We got iphones, now what?

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DH finally got DC1 signed up for piano, so the next thing on his list was  smart phones.  He presented me with a bunch of choices and after some discussion and a lot more waiting I chose the following somewhat randomly:

Carrier:  Ting* using the Sprint network.

Phone:  Iphone 6.  (Not 6s, not 6 plus, not 6s plus).   Purchased, not rented.

Memory:  64 mb.

Protection:  iPhone 6 Case, Spigen [HEAVY DUTY] Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6 (4.7-Inch) – Gunmetal (SGP11022)

iPhone 6s Screen Protector, JETech® 2-Pack Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Newest Model 4.7

24 month applecare plan

If you want more deets on the decision-process, here’s what DH presented me with:

Summary: Ting could be $53/month on the 3rd/4th-best network. Or Verizon could be $70-$85/month for the best network.  Plus taxes on each.  Each iPhone 6s (not the Plus-size) will cost $650 (+ $100 for 64Gb) .  Still to consider: cases and insurance.

Current network performance: http://www.rootmetrics.com/us/rsr/united-states/2015/1H

In general, Verizon is best, followed by AT&T.  Sprint and T-Mobile are 3rd/4th, with Sprint having more coverage and with better calls, and T-Mobile being faster.

I’m only looking at carriers that take the iPhone, so Republic Wireless is out.

These prices do not include taxes and fees.  Ordered by http://cell-phone-providers-review.toptenreviews.com/
Verizon is $70/month for 2 lines with 1GB shared, $85/month with 3GB shared, or $100/month with 6GB shared. http://www.verizonwireless.com/landingpages/verizon-plan/

T-Mobile: 2 lines are $80/month with 1GB each, $100/month with 3GB each, $120/month 5GB each, or $140/month for “unlimited” data each. http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/family.html

Sprint: $105/month for 2 lines with 2GB shared, $120/month with 4GB shared.  https://www.sprint.com/shop/plan-wall/#!/

AT&T: $80/month for 2 lines with 2GB shared, $100/month with 5GB shared. https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/data-plans.html

Cricket Wireless: $70/month (taxes and fees included) for 2 lines with 2.5GB each.  Uses AT&T’s network.  https://www.cricketwireless.com/cell-phone-planshttps://www.cricketwireless.com/5for100

Ting: $53/month for 2 lines with 2GB shared, $83 for 2 lines with 4GB shared.  Ting uses either of the T-Mobile or Sprint networks, depending on the phone.

Consumer Cellular: $70/month for 2 lines with 4GB shared, up to 750 minutes of talk. Uses AT&T’s network.

Boost Mobile: $60/month for 2 lines with 2GB each.  I can’t figure out if this also has a per-line charge.  Uses Sprint’s network.

MetroPCS does not support iPhones.

Average data usage is 1.8GB per month, mostly video, according to http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/01/24/the-average-american-uses-this-much-wireless-data.aspx

Looking at IPhone models, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_iOS_devices#iPhone
We have to get at least a 4S for iOS 9, and a 5+ will be significantly faster. The more recent the model, the more data bands it can use, so the better data signal it will get. More recent models also get better wifi connectability. Also, the more recent the base model (4/5/6), the larger the phone.
The 6 has a better camera, and the 6S is better yet again.le’s 24-month plan because it includes accidental damage insurance. http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/9/9277775/new-apple-iphone-6s-price-cost-carriers
We can get (assuming minimum Gb): a refurbished 5 or 5c from Ting for $277;
5S from Apple for $500, or refurbished from Ting for $383;
6 from Apple for $550;
6 Plus (almost 1″ longer diagonal) from Apple for $650;
6s from Apple for $650;
6s Plus (almost 1″ longer diagonal) from Apple for $750.

*This link is a referral code.  I can’t actually recommend Ting yet because I haven’t really used it, but, “Refer a friend to Ting by offering $25 off a device or $25 in Ting credit. You get $50 for your first successful referral and $25 for each one after that,” means that if you were going to get Ting anyway, here’s $25 off for you (and money for us too).  I will say their customer service has been good so far.

Now what? What apps should I get (if any?)? What should I avoid? What’s been life-saving? What’s been horrific?

