• I had a brilliant bon mot but I forgot it.
  • I hate it when I have to discuss a paper at the conference and I get the paper and it is 90% literature review and then 10% summary statistics and… nothing else.
  • Posted on a local discussion group that we’re looking for a piano teacher for our 8 year old who has been playing ~3 years.  Got a response, “is it a boy or a girl?”  Huh?  I don’t think I would want a piano teacher that cares what gender the child is.
  • DC2 can read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like, zie can sound things out and everything.
  • Cooking at home again [after two weeks in Italy] is fine.  I like other people making food for me, but I also like being able to stay home and not put on pants and not have to talk to people and not care about when things are open, etc.
  • Case of the missing credit card solved– our neighbors have been holding on to our mail that got delivered to them accidentally since AUGUST
  • Along with said missing credit card was a check from our insurance company (we changed both our car insurance and our house insurance) for $1385.  We called them and they said yes it is a real check and yes it is still good and we should cash it.  Whoops.
  • Overheard on the subway, “I’m not saying her problems aren’t real, just that she creates them herself.”
  • I’m done traveling until December!  Woooo!
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24 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Sigh on the credit card. My neighbors and I get each other’s mail relatively often, but that makes sense when we share a rack of mailboxes… Someone once brought something down several days later OPENED. They didn’t even check the name on it before opening! I don’t open my boyfriend’s mail, so I always look at the name before opening mail.

  2. Cloud Says:

    Who holds on to important looking mail meant for a neighbor for MONTHS? That is just weird.

    I love the quote you overheard on the subway. So true in many situations…

  3. Revanche Says:

    You on cooking: Yes, I agree. There are a lot of times I’d rather just PB sandwich at home rather than figure out who’s open, who’s really busy, get dressed, go out, drive somewhere, park …. bah.

    Your neighbors are WEIRD. Ours very nicely rescued some of our packages last year but gave them to us as soon as we saw each other in passing. Mail just gets attached back to the communal board or the mailbox itself. Why would you take it and not return it?

    @Leigh: Don’t hold it against us! I HATE being addressed as Mrs. HisFirst HisLast, I prominently display my full name on everything we send, and I tell people my name is still my name. What do I get? Wedding invitations send to Mrs. HisFirst HisLast. *growl* I’ve been tempted to send them back stamped “Recipient doesn’t answer to not her name”.

  4. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Not having to put on pants should not be underestimated.

  5. SP Says:

    Don’t we all create our own problems, really? Although some people are more direct about it than others! That is the best overheard quote. :)

    I have to admit, I am not into the no-pants thing. Like, do we mean that we don’t need real (not pj or workout) pants, or is everyone really going around wearing absolutely no pants at all at home?

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