link love link love roly poly link love

garb week on medieval poc is awesome

What Ben Carson has in common with slave owners.

Hank Green finally addresses race in nerdfighteria and links to a video.

SXSW’s astounding ideals of cowardice  Yay Buzzfeed.

Teach them well (trigger: harassment, groping)

We missed this going down, but dude, internet.

Ana’s weekend comes with life lessons.

How to improve casual sex for women.  Apparently starting by getting rid of patriarchy helps.

holy excrement this is the best thing ever

do not use the force

kitteh delivereh

Can I interest you in a pre-owned cat?

need a midday nap?

foster the puppeh  Also this is cute.  And this is happy.  Catsby on insta.

Reading is sexy

Cabinets by POP

Donald Trump would have been richer by doing nothing.


In my new job I guess I must be a historian

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