44 Responses to “We got iphones, now what?”

  1. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I’ve had Ting for a year (stupid phone, use it very little, total cost with tax $12/month!) and so far I have no complaints. I even get service up here in the mountains! (Mostly.)

    My pal highly recommends Cozi- shares calendar plus grocery list.

  2. S Says:

    I can’t remember if you drive much, but Waze is (hands down) the most useful map/traffic app I’ve used. It’s crowd-sourced, and updates in real time. It’s gotten me out of a messy traffic situation more than once.
    Google docs (or dropbox), for access to files whenever. I use to track all kinds of things. Easy to add to on the go, while waiting for kids, etc.

  3. Hypatia Cade Says:

    Google maps (not apple maps), Mealboard (mealplanning + grocery list app – syncs across phones, a little clunky but less in your business than several apps that do meal planning + groceries), Carcassonne if you like boardgames, Wunderground weather app (way better than the weather app it comes with), Notability (note taking app – best on ipad but useful to sync to iphone if you use both).

  4. Rented life Says:

    I just got Spigen cases for myself and my mom (she wanted bright and they had bright patterns). I’m happy with the fit compared to other cases. (I had to help my parents get and set up their phones but I was able to get dads for free!)

    It can’t hurt to see if there’s a local traffic app. I wasn’t specifically looking but stumbled on one that gives bridge wait times for going to Canada. Super helpful. It’s not life saving but we love Shazam because we are “who sings that one?” people when we hear a song. :) We use the calendar that’s on the phone which has been nice now that husband knows how to add things to it.

  5. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    I was going to say Goodreads! But then I remembered you have LibraryThing. Do they have an app? The Yelp app is awesome. I love the Cartwheel app from Target. I use Spotify and Pandora for music. I use PayByPhone a lot down here for the parking meters but I don’t know if that’s a thing where you are. We love Duolingo for learning new languages

    • Leah Says:

      yes to both cartwheel and duolingo. I use cartwheel by scanning stuff I’m already buying — I rarely browse through items. I figure that way I’m mostly just saving and not encouraging much extra spending.

      I just got my husband hooked on duolingo. I liked it more before the recent cartoon-y updated, but the core way the software works is still wonderful.

  6. Linda Says:

    Apps are so personal. What I say I use all the time may not be the same for you, but here are my top used apps.
    — CVS — My loyalty card is part of the app, and I can keep all of their coupons on it, too. Most people (with families) love Costco, but it’s just me in a small house here, so I can’t/don’t want to buy industrial sizes of stuff. I buy my paper products and lots of household cleaning items at CVS because I can always find a coupon to use, or am building points that convert automatically to cash.
    — Evernote — I use it so much for storing things like knitting patterns, “clipped” articles to read, and notes (included a notebook full of mom’s medical details that sister and I share), that I have the paid version. I like it better than Dropbox or Google Docs because I can add PDFs and put my own notes on them, and I can also incorporate all types of media (photos, etc.) very easily.
    — Kindle — I can read the same library (or purchased) book at home on my iPad and on my phone when I’m out and about, and thanks to the Sync function I’m always on the right page. :-) I like not having to carry an extra device or book around with me.
    — GoogleMaps/Waze — Waze is actually a Google product and you’ll get similar information on traffic density, accidents, and optional routes with GMaps. Waze is just a bit more “gamified” and cute.
    — Meetup — I’m only a member of a few Meetup groups, but I do most of my social activities through them. The app lets me know when there has been a comment or update to an event I’ll be attending. Sometimes those updates are not big deal, but sometimes they have info I’ll need. It also gives me a calendar of group events so I can look at all the group options for the weekend and decide what I want to do (for example), and it has a messaging component, so it’s easy to send a personal note to someone in the group that you’d like to connect with.

    I also use my banking app and Mint a bit, but not that often. I prefer to do my banking and budgeting on my laptop. I text a LOT now with new friends, and I also use my social media apps very frequently.

  7. Kemi Soremekun Says:

    I suggest google maps, other maps applications are just not very good. Evernote or Google docs, basically any service that lets you access documents and files from multiple devices including a desktop pc. Evernote is also useful for taking notes on the go and accessing anywhere. A weather app is useful, I have Yahoo weather and a UK specific one (i’m British). If you are a heavy social media user then Hootsuite is great and you can access several social media platforms from one place. I’ve got the Facebook app on my phone but I’m thinking of removing it because of the privacy concerns that I have about Facebook. I also have Amazon and Ebay apps as well an app called pic2shop that let’s you scan product barcodes to get the best deals.

