Link love

Elvis has an advice column.

Serena Williams doesn’t have to smile for you.

Advice for taming social anxiety.

More gifted screening, not less.

What on earth is wrong with promoting your handicrafts on your blog?  It’s not like promoting a crappy MLM.


discussion of shopping bans

preschool, privilege, and parental flexibility

According to this, I am middle class.  It may need to be updated, however.

This one below makes me laugh so hard:


13 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Hmph. I liked seeing her handicrafts! It gave me hope that one day I’ll have time to sew again. I never thought she was even trying to get readers to buy them – just like hey, see this neat thing I made? People suck sometimes.

  2. oldmdgirl Says:

    I read the Jessica Grose article, and I guess…. I just can’t understand why people had so much venom towards it. Made me feel like people just totally suck, which I guess I already knew.

  3. Anu Says:

    I got middle class as well.

    Have you read the book that list comes from, Paul Fussell’s Class? I can’t help but find it hilarious (though dated), even as I dislike big parts of his attitude in it.

  4. Rented life Says:

    Mid/lower working class. Though some of the art items were annoying. Of course we hang my and my husbands pieces. That’s why we made them-we didn’t find “professional ones” we liked. He even went to school for it so his are better than mine. He’s doing a close up of various flowers for me. And I love having family photos up. I grew how without that but I like how cozy it feels.

    • Rosa Says:

      I’m pretty sure more recent stuff (like the invisible knapsack article) put artwork by family members as a sign of being higher class. At least culturally, if not in money terms. Just like how academics are middle class even if they’re poor, culturally. Usually.

  5. Rosa Says:

    The comments on that shopping ban article are kind of blowing my mind. Are there really people who, every time they move, go out and buy new furniture and appliances? Including people who downsized in their move? I mean, they are commenting so they must exist but…I have my couch and my artwork and my lamps and rugs and towels because I like them. Sometimes, I’ve moved and discovered what I have doesn’t fit in the new space and then gradually discarded/replaced/added to. But I can’t imagine moving and thinking “well now we need new paintings for this new living room”. Much less something as expensive as furniture. And most places come with appliances, you might not like them but you have them!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Of course there are! And they usually have debt, but argue furnishing a new place is a necessity, not a want. Then something terrible happens, like the husband loses his job and they are SOL.

      The idea of waiting when you can finance is foreign.

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