Final batch of kitten fosters

babies in the bathtub 001

Scared kitten babies

babies in the bathtub 002

Aren’t they precious?


This was the last batch of kittens.  They’ve become less terrified and gone on to good homes.

After this batch, I decided I was ready for a new-to-me forever kitty, another big lover-boy.  More on that later.

We talked about fostering kittens before, but it bears repeating.

Kittens are tiring but it’s worth it.  They need love.  Please lend some kittens your bathroom and your love for a few weeks. Kitten season is coming, and shelters need you. Adopt, don’t shop.

Is kitten fostering right for you?

Fostering IS compatible with a full-time job, although I found it easier without one.  If they are well-socialized, they don’t need much time at all. If they need to get used to humans, they need as much time as you can spare.  Fostering is certainly compatible with working from home.

People ask, but don’t you find it too hard to let them go?  I don’t, personally.  Some people do, and end up keeping a couple of babies.  That’s ok!  It’s known as a “foster fail” and is a great outcome because those babies now have a permanent home.  Kittens are tiring, though, like a toddler.  You have to watch them to make sure they don’t eat wires, get caught somewhere, etc.  [Hence getting locked in a safe space like a bathroom when I’m at work.]  A grownup cat is less work and they often already know manners.

If you have a dog, can you foster kittens?  Probably, if the dog is chill AND you supervise them when they’re together.  It can help the kittens get used to homes with dogs, which makes them more adoptable.

If you have other cats, can you foster kittens?  Probably, but you should keep them separated for everyone’s health.  Babies are susceptible to upper respiratory infections and parasites that adult cats just shrug off.  They are also in danger when they are too young for their vaccines.  If your cat is healthy, you can try introducing them.  Your cat might make a great surrogate parent/auntie/mentor to the babies.  But supervise them and check with the shelter, first.

If you get at least 2 kittens at once, they will keep each other warm and entertained.  If somehow you end up with a single baby, it will need your help staying warm.  Kittens are crap at regulating their body temperature alone, and they like to be toasty.  Keeping them warm is also better for their eating and digestion.

Please do what you can to help.  Purrrrrrr.

12 Responses to “Final batch of kitten fosters”

  1. hollyatclubthrifty Says:

    I thought my 14-year-old dog might freak out when we brought a kitten home after our neighbors found it under their shed. But, I quickly discovered he couldn’t care less. All this time I thought he was stressed out over other animals, but I think I was just projecting!

  2. Catwoman73 Says:

    They are so adorable! I’ve always wanted to foster, but my husband only tolerates my cat because my cat and I are a package deal, so I think he would lose it if I brought more cats home. Even for a short period of time. I think I’m going to try to talk my mom into doing it, just so I can come over and have some kitten cuddle time!

  3. chacha1 Says:

    Awww little scared babies. I would like to foster kittens, but with my two aging and not-100%-healthy cats I think it would be asking for trouble. The old cats’ issues are not contagious, as far as I know, but one of them is definitely delicate and easily upset. Actually for all I know she would LOVE to have a kitten – she will steal a pair of socks and carry it around the house when she can – but emotionally I don’t think *I* could cope with it right now.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We actually waited until our older cat died before we opened the revolving door of babies. Also, my friends were happy to come over and help “socialize” the kittens [read: pet them and play with them and make much of them].

  4. Rented life Says:

    We recently adopted 2 kittens. And I have a human toddler. Let me reinforce how exhausting it can be. Also my human toddler isn’t jumping on counters to steal food (at least not yet) but kittens get into far more than we ever would have guessed.

    And if they steal the butter, be prepared for some NASTY toots.

  5. Linda Says:

    You make it sound so compelling and fun!

    Is the one doing the fostering a renter? How did you deal with getting permission to have multiple kittens in your rental unit?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We had had a cat deposit for our previous cat (RIP). After he died, I informally asked one of the office manager people if we could foster kittens, and she said we could. Now we have a full-time new kitty of our own, and he is on record as belonging to us (new pet addendum on the lease for the new cat, etc.).

  6. jlp Says:

    We fostered kittens at the end of last summer/into the fall. It was delightful, exhausting, and ultimately extremely rewarding, as the mom was feral, and the kittens needed to be socialized. We spent as much time with them as possible, and they – very slowly – came around to being petted.

    One of the most enjoyable bits came after they left, when they were finally put up on the (no kill) shelter’s website, and then disappeared again within a matter of days. Adopted, hooray!

  7. seattlegirluw Says:

    They’re definitely adorable! Unfortunately, Tim is allergic to animal dander. He puts up with it for a permanent animal, since it takes his body a few months to calm down. But introducing an animal just to have it go back out… He’d be miserable.

    That said, I think it’s wonderful that people at least foster animals. Another reason I’d be afraid is because I’d totally want to keep them. I’ve already promised Tim that a dog will be the next pet. And he’s promised me that the pet after that can be adopted as an adult. Because I hate seeing all the pups/cats in the shelter that aren’t wanted because they’re full grown, rather than being puppies.

  8. Revanche Says:

    This makes me sad all over again that PiC’s too allergic to cats to have any in the house. All the more reason to find (and afford ahahah) a house so I can build a kitty fostering center shed!

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