    Shazam is good if you are into music whilst if you are into messaging a lot then Whatsapp (bear in mind it’s owned by Facebook and Viber)

    As you can guess, i use my phone a lot.

  8. Norwegian Forest Cat Says:

    Two Dots. I had to wipe my phone recently and had to start over, but can’t say I’m complaining. :)

    I like the Dark Sky weather app (also use WUnderground, though), and the Yelp app saves me whenever I’m in a new city and need to find somewhere to eat. I also use the YNAB app, which requires Dropbox – another handy one! If you want to use Google Drive at all you’ll also want Sheets/the accessory apps so you can actually edit things, but they’re not so bad.

    Also jumping on the Waze bandwagon! I don’t drive much, but when we were traveling with my SO’s family this summer it was essential. We set it so the voice was like The Terminator, which got old after a few minutes but entertained us!

    For your fitness extravaganza (?) in February, you might want to try the Sworkit app – I’m doing a little challenge in November to do >15 minutes of anything every day until Thanksgiving, and it makes it a lot easier when someone else tells you what to do!

  9. bogart Says:


    DH and I both have BSafe — if I am e.g. walking to my car late after work and want it to alert him if I don’t get there (that is, if I don’t turn off the alert), I can tell it to do so (and how long to wait). It also tells me where he (well, his phone) is, so has good stalking capabilities :) . I don’t stalk him with it, but on the evenings he is out bowling (a regular occurrence) and I am debating going to bed or staying up, I can readily check whether he’s en route home. It also has a “fake call” function that basically means if I’m stuck talking to a co-worker and want to escape, I can make my phone ring after a set interval and then say, “Oh! I better take this!” and excuse myself.

    I use Google maps a lot. I have Overdrive, which lets me check audio books out of my public library. I have Kindle, self explanatory. DH and I use OurGroceries, I don’t know if it’s better or worse than other similar apps. I have a flashlight App. I have the Weather Channel, not Wunderground, though I prefer the latter on my PC — not sure why I chose WC, may reflect what permissions I had to offer as I am cranky about those. I have several math flashcards that DS occasionally uses. I have Malwarebytes for protection, and I have the RedCross tornado app, though I have to say I give it mixed reviews (and surely there are no tornadoes in paradise).

    DH has an app that will look at the night sky and tell you what the constellations, etc., that you see are. He and DS enjoy that; me too, I’ve just never bothered to install it.

  10. Mrs PoP Says:

    We <3 Ting! Have had it for almost 2 years now since they started taking iPhones (we still have our 4S phones, though Mr PoP might get a 6 soon).

    You got a case, did you get a screen protector? I like those (Mr PoP doesn't).

    First things first, set a passcode or enable the fingerprint lock if you don't hate biometrics. I like to use the feature that deletes all the contents if a wrong-passcode is entered too many times.

    Decide how much you want synced (if anything) and what type of connection you want to sync over. Syncing photos, podcasts, etc can take up a lot of bandwidth and use data very quickly. Also beware of data hog apps that keep using data after you've left them. For apps like this (one bad offender is Facebook), you can set it so they only use wifi data or just delete them entirely to prevent them from silently increasing your bill. If you want to keep an eye on your Ting usage (which I would recommend for the first couple of months to help identify data hogs), get the Ting app.

    Decide how many notifications you want. I keep virtually all notifications turned off since I hate being bothered with things I don't care about, while Mr PoP enables them far more liberally.

    Apps I use regularly…
    Google Maps over Apple Maps
    You're big on e-readers, right? Get the Kindle App and also download any apps needed to check e-books out from the library (ours is Overdrive and Hoopla).
    Wordpress (for your blog)
    Bank apps to make mobile deposits/transfers
    Feedly (so that I can read RSS feeds like yours)
    RunKeeper (GPS tracking of fitness activities)
    Dark Sky (hands down the most accurate weather app I've ever used)
    Camera Awesome (easy photo editing) and Photosynth (stitches panoramas together) augment the regular camera app (though I've read the camera on the 6 is better than the 4S, so might not be an issue)

    Once you start to get more than a couple of apps, don't hesitate to organize them into folders. I have a folder for all my weather apps, a folder for fitness apps, a folder for shopping apps, etc. I also have a folder for "Apple Junk" which holds the apple apps that I don't like (their crappy calculator, weather, stock, game center, maps, etc…) but that Apple won't actually let you delete.


