits, but under protest.

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