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“The measure blocking individuals suspected of terrorism from purchasing guns and explosives failed 45-54”  WTF.

If we treated guns like abortions.

Don’t lose hope.  Also here.

Sigh. Double standards.

The comments on this article are a special kind of terrifying.  People still believe that Japanese internment was right too.  The US is a scary scary place.  Hedda Hopper.

Let’s get rid of abortion clinics.

Linda knows this.

Abortion protesters come in for abortions.

Planned parenthood helps people.

Poverty appropriation and tiny houses.

Little kitty convicts

Super interesting post on cutting down on Christmas presents and feelings and stuff.

It only works once, but it’s a good trick.

What they bought.

Hipster coffee.


My sister sent me this when I told her that no she would have to buy the tickets to the nutcracker (that I am not going to) herself instead of having me buy them and her reimbursing me.

Basement cat worries.

Amazing dino facts.  Apparently we’ve already linked to this but #2 really wanted to link again.


12 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I’m all for sensible gun reform! BUT. The federal no fly list seems to me the most ridiculous possible basis for a gun buying ban. Being as the primary identifier seems to be effectively name alone. ” “It only takes one similar name to create a problem for thousands of individuals,” Walton said”. (here for example, or here, from 2003!!!). So then there’s a secret inaccurate list, and another list of mistakes that have been appealed? “All John Smiths but, oops, not THESE John Smiths.” And we’re using this to deny a constitutionally guaranteed right (for good or ill) to an entire group of people? And the no fly list seems to predominantly have problem surrounding names typically held by people of Muslim background, which makes it an inherently biased burden on the basis of ethnicity. So instead of, say, a background check, which would also screen out white guys with criminal records/ terrorist connections -aren’t Americans far more likely to be killed by a white guy terrorist than any other kind? You know, the white extremists who probably mainly aren’t on this list?- this bill seems like the worst kind of ineffective grandstanding to me. Actual background checks run through federal law enforcement would be more effective, more thorough, and less prone to ridiculous errors.

    I know it could be ‘a start’ but to me it seems like taking a teacup of water out of a flood. As any gun restrictions are guaranteed to be hotly opposed by Republicans, shouldn’t we fight for ones that will be effective?

    Until we have sensible and enforceable gun registration laws in all 50 states, a buying ban is a joke, especially if the gun show and inheritance loopholes aren’t closed.

    (And then someone needs to come take away the craaaazy armories that all the craaaazy preppers around here keep. I have a pal with over 100 guns and the ammo to match. You know, in case of zombie apocalypse. They could kill everyone in the county if they wanted.)

  2. Cloud Says:

    The banana maraca totally makes that version of Hello….

  3. Postdoc Lurker Says:

    Yay, links!

    I found this, which you might also find amusing:

  4. jlp Says:

    My OBGYN of seven years ago informed me, when I asked, that she performed abortions in the hospital in which she also performed deliveries. Which makes me wonder about other providers who might also perform abortions outside of stand-alone reproductive health clinics, and whether there are more of them out there than we might know. (I’ve done no research on this whatsoever.)

    In other news, my kids each get one present for Christmas from my husband and I, so it was fascinating to read the post by the woman who was exiting Toys R Us with six items in her cart for her daughter and feeling lousy about it. She should’ve compared her cart to mine! (Ha, as if I actually go into retail establishments anymore.)

    • Rosa Says:

      Well, not Catholic hospitals for sure. Which in many places are the only hospitals.

      When I was treated for my ectopic, at a secular HMO hospital, the doctor convinced me to also have a V&C for what I’m convinced in retrospect was so he could practice, because it wasn’t standard at all to recommend it. So they definitely had the facility/equipment but I have no idea if they did elective abortions there.

  5. Sarah @ Says:

    I’m a little late to the party on this one, I just had to say that the Scalzi poverty appropriation link totally hit home and there was far too much going on on his page to comment there. I have had this thought SO MANY TIMES since we moved into a bus while we build our house – that we are living in “faux-poverty” of our own volition. Tiny space, broken fridge, no ac, no heat, etc.
    While it sucks for the time being, it will be over very soon (it’s been almost two years) and so it doesn’t suck nearly as bad as it would if we were living like this without a choice.
    “Simple living” is not the same as living in 400 square feet (if you count the half story) with four kids.
    Anyway, it was a very interesting article to read from my position.

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