Little late link love

So… one of us was up late last night reading Lord of Scoundrels, which, though in many ways not perfect, was definitely a page-turner (It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure book with lots of shout-outs to Heyer’s Alistair Saga– she even takes a couple details from Devil’s Cub), and just completely forgot there was a blog or link love or that she should mention to #2 she wasn’t going to make it to the computer.  So… let’s see what’s in the old chat log.

Even famous female economists get no respect.  Which we knew.  I have definitely heard people giving Betsy Stevenson, the author of this piece’s wife and an amazing economist herself, no respect because she’s published (top) papers with her husband.  It really is no fair how even now that wives who coauthor actually get their names on the papers (whereas in the past, it would only show up in the acknowledgements) they are still not counted as full coauthors.

Jailbreak the Patriarchy for Chrome

I just can’t even.

Delagar is again on point.

Daria:  Still Awesome.

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?

Interesting thought exercise.

Another great comic from Xykademiqz.

Conservative thought has been in the toilet since the 1940s.  (warning:  bathroom humor, racist and homophobic ideas of sexuality)

Interesting anecdote about scamming thieves.

How to make the perfect chana masala.

Fun images with the Starbucks cup thing.

Who gets into gifted and talented education programs?  And how do we increase minority enrollment?  (Hint:  not relying on teacher and parent identification)

Stata graph examples

ooh.   related

Whitehouse as veep



I would so see a full feature film of the movie Tubman:

One Response to “Little late link love”

  1. J Liedl Says:

    I love anything that riffs on Heyer. Now I have to reread “Lord of Scoundrels”, dang you!

    Thanks for the Jailbreak the Patriarchy link. I am having TOO MUCH DAMNED FUN with that, especially since I just started some work on the Twlight genderswap novel (which is NOT a search-and-replace revision, despite some people’s assumption of the same).

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