Food pic Friday!

In the Campo de’ Fiori is a mozzarella bar/ cucina. The cheese is as amazing as you think.


First an “intense” bufala mozzarella with a side of tomatoes and pesto. Delicious!


Yummy pasta


Grilled eggplant covers a ball of cheesy rice. Pesto on side. Smoky mozzarella. Sooo good.


Overhead view


Dessert was creamy ricotta with honey, pine nuts, and orange peel.

So far this meal wins!  We will go back.

Lunch in Rome


Bucatoni amatriciana (tomato sauce with black pepper, bacon)


Eggplant parmigiana made with burrata


Arrancini, Sicilian style

10 Responses to “Food pic Friday!”

  1. gwinne Says:

    You are making me hungry! And envious!

  2. oldmdgirl Says:

    I can give you a recipe for amatriciana if you’re interested. It’s very simple!

  3. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    What is the name that the restaurant for the top pictures? Our hotel is just a few blocks from there next week.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    what I want to try someday is making a frittata with burrata. LOL Breakfast that rhymes. (Now I need to find something that rhymes with “pancetta” so I can finish conceptualizing the recipe.)

  5. Cloud Says:

    You have made me desperately want to go back to Italy and just eat and eat and eat.

  6. Revanche Says:

    *backflips over the bucatini* I actually came back and adapted that recipe after we had it in Italy. I don’t buy the actual bucatini all the time because it’s hard to find and expensive but I do the rest of the recipe with any shape pasta and it’s just as good. (see: bacon pasta on the blog)

  7. Ana Says:

    drooooooollll. I’m hungry now and no option here will satisfy me after seeing those pics!

  8. notofgeneralinterest2 Says:

    MOAR food pics! These are fantastic. When I was there a few years back I took 0 food pics (why?) and yours are fantastic.

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