Annual Charitable Giving

Aiee!  We’re running out of time to do a charitable giving post!  Aiee!


Planned Parenthood: Really what is needed is to get back government funding, so if you can’t give but can write a letter to your local politicians, then do that!  Heck, do both!



sweet nourishment from someone’s facebook post


Southern Poverty Law Center: Has been doing a lot of good advocacy and illumination of racism and other hate-crimes recently.

We need diverse books:  has made a difference this past year.

Moms demand action:  I get a lot of mail from the Brady Center, but I hear a lot more from other places about Moms demand action.  I don’t know where your sensible gun legislation dollars should go, but this year I’m trying a new advocacy group instead.

Child’s Play.   Who doesn’t want to make life easier for sick kids in hospitals?

Your local library/cat shelter/food pantry– clean out your towels, etc.  also they need your volunteer time.

What are your donation recommendations this year?

17 Responses to “Annual Charitable Giving”

  1. Cheyanne Says:

    I make donations to Planned Parenthood whenever I can. Every few months I give $20 or so to my local food bank since they can buy over $100 worth of food with that money. They do some great work and fed me on more than one occasion growing up so it’s a particularly important cause to me.

  2. monsterzero Says:

    Mine would be Planned Parenthood, Amnesty Intl, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the ACLU. Except that I switched to a lower-paying job this year so I’m probably not giving anything. Except that I have been donating to Jon Carroll’s “Untied Way”, i.e. panhandlers.

  3. Rented life Says:

    Local charities that serve families are short on diapers. So we are donating that because services like WIC don’t cover diapers. (Dad was reading about how some parents would try to reuse the disposable diapers because money is so tight.)

    Also donating to our local refugee center. They do a variety of things but one is putting together a “bucket of love”: a bucket full of household essentials for when refugees first come here.

    • Contingent Cassandra Says:

      Also, almost every family that needs diapers also needs menstrual products (pads; tampons; maybe even menstrual cups, which save money in the long run but are expensive upfront and won’t be appropriate for every woman and/or situation). My local food bank, at least, is happy to accept them (and has even started asking for them; I’m not sure whether that’s because I regularly donated them via our church’s monthly collection for a while, but sometimes supplying something helps identify a need, as clients ask “do you have any more.. .?”).

      In any case, I’m glad it’s happening, and consider donating myself, and encouraging others to do so, a feminist act, since women have a tendency to (and are culturally encouraged to) skimp on themselves to provide for their families, and how miserable (and possibly dangerous) would it be to not have the supplies you need? Also, I sort of enjoy seeing them listed among the needs in the church bulletin (after all, if you can mention diapers. . . .).

  4. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    My donations are going to be skimpier than they should be this year (still working on getting finances in better order after various complications with the promotion process at work and no raises for years), but I will definitely give to the local organization that works with the homeless, the food bank, and a local environmental organization which I’ve long supported. I’d also like to give at least a bit to Doctors Without Borders and to the International Rescue Committee, because they seem to have been among the organizations responding most effectively to the various crises of the last year. I should also check who’s working on resettling refugees locally.

  5. Cloud Says:

    I don’t really have recommendations, but I can tell you how I think the sensible gun regulations groups break down. They all are active in multiple ways, but based on what I’ve seen each focus on over the last few years:
    – If you want your money to support court cases that attempt to hold gun manufacturers responsible for some of the damage their products do, you want to donate to Brady Center
    – If you want your money to go to lobbying politicians (to counteract the large NRA lobby), you should probably donate to Gabby Giffords’ group, Americans for Responsible Solutions
    – If you want your money to go towards direct action lobbying (e.g., parents with strollers clogging the hallways of Congress, letter writing campaigns, etc) and working towards cultural change (e.g., convincing restaurants and stores not to allow open carrying of guns on their premises), Moms Demand Action is a good choice.

    But, like I said, they all work in multiple ways. Personally, I think all three approaches are good, and I’ve donated to all of these groups in the past.

    We’re just about to do our year end donations. I’m not sure where they’ll go this year. Possibly just our local food bank. I also send diapers to a local charity using the proceeds from the affiliate links on my blog. And, I’ve decided that my publishing company is going to donate $0.10 for each book sold, but I haven’t decided where. It would make sense to pick a literacy charity for that, I think.

  6. Angela Says:

    Thanks for posting the link to Child’s Play. I found a Amazon wish list for my local children’s hospital through their website that I’ll try to buy from periodically in the future!

  7. Miser Mom Says:

    We do our big charitable give during the summer, and it’s sort of (ish) a balance between international programs that feed, heal, and support people (sponsored children, Doctors W/o borders, etc), local programs that do the same (our food bank, a community business fund), and a bit of cultural stuff (theater). I give to Planned Parenthood through my United Way at work. Planned Parenthood isn’t one of the organizations that United Way supports, but when I get the form for my annual contributions to be deducted from my paycheck, there’s a place where I’m allowed to write other organizations, and that’s always the one I list specially.

    Oooh, and my husband is starting a Brady chapter in our area. He’s really psyched about it.

  8. Debbie M Says:

    Ha, I just did mine today. Even though I waited until the end of the year, I still think in terms of monthly donations. For the most important stuff, this year I went with:
    5/12 – International Planned Parenthood Federation – Worldwide
    1/12 – Planned Parenthood of [My Crappy, Mean State]
    3/12 – Rainforest Foundation
    3/12 – Food & Water Watch

    I also donate much smaller amounts to places that have helped me personally. This year, that’s:
    * public TV and radio
    * wikipedia
    * the local wildflower center
    * my neighborhood association
    * TypeIt (makes it so much easier to type Spanish [and other languages] when I don’t have a Mac)

    And I also sign several petitions a day, ugh, so depressing.

    Still have not gotten back into volunteering my time.

    • Contingent Cassandra Says:

      Oh, yes, public radio. That one’s on a monthly contribution (as is my church, my largest donation, part of which then gets spread out to various charities), so I tend to forget. Paying for a subscription to a newspaper of record is also beginning to feel like it falls in the same category — I want to support serious journalism, whether nonprofit or for-profit.

      • Debbie M Says:

        So true. There are income tax definitions of charity and then there are additional forms of support as well.

  9. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I akways give to the local food bank and the public library (which is ill funded in this very Republican county).

    I once made a SPLC donation as a snarky wedding gift to two wealthy lawyers who actually had the chutzpah to ask for MONEY – for their honeymoon!- as a wedding gift. Suuuure, people making literally ten times what I do. Nope. But at least I felt good (if snarky) about it.

  10. Rosa Says:

    I live in a pretty rich place, so I try to balance local giving with places with less resources. Ferguson MO Public Library and Pretty Bird Woman House in SD are both places that got big internet fundraising pushes and will continue to need support after they aren’t in the news (I had to donate by mail to Pretty Bird Woman last year, haven’t looked this year). I donate to agroforestry projects in Haiti too, but the only groups doing that there are religious so I hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

  11. The frugal ecologist Says:

    We donate monthly so no big checks at the end of the year. Although this year we will make a end of year donation to children’s hospital unit where our kiddos have been. The environment and science policy/education are our pet issues so we donate to nature conservancy, union of concerned scientists, and national center for science education.

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