    • fizzchick Says:

      Replying to strongly disagree on the auto-wipe feature if there’s a chance small children will get hold of your phone. I set a passcode when I set up the phone (Android, not iPhone, but similar), but forgot it (yes, this part is totally on me) and put a swipe code on instead. I did not realize that after x number of faulty swipes, it reverts to a passcode. 1 toddler left alone with my phone later, I was forced into the hard wipe/reset and lost a lot of photos I would have liked to keep. Not the end of the world, but seriously annoying. Odds of my toddler getting my phone greatly outweigh the odds of my phone being stolen, for me. YMMV.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yes we got screen protectors, but I’m not sure what kind. Glass of some sort… After one cracked ipad screen we’ve kept things covered.

  11. middle_class Says:

    I have Android but there are 2 apps that I find so useful. One is Cozi, which is a calendar/organizing app. My husband and I share this calendar and it has helped us keep fairly organized, which is a huge challenge with numerous therapy and doctor appointments. I also love the Key Ring app. I scan all my loyalty reward cards (and library cards). Now my husband and I never forget our cards and don’t have to carry numerous cards in our wallets. Both should be available for iPhones.

  12. Ana Says:

    apps I use frequently: google maps, Dark Sky weather app, Uber, YNAB, Mint, bank app (for depositing checks online), Paprika for grocery lists/recipes, Amazon app, overdrive for digital library books (connects to my library account so I can add books, download books to my kindle, check my holds list, etc..), CVS (refill prescriptions, get coupons), a guided meditation app I’m trying to use more regularly and the app for my gym (the y) with notifications when gym is closed/classes cancelled. KEY: TURN OFF notifications if you don’t want a million things flashing on your screen or these red numbers looking like they need attention from you. The only notifications I get are: calls, texts, calendar alerts (silent) and the gym (silent)—so I can see in the morning if the snow closed the gym for example before getting out of bed at 5:30.

  13. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    What kinds of calendars do people use? One of my colleagues here says that outlook or google calendars are the way to go. Is Cozi better than that? Are there pros and cons? Should I stick with my little Moleskin?

    • Leigh Says:

      I love google calendar myself. I have my personal calendars, access to my boyfriend’s calendar, a shared one, and a shared one for meal planning. Now that I have an iPhone, we have iCloud family sharing set up which means I can use all of the apps he has paid for for free! I think there is a calendar set up in there too, but we already have the google stuff set up.

    • hypatia cade Says:

      I’ve tried several and google + outlook calendars are what my household uses to organize. We tried cozi and could never get everything synced everywhere (perhaps operator error, but still). I used to use a menu/meal planning/grocery shopping app that also synced with google but that gotten eaten by a larger corporation and all the features except the cookbook part went away (ziplist? something like that).

      I second the above advice about setting default settings to wifi only for nearly all apps, especially at first, and to setting all notifications to off — takes an hour or so to sort through all the apps for those two settings but so very worth it.

    • Leah Says:

      I like google calendar because I have gmail — if I get an email about a flight I booked, for example, it’s auto-added into google calendar. Sometimes, when I get an email, they’ll ask if I want to add the event into my calendar (like if someone emails me about an event).

      I like using the app one because I don’t have to carry a paper calendar. But I totally used paper calendars for years, so if that’s working for you, you don’t have to change. A benefit to the app is if your DH will use it — that way you can align schedules. I have no luck getting my husband to use an app calendar. But he does update a whiteboard calendar each month, so I just add key stuff into my phone. We have relatively few events we do separately, so it works okay.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        We hadn’t used an electronic calendar because we needed something that can be carried around without being at a computer. But now we have that. So google calendar sounds like a good idea. Something to look into!

