Some (almost) final food pics

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday (with a money post).

In the mean time…


Arrabiata with house-made pasta


Carbonara with house-made pasta. Eat all the carbonara. The pasta was toothsome!


We eat a lot of caprese.


gnocchi baked with mozzarella


a big salad with things in it, also I had bread and olive oil


Wild rice salad with eggplant.


some kind of pasta

Also saw many dead saints bodies and churches.

Roman cheeses and other foods.


For dinner we got the grand tour of cheese from soft bufala ricotta in top left progressing in strength to stronger and then smoked mozzarella.  We ate all the cheese in Rome.


eggplant slices grilled with zucchini and pesto


tomatoes with pesto


Artichokes, eggplant casserole





We have conquered Rome.

A single link.

7 Responses to “Some (almost) final food pics”

  1. monsterzero Says:

    Eggplant artichoke pesto cheeses ahh. At least now it’s Saturday so I can do something about The Hunger.

    Might just be me but that link isn’t working for me. Is it the WiFi one? Because that one is pretty awesome.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Jeezus motherf*cke!! All these food posts are amazing!!

  3. Revanche Says:

    I just want to celebrate the pastas you’re eating. And all the food you’re eating, really, they all sound AWESOME. Can we do a pasta party?

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