Not very Christmasy Christmas Googles (Now with micturation!)

Q:  why does my parent not seek a better life

A:  What does your parent say?  Asking your parent would probably answer your question better than asking the internet, depending on what you mean by “better life”.  Alternatively, is your parent in an abusive situation?  It can be hard to leave abuse because psychology is messed up.

Q:  why im not ready to have 2 kids by 25?

A:  Because you are normal and sane?

Q:  is $50 enough for a wedding gift for a former coworker?

A:  Yes.

Q:  i stepped on my kindle now what

A:  You cry some.  You try really hard not to get angry with yourself.  Then you buy another kindle.  And you’re super sad because the new kindles are not as cool as the old kindles were.  :(  (#2 begs to disagree for a wide variety of reasons and features)  (#1 notes that they took away features she used to have on her kindle and are charging more for them on a more expensive kindle but they don’t work as well on the more expensive kindle as they did on the original kindle she had.  But #2 is probably right for the first gen kindles which, she hears, were kind of slow and buggy.  Her stepped upon kindle was at the sweet point of features + speed.  :( )

Q:  euphemism words for urinating

A:  In the past we haven’t included questions that are answered in previous posts, but I feel like our backlog is so large that maybe current readers would like a chance to click on popular posts that they didn’t know they wanted to read.  So here’s our words for pee.  My favorite is micturation.

Q:  is it professional to say pee

A:  Probably not, unless you work with little kids.

Q:  why are white people buying tiny houses

A:  Privilege

Q:  live everyday as if it were your last example


Q:  should you make kids go to sports when they don’t want to

A:  No

Q:  can i resign from a faculty position mid year?

A:  Yes.  There may be consequences, but you can.  Academia isn’t actually slavery.

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