Saturday link love

Let’s see… I think we talked a lot this week.  What all did we discuss… c’mon gchat, don’t fail me now…

What Obama has quietly accomplished.  And a great SOTU clip about American values.

What happens when a woman announces she isn’t reading white authors for a year.  The answer may not surprise you.

60% of women in tech say they’ve been sexually harassed, and other depressing facts.  Fun times.

#2 argues that this article isn’t worth posting because who cares about Hollywood.  [I didn’t say it wasn’t worth posting; I said that I *personally* don’t care about Hollywood.]  But I say that Hollywood is the patriarchy on steroids and Hollywood magnifies what happens to women in the rest of the world.  Other women go through the same thing, but with Hollywood, it’s more visible and obvious.  The article is about how Hollywood is illustrating the patriarchy, whether or not you care about JLaw. One can care about Planned Parenthood AND about how women are not allowed to get ahead without being pulled down.  (Also, seriously Oscar’s, what’s up with the 100% white nomination schedule?  Again.  And Huffpo, was there really only one actress of color in Hollywood able to be nominated in your article suggesting potential nominees of color?)

I stand with Linda Sue Beck.

Another article about women and weightloss.

When to be shallow.

Ana had a bunch of great posts this week.  We, of course, picked out the deliberately controversial one to link to.  Well, and this review of the kon mari book.

How common are 401 K loans?

This financial advice for new faculty seems reasonable.

Go over and say hi to No Trust Fund!

Time starved skilled workers may be driving gentrification (Mr. Money Moustache in action)

Makes it hard for other teams to argue that they’re moving to LA now.

#2 sent this obnoxious unsourced opinion article on msg, because I guess the fact that she doesn’t get msg headaches means they don’t exist (#1 HATES msg headaches, which are similar to pressure headaches for her).  [I didn’t SAY that!  I sent a link and that is all.]  The whole “nocebo” thing the author is talking about is crap.  In a randomized controlled trial, people who think they are msg sensitive are.  So no, I’m not a hypochondriac, at least not when it comes to headaches.

Another article about a really sad marital/parental relationship.  I really should just not read MIM.  It’s so full of sad.


The weirdest identity theft ever.

An interesting word and a story about nudity.

Sister Notorious’s Home for Wayward Medievalists.  As of this typing, you can still buy it!

Cute kitty pictures.


17 Responses to “Saturday link love”

  1. KeAnne Says:

    Great links as always! The MIM link made me sad too :-/

  2. omdg Says:

    Of course I am commenting on the Hollywood like (see: what that says about me). I guess…. I liked JLaw in that movie where she ate a squirrel and was the daughter of the dead meth dealer (drawing a blank on the name right now), but I never really thought of her as a person, or an “It Girl” though she obviously is. I never liked Gywnnie, though, probably because I knew what kind of person she was before she had her rise in Hollywood. I’ve never heard of most of those young male stars though. Hm.

    • omdg Says:

      Also, wanted to point out that in The Martian and The Force Awakens — two movies that were arguably trying very very hard to appear racially diverse….. no black women. None. Not even a fighter pilot or an admin. It’s like black women don’t even exist as people in Hollywood. How is this still possible?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Srsly. Hollywood only thinks of casting black women when they have a maid position to fill.

      • jlp Says:

        I was pleased to see people of color in central roles in The Martian, though would’ve preferred as you say, a black woman….anywhere. The thing that struck me in The Martian was the casting of the extras. Take a look around the room at the very end of the movie (or, iirc, ground control in Houston)….where were all the brown and black folks? Ugh. (I haven’t seen The Force Awakens.)

        On another topic, I just had a similar conversation with my husband about being a good steward of resources. Don’t get me started on bailouts….

        Love the post on the Wildlife Refuge.

      • Miriam Says:

        Not true about The Force Awakens. Hannah John-Kamen played a First Order officer who had lines. And the lone female fighter pilot was also the lone female Asian-American character.

        Maisie Richardson-Sellers also filmed scenes as Leia’s diplomatic representative, but that subplot got cut. She’s the woman we see in lingering close-up when the Republic planets get destroyed. It sucks that one of the few visible women of color characters ended up on the cutting room floor, but from what I’ve read of the subplot (Richardson-Sellers’ character attempts to get the New Republic to give more support to the Resistance), I think cutting it was the right decision.

        I think part of the problem is that while TFA was better than the original and prequel trilogies in terms of gender balance, it was still pretty crappy. Informally, I’d say there was at least 3 male characters to every 1 female character. Why did Hux need to be male? Or Poe? Or both Greg Grunberg and Ken Leung’s characters? More female characters opens up more room for more female characters of color.

        (also, I’m not sure quite how to give TFA credit for Lupita Nyong’o since she’s not playing a black woman on screen, but I feel weird typing out this reply without acknowledging her existence as Maz)

    • KeAnne Says:

      I have never liked Gwyneth. Yuck! Are you thinking of Winter’s Bone for the JLaw movie?

      Just finished reading The Martian…it would have been easy to cast actors of color in any of the roles. Ugh!

  3. Solitary Diner Says:

    Why did I read the comments in the article about reading books by only non-white authors for a year? When will I ever learn.

    Thanks for another edition of really good links.

  4. Leigh Says:

    I loved Ana’s post on the Kon-Mari book. I’ve found tidying to be a very iterative process. You think you’ve finished a room, but you can still do more! So I just try to do a little bit here and there. I’ve also been trying to put more things on Craigslist or be better at donating things.

  5. fizzchick Says:

    I had a similar identity theft experience once, only for me it was $300 of Nutrisystem meals delivered to my door. Never did figure out that one.

  6. jjiraffe Says:

    Wow, thanks for the link! I’m honored, as this blog is one of my faves – such smart posts and comment sections.

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