    • Jenny F. Scientist Says:

      Well, we use synced Google calendars bc spouse is the last hold out on cellphones. It’s great because it pops up reminders! Like hey, you’re supposed to be at the dentist in 30 minutes! I have no personal experience with Cozi. I used to go the notebook route and I feel online calendars are superior in terms of letting my spouse know when I am available/unavailable.

    • Ana Says:

      Google calendar works really well for me, I have it pulled up at work & can pull it up on my phone. Theoretically my husband and I have synced calendars but he does not use his and refuses to look at mine, so that part isn’t really working for us. But I’m part of a couple of large studies in which study subject visits are marked in google calendar which works really really well. Our daycare also uses a shared google calendar to mark days off, field trips, birthdays, etc…

      • Jenny F. Scientist Says:

        My spouse was finally convinced by a calendar mishap where he had to take the boys to sexual harassment faculty training with him because I forgot our kid hand off time. Shared calendar suddenly seemed much better to him.

  14. Postdoc Lurker Says:

    I think you might like Neko Atsume. It’s a cat “game” but doesn’t require too much time (basically you leave out toys and food and cats stop whether or not the app is open) and delivers so much cuteness.

  15. Leigh Says:

    I’m not particularly hard on my phones, so I just have one of the Apple Store cases as a pretty color / minor protectant. I don’t have a screen protector or anything. I have a 6S and I love the Touch ID! It’s amazing.

    I use chrome as my primary personal browser and so I downloaded that on my iPhone too. I don’t like safari. My favorite app is Deliveries. It’s paid but I got it for free from the family sharing and it’s amazing for the online shopping I do.

    I really like the health app as a low barrier step tracking and it tracks other things too like my inhaler usage. I have a folder for Finance which includes all of my banking apps.

    Other apps I love: LastPass, Podcasts (great for commuting via driving by myself!), Todoist, Feedly, Instagram, Amazon, Square Cash, Google Wallet, Paypal, Costco, FedEx, UPS, USPS, a bunch of google apps, Yelp, OpenTable, Eat24, OneDrive, OneNote, Excel, Word, app for my camera, Google photos, app for my insurance company, TripIt, TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, FlightTrack, GoodReads, local library app, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Dropbox, what’s app, apps for our tv stuff, Google auth, app for our printer, And I think that’s it.

    Other people mentioned the kindle app. I personally hate reading on my phone – I find it too small of a screen to be useful for books.

    Don’t forget to download the Ting app! It is great. I love iMessage too – saves so many texts. My boyfriend has an iPhone too and it’s great. It is really easy to share my location with him for an hour, which we do when we are on our way home from work for example.

    • Leah Says:

      yes, I use the step app too. very nice for casual checking in. It’s not super precise, but I think of it as a comparison tool.

      The downside of imessage is that you use data, but that’s okay if you’re mostly on wifi. We have Verizon (because it gets good signal at work and apartment with the massively thick stone walls whereas sprint signal sucked), so we have unlimited texts but limited data. I think Ting’s incentives might flip the decision making.

      • Leigh Says:

        That’s true. I leave data disabled for everything unless I specifically go to use it and get annoyed at not having data, so I don’t mind using small bits there. I don’t have unlimited texting and my boyfriend and I message a lot, so iMessage is wonderful.

  16. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    No apps to suggest, partly because I’m (now) using an Android-based phone, but just wanted to report that I found the information others shared on an earlier post you wrote on this topic useful in making my own decision. I’d been leaning toward Cricket, but ended up on an Airvoice (AT&T) $10/mo plan (on a Samsung G5 mini purchased outright, refurbished, on Amazon, protected with an otterbox case and glass screen protector). After several months, I’m happy. Since I barely use the phone, I could probably find an even cheaper approach, but possibly at the cost of having to keep track of expiration dates, etc. The $10/mo. autofill (which results in reliable rollover of unused balance) is basically set-it-and-forget-it, the cost is 1/4 of what I was paying before (so the cost of the phone & accessories will be covered out of the savings in the course of a year), and I suspect that I’ll eventually end up using it a bit more as I get used to having it. In the meantime, I’m building up a balance which I can draw on in an emergency without fiddling with refills (which are a bit fiddly on Airvoice; they go through, but it can take a while, at least the first time, which is the only time I’ve tried, so a cushion seems like a good thing).

