Food from Firenze


Insalata Caprese



Spaghetti carbonara



Tagliatelle with tomato and porcini



Peposo (beef cooked in tomato and pepper, with roasted potatoes)



Affogati caffe



16 Responses to “Food from Firenze”

  1. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    All the food looks beautiful! I don’t mind spending on excellent meals in foreign lands.

  2. oldmdgirl Says:

    Keep posting more food porn!

    Sadly, when we go to Italy to visit my husband’s family we end up getting the Italian version of the diabetic/low salt/renal diet because of my in-law’s various health problems when we eat in. So we end up going out a lot. We really love getting fresh seafood/fish/moeche/etc. And wine/salami that is made by farmer-friends of my FIL (he used to sell tractors for a living). That is basically 1/2 the reason we make the trip.

  3. Linda Says:

    I’ve only recently been introduced to affogato, but I love it! Yum!

  4. monsterzero Says:

    I should stop reading these in the morning for a while. So. Hungry. Right now.

  5. chacha1 Says:

    Carbonara for breakfast … oh yeaaahhhh.

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