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#2 is off celebrating New Years someplace fun (yes, still!).  Me, I’ve been working on a paper deadline.  :(

This was the year that I (and many white people) learned what most black people already knew— that we’re still living in a world where murderers can get off so long as the victim was black.  Crazy white people who shoot guns at police are still safe though.

This comment is on point.

… even privileged white people are living in a police state— how much worse for people who aren’t well-off white former CIA workers?

what to do when you’re not a hero anymore

The private tax system that saves billions for the wealthiest

10 celebrities who have had abortions and do not regret it

on parenting, consumerism, and patriarchy

the men’s version costs less

Here is an awesome list of diverse books for the year.  I especially love that some of the books aren’t like deep and worthy– they are fun books with diverse casts.  Because our popcorn reading shouldn’t be lily white either.

Behind the lens

Aretha Franklin

Leslie Jones is cool.

redefining happiness



weekend animal fostering


One Response to “Lonely link love”

  1. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I have Love is the Drug on my nightstand mountain of books right now!

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