  17. Leah Says:

    Apps I use frequently:

    – happyscale for tracking my daily weight (does moving averages) — mostly useful because I’m working off baby weight
    – Whatsapp for texting my brother who lives in Africa right now — data based texting that’s used worldwide
    – gasbuddy, mostly for finding gas stations but also good for comparing prices
    – nightsky for constellations, tho the updates have made it more annoying — they keep pushing inapp purchases
    – ibird, for which I paid decent money, but it’s a legit birding book on my phone that I <3 — so useful when hiking

    I use plenty of the apple apps too. I use apple maps, but I'm not a heavy map user. I use their notes app, health app, weather app, and calculator app (and am baffled why it's not good — I love its simplicity — and if you turn your phone sideways, you get a scientific calculator)

    Do you know about swiping up from the bottom of the lock screen? You can turn on/off airplane mode, the flashlight, camera, etc.

  18. Linda Says:

    I just remembered another set of apps that I use occasionally: the airline apps. If you travel at all, they can come in very handy for getting your boarding pass, being alerted to gate changes, etc. I have a business trip next week and will be relying on my airline app to get me through security and onto the plane. :-)

    • Ana Says:

      ooh yes, I download & delete these as needed, since I don’t travel much, but they are VERY useful. I was on standby for an earlier flight once, and I could see where my name was on the list & realized they forgot to move my name over to the next flight (and sweetly complained about it and got moved to first in line!)

  19. First Gen American Says:

    #1 must have app which I am shocked no one mentioned yet:

    Find iphone. If you have an iPad and iPhone, you can use one to find the other but both devices need to be registered. You can make your phone make a sound to find it if you know it’s nearby, wipe it if it’s stolen, and leave a message on it in case it is found.

    I travel for work so some of the most useful ones for me are related to that

    -Around me – finds hotels, shopping, gas stations (and lists gas prices). Also has restaurants, etc but I use yelp for restaurants
    -Google maps

    -key ring – for loading all your loyalty cards in one place. Bye bye giant keychain.

    -good reader – if you want to open attachments like pdf’s and word documents. This one costs money.

    For shopping, I almost always like the regular websites better than the app version. (Amazon is one example). The one exception is craigslist. The app is better because you can search multiple cities at once.
    Oh and I also sometimes use the QR reader. This is an app that scans qr codes or tells you if the item can be found cheaper elsewhere.

    I find that a lot of apps I use, then delete. For example when we went to Florida, Disney and universal both had apps that showed wait times. Very good to have when there but not needed once home. Bigger cities might have their own apps of events that might be good to have.

    Most of my other apps are things I need for work. ATT conference app, expense app, etc.

    I do use my calculator and camera A LOT so I’d put those in a prime location. Have trouble remembering where you parked? Take a picture of the pylon with the marker before you leave the garage. Don’t remember when your next soccer practice is? Take a picture of the schedule. Don’t want to carry all your receipts during your business trip? Take a photo of them and then toss the receipt, (and ours have to be scanned anyway for reimbursement). See an interesting flyer about an event…snap snap. Don’t want to get lost on the hiking trail, take a photo of the map at the entrance.

    Strava will also mark your workouts and map your route. I don’t use this one regularly but it was a lifesaver when we ended up getting lost in the woods and could see where our starting point was. Of course you have to turn it on for it to be useful. our normal trail got clear cut by loggers and it was what got us back to the road before dark.

    I just discovered podcasts recently as well. Good stuff in there.

    Last but not least, I’d resist the temptation to put games on your phone as children will then see it as a toy who’s batteries they will drain if you let them and sometimes I am tired and succumb. My husband did it right. I did not.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      find iphone comes preinstalled and cannot be removed, so it’s already there. I think someone did mention it, but I’m not 100% sure.

      • First Gen American Says:

        You do have to do something to set it up though maybe in iTunes….but perhaps with all the updates it is now done automatically.

        It was definitely a step change going to the iPhone.

        I did try experiment with a bunch of productivity apps too…like 2do list, but didn’t end up using them long term. I like paper lists and there was no easy way to print out notes. I thought I would have used that feature more.

  20. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Travel apps for your airlines and Amtrak.
    Google Calendar is the absolute best for integrating Web access with smartphone.
    Dashlane password generator/manager.
    Amazon app for buying shittio.

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