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As I write this, I have massive hiccups.  I keep trying to muffle them, but occasionally one will sneak out.  mhic mhic mhic HICCUP! mhic

Oh my God, I just can’t even with the Flint water crisis.  This is a 19th century problem that WE SOLVED.  And the effects are so terrible.  Werner Troesken wrote an excellent but horrifying book about it.  I can’t believe this could be happening in the 21st century.  We need a revolution.  Public safety, infrastructure… a new war on poverty a war for public health, public safety.

Also awful from true stories  backward.

This article illustrates exactly the problem with Macklemore.  Eminem doesn’t have this problem because he’s actually GOOD.  (Though Thrift Shop is truly catchy.  But it’s good like All about that base is good, as a one-hit pop wonder.)  So his heart is in the right place, but man, can the Grammies be awarded on merit for a change, instead of to the not as good white guy?

DeRay McKesson is awesome.  I wish this interview could have gone on longer!

The horrible consequences of reporting sexual harassment.  Burn, patriarchy, burn.

So even though isidewith has me 95% with Bernie and 92% with Hillary, I’m going with Hillary (#2 is going with Bernie), assuming I can get my damned voter registration thing figured out for the absentee ballot (my registration is “in suspense” because the post office here sucks and only occasionally delivers mail to us instead of returning it).  This is basically how I feel.  And extra especially this comment from megpie71.

This is a really interesting interview with Sia about crafting pop music.

Go climb that cupboard!

If someone gives you a whole lot of persimmons, this is a good recipe.

How to slice a pizza.  (The answer may surprise you)

This is pretty cool, also exsanguinate is a pretty cool word.

h/t historian for this post whose comments you should definitely read

With the stock market down, now is a good time to do Traditional IRA rollovers/conversions, in case you’re ever thinking of doing a backdoor roth. Why? Because you pay taxes on the earnings and when the stock market is down, you have smaller earnings (possibly even losses)

Policy wonks might be interested in this economics lecture on household finances, wealth, and mistakes.  Related:  why bond prices go down when interest rates go up.

November lessons? from table for one

Very cool money post from a Natural Scientist.

15 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Solitary Diner Says:

    The article about the sexual harassment of the female scientist is just so awful I could vomit. I hate men sometimes.

    • omdg Says:

      Yes, it WAS awful. And she was basically forced to come forward with what happened in order to save her career, yet it didn’t really matter because she was screwed anyway. What a horrible human being. Where do people get off thinking it’s ok to treat other people that way.

      Apropos of nothing — thanks for linking me!

  2. Cheyanne Says:

    The Flint water crisis is HORRIBLE. They tried to bring the national guard in and all that….too little too late. If GM has refused to use the water because it was corroding their MACHINERY, obviously there’s been a huge problem for a LONG time.

  3. sophylou Says:

    Ha, there’s my workplace’s serial armed robbery problem! Yayyyy! Which is not just a crime problem but also a “we SERIOUSLY don’t know how to communicate” problem from admin (hence the dark humor of the photo). Sucks if you’re supposed to be the public face to departments and you’ve been told literally nothing.

  4. J Liedl Says:

    That link to the Nature story about the woman scientist being harassed and the findings in her favour being held confidential so it made no difference? Why am I not surprised. Effing patriarchy!

    Also, regarding the Bernie v. Hillary v. whatever out there – I am increasingly wondrous at all the people spending all the time obsessing about who MIGHT be a presidential candidate while HoR and senatorial campaigns are gearing up. Given how many problems we see in representation in Congress, WTF are people not pouring energy into those campaigns where, if they can get people energized to vote, can make a difference no matter who wins the presidential nomination?

    I guess having lived outside of the US for so long (and let us talk about the joys of absentee ballots for international voters), I’m used to elections being both about federal parties/issues while the reality being that you’re only voting for [insert local party candidate name here] so you HAVE to think locally as well as nationally. The current US political coverage increasingly erases the local aspects.

  5. becca Says:

    The Flint thing… I feel like the more I read about it, the worse it gets. The most recently released emails suggest the emergency manager in Flint had *been offered a deal* by the Detroit water group that would have *saved* them money, but they continued to go with the earlier plan because… well, optimistically because they couldn’t admit they were wrong or they didn’t trust the water to continue to come through if/when Detroit went bankrupt. Pessimistically, because the state leaned on them to prevent income going into struggling Detroit so as to hurry along the bankruptcy process.

    Technically speaking, the public health issue isn’t solved. *NOT* sending excessively corrosive water through old pipes is the *minimal* thing to do to not screw people over, it’s not actually a *solution*. But the real public health issue is the massive amount of lead pipes that are still leading to people’s homes and in them, and lead dust in old houses. Technically, the fact that these houses “aren’t worth” enough to fix up given the cost of available methods *is* the public health problem.
    The % of kids with elevated lead is much, much higher than Flint in many Michigan zip codes (see Including mine. Which may partially explain the state’s reluctance to admit there is a problem- the billions of dollars needed to dig up all the old pipes servicing homes in Michigan is NOT a trivial amount for the state to come up with under the best of circumstances. And Michigan, under the murderous monster slimy Synder, is NOT facing the best of circumstances.
    Oh, it just makes me so angry.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Ignoring the problem makes it so much harder to fix later :-(

    • Rosa Says:

      it’s like lead contamination is a public problem, that we shouldn’t leave up to individual property owners to solve. One of those things we have governments *for*.

      Thank you for the map, btw. I’m about to repost it elsewhere. Lead is a problem anywhere the housing stock is from the ’70s or before, and a lot of the problem is in the soil at this point so you can (as we did) lead-remediate an older house and still have your kid exposed to too much lead. Mine has the lead exposure of a person born when I was (before lead in gasoline was banned, for the record) and not of most kids of his generation – except in city neighborhoods. Like ours. It’s probably fine – I’m fine, right? (though as my mom says, “just think how smart you could have been!”)

      • becca Says:

        Technically, my kid can probably “afford” the likely 7.4 IQ point hit from elevated lead. /parent of the year. However whenever he is hyperkinetic and somebody starts muttering about ADHD I want to scream. Because
        A) If he’s got it I probably did/do. BUT…
        B) I still feel paranoid it might be the lead.

        Likely this is not rational thinking. Maybe *my* lead levels are too high (explains *everything!*).

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I am trying to avoid reading about the Flint thing… THe news messes with my head.

    Clinton v Sanders: I’m a Sanders girl. Wil Wheaton did a good job of explaining my reasoning. But like Scalzi said, if she gets it, great. She gets my vote too. I just think what Sanders is doing is very important even if he doesn’t get the nomination.

    I wanna be a billionaire too…

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