Ask the grumpies: Help! Teething!

Leah asks:

How did you deal with teething? Was it horrible for your kids? Will I survive this?

Motrin.  Seriously, Motrin.  And alternate it with Tylenol when the teething is really bad.  Motrin is better for night-time because it lasts longer than Tylenol.

DC1 also enjoyed a frozen washcloth, but that didn’t do much for DC2.  DC2, otoh, liked those rings you can freeze.  Topical numbing agents didn’t help at all.

Yes, it sucked.  Without Motrin it would have been more horrible.  Yes you will survive, though you may have to wake up every 6(-8) hours when the Motrin wears off (or 4 (-6) hours for the alternating Tylenol).

The teeth do eventually come in!  (And this episode of teething has probably ended since you asked the question, but now the answer is here for posterity.)

Grumpy nation!  Any teething tips?

8 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: Help! Teething!”

  1. Omdg Says:

    Yeah Motrin. Read something about this being more of a sleep issue than anything else, but honestly it doesn’t matter. Our daughter didn’t have an issue with waking up (or waking us up, anyway), but there would be little blood stains on the bed from where she drooled in her sleep. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  2. crazy grad mama Says:

    Third vote for Motrin (and Tylenol). Little Boy is only fussy for a few days with each tooth; when we see there’s a tooth trying to get through, we have zero compunctions loading him up with painkillers.

  3. Rented life Says:

    Motrin and Tylenol. Ours likes to chew on ice too and there’s those mesh teething feeder things you can buy to put frozen items in. (We only used ice).

  4. Calee Says:

    Green onions! My daughter became mildly youtube famous when we shared a video ( ) We were told it numbed the gums for teething and it may have helped. Also Motrin.

  5. Jay Says:

    Motrin, Tylenol, and frozen bagels. My daughter loved to chew on frozen bagels. It got messy, but it worked.

  6. Leah Says:

    Ironically, the night before you posted this, I was up twice with a crying teether :-/ We were on vacation, which Is why I didn’t respond sooner.

    We do ibuprofen and sometimes tylenol and lots of snuggling. I’m mostly concerned because we’re well into our second month of dealing with the molars erupting. Thankfully, two are completely through already. One is almost through, and I can feel the other one just starting to come through the gums. Hoping that another two weeks will help them pop out and be done.

    Our little does not like teething rings, but she’ll use them at school because the other kids like them. She does like to chew on cold washclothes. But teething is mostly just a nighttime issue for us with a few isolated daytime issues. So, the sleep interruption is our big deal. We’ll just keep shuffling through and hope this ends soon. She doesn’t have canines yet (only two front teeth on the bottom and four front teeth on top in addition to these molars), but hopefully those are a bit smoother.

    Blegh. Thanks for the support :-)

  7. Revanche Says:

    LB’s teeth are taking their own sweet time and boy is ze grumplestiltskin with each new one. We’ve been giving hir Hyland’s teething tablets when it’s bad enough for grumbles but not bad enough for Motrin. We also give it in combination with Motrin if Motrin alone isn’t doing the trick.

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