Return of the Google Questions

Q:  how to tell inlaws one toy for christmas is enough

A:  Good luck with that.

Q:  what kid of christmas tree do you have

A:  This year… none.  Since we only have a small place, we’re meeting up with my family in a completely different destination over the holidays.

Q:  my husband make more than me does that excuse him from household chores

A:  Only if he uses that money to pay for someone else to do all the household chores (so you don’t have to do any either)

Q:  how reliable is tiaa take the lump sum or monthly check

A:  Monthly check.  (Talk to an unbiased financial adviser who is paid by the hour– keep in mind that if you get an adviser who is at all paid by commission that (s)he will recommend you take the lump sum so that the financial adviser can get a piece of that through fees.  This is a known problem and one that there’s been legislation about that hasn’t yet passed, to my knowledge.)

Q:  do professors have summer office hours

A:  Usually only the ones who teach summer classes

Q:  nick names for grumpy people

A:  Maggie and um… Nicki?  (Ugh, not Nicki)

Q:  can you give someone a money gift and tell them how to spend it

A:  Absolutely.  That makes the check more meaningful.  Like, if you were talking to your SIL about finances and she is saying how she’s been throwing extra money at her credit card to pay off her wedding or she’s saving for a house down-payment or whatever, you can put “for the wedding/house account” on the check.  The trick is, though, that you don’t get to say anything after that.  You don’t get to ask if the money was spent in that way.  You don’t get to get angry if they spent it another way.  So you can say how to spend it in a way that shows you’ve been thoughtful and not just throwing money at it because you don’t know what else to give, but you don’t get to determine how that money is actually spent.

Q:  do professors do their research only in summers?

A:  Some do if they have a crappy teaching or service load.

Q:  why do people choose ugly vertical blinds.

A:  Because they are cheap and they keep the sun out.

Q:  things to make for the inlaws for christmas

A:  Heck if I know.  DH makes things like vanilla extract or rum cake or fruitcake for my father, but my MIL is diabetic and my FIL is picky.  Crafty really isn’t my thing.

5 Responses to “Return of the Google Questions”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I’m making grapefruit marmalade and apple-rhubarb chutney for my in-laws (and most of the other family gifts) this year. I get to keep some, too!

  2. crazy grad mama Says:

    If you have kids (especially the small, cute variety), you can make a calendar of their photos. My experience is that grandparents love such things.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      unless, of course, your SIL has declared that she alone will be the calendar maker…

      • Leah Says:

        Does she put in pics with your kids? If no, you have an opening. You can also just frame a nice family photo (or kid photo) for the grandparents.

        I struggle with presents for my in-laws, and my husband is very little help. They buy anything they need. If you ask me, what they (and my own parents) really need is someone to help them go through and declutter, but that’s the kind of gift that not a welcome surprise. There’s a bookshelf in the guest room of my in-laws’ house that always makes me shutter when I’m in there. It’s full of old, outdated textbooks/computer books, random novels, etc. I don’t mind the contents as much as that it is overstuffed with books falling out. I’d love to recycle maybe half a shelf worth so that the rest of the books could breath.

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