Post Christmas Link Love: (Boxing day: the day we read books that came out of boxes)

They have always misunderstood our heroines

A little late, but here’s the 2015 Feminist Killjoy Holiday Gift Guide.  Smash the patriarchy, friends.

Another unwanted present...

Writing by appointment.  It works!

Comics to read after lumberjanes

Anatomy of a muppet scene

How to parse political polls

In the comments last week someone mentioned controversy about the mindset research so I did some poking around the internet, and this post is lengthy but really well worth reading all the way through.  It does a great job of pointing out how lab experiments can have multiple interpretations, as well as doing a good job discussing external validity.  Also Alfie Kohn wrote this article which is more nuanced and reasoned than any Alfie Kohn thing I have ever seen (which is not saying much), but he makes some valid points without going off into his usual potentially harmful hyperbole (Maybe that “Alfie Kohn will destroy your kids” article got to him, or maybe Salon has good editors).

People who love to sleep

Presented without comment

I wonder if he bought it from Cards against humanity

If you can’t find cold medicine that works…

I would totally watch that star trek episode

2 Responses to “Post Christmas Link Love: (Boxing day: the day we read books that came out of boxes)”

  1. jlp Says:

    Enjoyed the growth mindset article! I especially like the made up Alice/Bob/Carol chart which maps more or less exactly to my belief on the subject.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, it seems really logical.

      Which is a reason why I’ve stopped trying to be so careful about not telling the kids that they’re smart (or letting other people tell them they’re smart which is nigh impossible) and I’m focusing more on the “what matters is what you do with it” part. (And practice practice practice! Also enjoy! And learn!)

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