Little light little late link love

#1 was traveling this week and meant to do link love last night but went to sleep instead.

Oh, and you probably wanted the challenge update (goal this week 3000).  Where did my phone end up?
Feb 7: 4,411 (<3 library!)
Feb 8: 3,069 (I paced to tip me over)
Feb 9: 3,239 (ditto)
Feb 10: 3,012 (there was a lot of pacing this week)
Feb 11: 3,154 (sense a pattern?)
Feb 12: 6,898 (I connected in a different airport on the way back and it wasn’t clear where the terminal shuttle was so I walked to terminal C.  Then I took the train home.)

Let’s see, what all did we have…

11 comics to read if you loved Beyonce’s formation

The case for Hillary Clinton.  A must read even if you have no intention of voting for her because it is really clear about a lot of the sexism in the cases against her.

Progressive.  Also a must read.

The presidency should go to the most qualified candidate

down and out in statistical computing

A problem with those Zika warnings

This is kinda fun

In the world of, wait, what?

to solve the skills gap


A new nope gif


One Response to “Little light little late link love”

  1. Solitary Diner Says:

    I enjoyed the Progressive article, but this line made me want to scream: “I can mention that I have not voluntarily taken a vacation day or a sick day for the past 18 months, and that the last sick day I took was only because I was hospitalized.” Society needs to get away from the unhealthy idea that it is somehow necessary or even beneficial to be working all the time. Never taking holidays or sick days is not something to be proud of!

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