Menagerie Tree

Happy twelfth night!

I like animals on the Christmas tree.  Here’s what I have right now:



2 cat ones


red Christmas pig

12 days of Christmas painted with numbers of animals




hippopotamus named Henrietta

lizard from Mexico




possibly some other ones….


Do your decorations have a theme?

6 Responses to “Menagerie Tree”

  1. Catwoman73 Says:

    My ornaments were all gifts. My parents started giving me ornaments when I was just a baby, and I have kept every one. Almost every ornament represents something significant that happened in the year in which it was purchased. It’s a lot of fun decorating the tree each year and telling stories about the ornaments.

    That being said, I definitely have a lot of animal ornaments- mostly because I have had a lot of animals! But I do have a skunk ornament, and needless to say, I have never had a pet skunk. But I was sprayed by a skunk while running. That ornament came to me in 1992. I’ll never forget that story!!!

  2. Leah Says:

    We buy decorations when we’re on vacation (easy souvenir and keeps me from bringing back other crap), so that’s fun. I particularly love our Santa riding on a space shuttle from Kennedy Space Center.

    We also have lots of animal ornaments. We especially have a lot of owls for some reason. I do like owls, but they’re not my absolutely favorite or anything.

    But no big theme other than love and time. We try to get an ornament each year, and we’re getting ornaments each year for our kid too. We thankfully have a lot of non-breakable ornaments, so that’s what we used to decorate a toddler-friendly tree this year.

  3. Leigh Says:

    My ornaments are a mix of ones I made as a kid/received as gifts as a kid (e.g. Baby’s First Christmas), ones I’ve bought on vacations (e.g. a sheep in New Zealand) and gifts from my late grandmother, plus now some gifts from my boyfriend. They’re also stored in a box that was shipped from her to my parents so decorating the Christmas tree is full of lots of family emotions! The ones from my grandmother are all really pretty.

  4. Revanche Says:

    We have an odd mix of ornament things whose only commonality is food/dogs and the fact that we don’t and probably won’t have a Christmas tree to hang on for a while. Which is a little sad, my “deprived as a poor kid” side wants a tree every year but we don’t get one most years.

    I’m thinking of a tree substitute but haven’t come up with anything brilliant yet.

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