On Root Beer

DH has long been a connoisseur of fancy sodas.  Back in graduate school the dentist told him he had to cut out his soda habit (wrote “coke habit” but realized that might be misinterpreted, but it was mostly coca cola), so he picked up tea (and later coffee) for the caffeine and decided that if he was going to drink the occasional soda it would have to really count.

Paradise sells Bundaberg.  Imported from like Australia or something. DH recently gave me a taste of his, because he loves me and is willing to share (and knows I don’t want a whole bottle of my own).

Me:  This root beer tastes like your love for me.  Delicious.  Complex.

DH:  My love for you is complex and carbonated?

Me:  Effervescent!

When Bundaberg isn’t around, he favors Virgil’s which even our local supermarket started carrying in the fru-fru section.  Another good one available at specialty/wine shops all over the South is Abita, which I have been told comes from New Orleans.  (DH still prefers Virgil’s.)

Ah rootbeer.  Licorice and vanilla and sassafrass and wintergreen.

Do you like rootbeer?  What’s your favorite kind?



23 Responses to “On Root Beer”

  1. Leah Says:

    Abita is a brewing company! My husband is on a quest to have beer at a brewery in every state. Last year, for spring break, we visited three new-to-us states (AL, MS, and LA). Abita was one of our visits. I think a lot of good soda comes from people already brewing beer/making wine because they have the principles of fermentation down. Apparently, fermentation is the only way to make real rootbeer.

    I am not a huge soda fan. I cut soda out at the end of high school, mostly as a way to avoid the freshman 15 since my college dining hall had “free” soda. Since then, I maybe have one soda a month. I do like A&W. I’ve never really ventured into fancy soda, mostly to keep myself from falling back into liking it. I find that if I start upping my consumption much above once a month then I start actually liking and wanting it.

  2. exoboist Says:

    Ooh, yes, we’re Virgil’s fans too. We had a brief flirtation with Bundaberg, but I swear the first ones we had were different from the next ones. It’s too complicated, we think.

  3. bogart Says:

    I like commercial root beer fine, but rarely drink it (sugar) and haven’t tried branching out, maybe I should. I am fond of Blenheim ginger ale. We have a local health/local-food cafe place near us that makes several sodas in house and my DS is fond of the elderberry, so I sometimes get a sip of that. They also make kombucha, which I have tried and have mixed (but probably net negative) feelings about.

  4. Calee Says:

    Has he tried the new $12-a-six pack root beer from Trader Joes yet?

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I’ve heard great things about Not Your Father’s Root Beer, but I haven’t tried it. I’m not sure they have it around here? Or they do and I haven’t looked.

  6. Dana Says:

    I love root beer! My campus put fancy root beer on tap but it is too expensive so no one buys it. In response to that they took regular root beer off the soda fountain taps, so now I hardly ever drink root beer. :( The bottled stuff is great once in a while!

  7. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Hmm. I thought I didn’t like root beer, but maybe I just need to try some fancy stuff. I don’t drink soda at all in general, though I made some Wedding Ginger Beer (for a punch) that was worth drinking.

  8. chacha1 Says:

    I don’t ordinarily drink “soda” at all because of A) sugar, or B) fake sugar, or C) it’s hella expensive. I buy generic seltzer (aka carbonated water) when it’s hot (which is unfortunately most of the time this year), and when we want to jazz it up we add a little lime juice, or cherry or pomegranate juice, or something from the liquor cabinet. :-)

  9. Cloud Says:

    I’m not big on root beer, but Bundaberg Ginger Beer is also excellent. And yes, it is from Australia. Bundaberg is a city up north of Brisbane. We visited it during our circle pacific trip a long time ago. I remember the rum factory, the bats… and the chance to see baby turtles hatch (so cool) and the boat trip out to the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Thumbs up all around, really.

  10. oldmdgirl Says:

    Root beer not so much. Cherry coke on the other hand. Yum.

  11. moom Says:

    I didn’t even know there was root beer was made in Australia (I don’t like it). I think of Bundaberg as rum.

  12. crazy grad mama Says:

    Nope, I think it’s gross. I have a mild addiction to Diet Coke instead.

  13. fizzchick Says:

    Mmm. Just had a root beer float made with my husband’s home-brewed stuff. He uses the Zatarain’s extract and a bit of yeast, and it’s delicious without being too sweet. Also a fan of Bundaberg ginger beer. And their bitter lemon – do they have BevMo in Paradise? Lots of fun sodas there.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Oooh, home brew. DH just made hard cider with a friend but it wasn’t that great. Hopefully we will drink our share before it explodes. Though honestly if we had made it by ourselves we would probably just dump it.

  14. Engineer Cents (@engineercents) Says:

    Not a soda person, and I haven’t had root beer in years, but my partner got me hooked on Vernors ginger ale while we were visiting his family in the Midwest. It was kind of life-changing as far as sodas go.

  15. Allyson Says:

    Love root beer. I grew up in Milwaukee so I always have to get Sprecher. The town’s first microbrewery but probably better known for their sodas now. It’s on the vanilla side, and looks like you prefer the spicy side. Sprecher also has a hard root beer (and other hard sodas), but I didn’t like it (them) much. I also have a awful time finding the sodas out of state.

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