Ask the grumpies: MLMs and facebook parties

Rented life asks:

What are your thoughts on MLMs and the abundance of facebook “parties”? My husband thinks the MLMs are being pushed on women/moms who makes less than me and the “freedom” sounds appealing to them even though it looks like more work than my 2 jobs!

They suck and your husband is on point.


22 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: MLMs and facebook parties”

  1. Bardiac Says:

    I don’t know what MLM is. But I thought you wrote “M&M” at first. I do like them. But I find it hard to imagine having a good facebook party about M&Ms because everyone would have to get their own package, and there wouldn’t be much party about just eating M&Ms while staring at a screen.

  2. Ana Says:

    pretty much what n&m said.

  3. crazy grad mama Says:

    Ugh, yes, they suck. I’ve had to hide several friends on social media because their posts turned into an endless stream “did you know about this AMAZING face cream?”, “look at the before and after pictures of using this wrap (which are really just me sucking in my stomach)”, and “OMG this company is so EMPOWERING.”

    My impression is that it’s very hard to make any substantial money through these things. After all, there’s only so much stuff your friends can buy.

    • Leah Says:

      What about all the “informing” and “guilt” about “toxic” chemicals that you’re exposing yourself to by not using this fancy makeup? What I really want to post is “maybe stop wearing makeup if you’re worried about chemical exposure.”

    • Jenny F. Scientist Says:

      Meeeeee tooooo with hiding all the annoying. Stop! All the stop! Plus, a fairy loses its wings every time someone says ‘chemical free cleaner’.

  4. Leah Says:

    I like Tupperware. That’s about it. I went to one 31 party (in person), and I like the bags I got just fine but am not interested in more.

    I also totally got sucked into the jamberry thing, spent somewhere around $100, only to remember after trying them that I really don’t like stuff on my fingers and hate cutting the shapes just so. I ended up giving them away to my friends who actually like them. And now I turn down any and all party requests.

    My least fav are people who do in-house parties that I am acquainted with in real life. They’ll send an email/message about how we should all come to a nice evening of chatting and wine. And then it comes out later that this is a buying party. Nope! Plus, thanks for making me think you wanted to hang out when you really just want my money.

    • Leigh Says:

      Ugh yes! One of my Facebook friends pretty much just posts about Jamberry now. I don’t want to unfollow her, but that might be the only solution. I don’t care what my nails look like so long as they’re not chipped and then I find the ways in which they chip interesting.

  5. J Liedl Says:

    If these were book parties, I might be more interested. I don’t need “stuff”. I don’t do make-up, containers, purses, perfumes, nail polish, candles, decor or other things that get pushed in these events. *sigh*

    • Leah Says:

      There are book parties, at least for kids’ books. One of my friends is an Usborne books consultant, tho she hasn’t invited me to a party or anything.

    • Rosa Says:

      yeah, the good marketers of whatever only ask the people who will be interested. The desperate and unsuccessful spam EVERYONE. Not helpful!

      It makes me sad to see these things go through successive waves of the social circles I see. And while i’ve talked some people out of them before joining up, people who have already been duped aren’t really persuadable, they’ve bought in. It’s especially hard on women who want to be home with their kids and can’t quite afford it. The folks who are just trying to supplement the job they already have seem to pick better sidelines – at least in the “makes some money” side of the MLMs.

  6. middle_class Says:

    MLM = dealbreaker for me in terms of friendship!

  7. Lisa Says:

    I hosted a tupperware party once – back in the dark ages before you could buy tupperware online, the only way to get it was to go to a party. I invited friends and we had a nice evening of chatting and snacks, but I made it abundantly clear that the only reason there was tupperware at the party was that I wanted to buy some. That is the only MLM party I’ve ever attended – I make a point of avoiding them like the plague. This thread is giving me yet another reason to be glad that I’ve also been avoiding Facebook like the plague. And reminding me that I should replace some of my aging tupperware.

  8. chacha1 Says:

    I have one FB friend who is involved in some kind of skin-cream marketing scheme, but there are never “invitations” to “parties” involved. :-) And one other friend long ago did a “hang out” thing that turned into a “buy candles” thing. It does make one cautious, but none of my friends have abused it. Of course, none of my friends are SAHP.

  9. Ali Says:

    Ughgghhhh, yes. I was just telling my husband how I cannot get over the number of people involved in these schemes. While I can see it mayyyyybbbeee making sense for a SAHM, the number of people I know with professional jobs doing this surprises me. There’s no way it could match your hourly income for a professional job, and yet the number of people I know doing this is staggering.

  10. coffeelover Says:

    One of my friends sells comfy clothing, and I’ve bought some of it. But she does the selling in specified “events,” so I only join them when I am in the mood. Other stuff I would reject.

  11. First Gen American Says:

    I would buy a product someone made as their own business. (Like someone’s book or their music CD are real examples.). But I’ve never seen those people post host “buy my stuff” parties…but if I see them at a farmers market, I will shoot business their way.

    I broke up with Facebook a couple of years ago and have never looked back. I have no idea what products people are Schleping because I never login anymore. Looks like it’s getting worse now. Sad. I did used to like it.

  12. becca Says:

    I hear you. On a quasi related note, when you hang out in Grand Rapids Michigan, it’s “fun” to play “guess the Amway fortune game” with various buildings. I’m not sure how much of the cult aspects I saw up there was Amway and how much was the United Reform Church, but it’s kind of interesting/weird.

    I will say- either I don’t friend weird people on facebook, or I assume that when I see MLM type posts on it it’s because someone was sloppy with a password and got hacked! No one I know has ever been persistent with that stuff (though come to think of it, one old Toastmaster friend who supports Ben Carson *does* seem prone to them).

    Because I had a Girl Scout leader who sold Avon, I think of GS cookies as the gateway drug to MLM. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks that about them. I mean, they are still delicious, but I would feel very ambivalent about my kid selling them (and don’t get me started on school fundraisers!!!)

    • Rosa Says:

      they’re linked, right? My mom did Amway for a while when I was a kid and all the people she met through it were rightwing religious, it seemed.

  13. oldmdgirl Says:

    I went to a MLM party once when I was in my early 20s because I didn’t know any better. For Avon cosmetics, of all things. I didn’t buy anything (I don’t really wear makeup. Ever.) and the hostess was forever unpleasant to me afterwards. Oh well. It always seems a shame to me when a person I seem to like is actually just trying to sell me something. But yeah, it’s basically a friendship dealbreaker for me.

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