Link love!

Challenge update:
Goal: 4000 steps/day
Sat: 6,639 (I was sick and had trouble breathing)
Sun: 8 (walking through it on Sat didn’t help, so I spent Sun in bed)
Mon: 4,055 (still sick, but on the mend)
Tue: 7,047 (DH gone! Had to walk places)
Wed: 5,137 (still sick)
Thurs: 10,947 (much better! decided to walk DC2 to school and back)
Fri: 12,297(walked DC2 to school and back *and* walked DC1 downtown for lunch because Friday was a short school day for NO REASON)

Disney:  still racist.

Historical African American needlework in context

Tech companies, stahp hiring and coddling bigots!

Still loving true stories backward’s posts on career driven girls in YA literature.

What civil war nurses did after the war.

Protesting sexist dress codes!  (Because a boy’s inability to concentrate in a normal environment is still more important than a girl’s right to learn.)

John Kasich being sexist.

Of all the good G#$@#$ gall.

How American journalists reported the rise of Hitler.  (Interestingly, this was commented on in the Ngaio Marsh book from 1935 that I just read.  Could totally have replaced the word “Hitler” with “Trump” in that scene and the context would have been the same.)

Powerpoint to UH faculty re: new gun law on campus.  Full ppt here.

depressing if true (if results hold up)

tragic and so preventable

I think this post on agency pairs really well with our post on complaining– we are more sympathetic when people are complaining because they don’t have agency (or when they’re using their agency to reduce what the problem is, but less sympathetic when they use their agency to cause the complaining or to not try to mitigate it).

Summer camps for gifted kids and teens.

In case you wanted to know more about the man behind Mr. Money Moustache

Donna Freedman has been thinking about retirement.

Does your family qualify for financial aid?

Planning for job evaporation and what’s next

Did you know that you can look up your name on urban dictionary?

In case you ever wondered how much a house hunters episode is fake vs. real

stata can do some pretty cool stuff with MLM in the newest version

daria had a web page back in the day.

We did this as a Christmas present for DH’s grandma before she descended into Alzheimer’s (though with a book that had questions listed already).  I’m so glad we did.  Making up your own questions has to be even better.

the potato apocalypse

we’ve so far survived the week without whatever

#ObamaAndKids  Love it SO MUCH!  I really do hope a coffee table book comes out because I would totally buy it.  How can you not get teary-eyed scrolling through it?

4 Responses to “Link love!”

  1. Donna Freedman Says:

    Appreciate the mention, Grumpies.

  2. Astra Says:

    Wow, reading about MMM makes me cringe (though I did like the picture taken just a few feet from my old Longmont home).

  3. jlp Says:

    So much to say!

    That needlework link is one of the reasons I heart the internet. Seriously, how would I have ever learned about that otherwise?

    Dress Codes….don’t get me started. There is a school in our district considered to be one of the best (and if one goes by test scores, it does quite well) in which the principal sent home 10 year old girls after telling them at an assembly in front of the entire school that they were, “not girls of distinction because their shorts are too short.” (Despite an outcry from many parents, she was retained when her contract was up.) Needless to say, we did not even apply to this school for my kids.

    John Kasich: OMG. If I hear one more politician talk about the good old days, when women didn’t work. Guess what, folks? My mother worked outside the home, as did my grandmothers, as did their mothers (who were mostly farmers). Criminy. Quit trying to harken back to a time that – for many, anyway – DID NOT EXIST.

    Related to the above – apparently my family members are gross outliers in the Brookings data. I blame getting technical degrees (civil engineering, RN, statistics).

    ObamaAndKids: my eyes are wet. Those are the best.

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