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This is a bit mind-blowing.  (Though it may take reading through a bunch of them before the full power sinks in.)



It’s about the MONEY

I have been on this precipice

I have a beta hat

I think I’ve been doing this too.  The pro-Bernie people (disclaimer: #notallberniebros) can get kind of scary and they do tend to shut down showing support for HRC.  It’s less cool and who wants to deal with being harassed for not feeling the Bern.

Clinton vs. Sanders on policy.   Also, pretty much all the economists I’ve been seeing (and I have been seeing a LOT of them this election season) are pro-Hillary.  What’s weird is that many of them think that Trump supporters and Sanders supporters are tapping into the same populist movement created from rising inequality.  (The only difference between the two groups is blatant racism?)  I’m not sure how true that is, but I mostly only see well-off liberal Sanders supporters, not the millenial ones.  (Personally, I suspect that Sanders supporters are like #2 who is voting based on greater levels of policy agreement, or are misogynists who can’t handle the idea of a woman president.)

On becoming anti-bernie

why bother?

Chuck Wendig agrees with me about Tiny Houses

In which #2 explains 420 to me

Ben and Jerry arrested

14 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Flavia Says:

    Yup. (Re: Clinton supporters.) Anyone who’s been paying attention on social media would have gathered that I’m a Clinton supporter–in fact, I’m a really, really ardent Clinton supporter, though I think I’ve never expressed that ardor–but when talking with friends and colleagues I basically don’t bring up the election. I don’t know whom two of my longest-term friends are voting for because I suspect they might be Bernie supporters and I just don’t want to get into it.

  2. yuppiemillennial Says:

    The vast majority of my friends– largely millennials– are Bernie supporters. I voted for Clinton. In an ideal world and political environment, I’d love to have the things Bernie proposes (single payer healthcare, some modification to capital gains taxation). But I think he’d have hard time pushing legislation through, he doesn’t seem to have much of a nuanced understanding about the difference between class and race relations, and when I read his tax proposals, I was shocked in a “I like the idea of more taxes, but oh my God that’s a pretty dramatic change and the math seems iffy” kind of way.

    The most vocal “Feel the Bern” people I know tend to be white even though I know quite a few minority Bernie supporters. For the most part they seem to claim some idealogical purity and slam Clinton for being “dishonest” and, basically, shred her on statements related to the 1994 crime bill. The worry I have is that these sorts of people (young, social justice-y, white) are being driven by so much anti-Clinton rhetoric at this point, they are going to stay at home come election day out of protest if Clinton win the nomination (which seems likely).

    • xykademiqz Says:

      are being driven by so much anti-Clinton rhetoric at this point, they are going to stay at home come election day out of protest if Clinton win the nomination (which seems likely).

      I live with one of those people who despise Hillary so much (‘dishonest! corrupt!’) that they may not show up to vote at all; I have told him I would be disappointed in him if he didn’t vote, and I think he will eventually, after he’d gotten used to the idea. I think most will come to their senses by November.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Well, all the economists and politicians I know/have talked to/have heard talk who have worked with her think she’s hardworking, honest, pragmatic etc. So I think the corrupt/dishonest thing is just the right wing doing a really good job with propaganda.

  3. Becca Says:

    That John Oliver episode…. amazing

  4. Stevie Says:

    NicoleandMaggie – I would love your thoughts on the financial best interest of the PI:

  5. jlp Says:

    Thank you! I am so happy to have been introduced to manwhohasitall.

  6. xykademiqz Says:

    Belated thanks for the shout-out!

  7. Debbie M Says:

    I have also decided that “Trump supporters and Sanders supporters are tapping into the same populist movement created from rising inequality.” Although in my brain, they are both looking for someone who is trustworthy and not beholden to big money. Trump is more fun and supports the American way of individuals pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and going to church and doing what they should. Sanders is more caring and supports more safety nets for those for whom the American system is not working.

    Like American economists, apparently, I prefer the market system over socialism (because you get a bigger and tastier pie). And I like that it rewards those who do more to satisfy demand. However, some of that “more” is turning out to be things that a) lead to the tragedy of the commons and b) are just downright horrible (bad treatment not only of the environment, but also people and animals). (And I just visited Norway, an extremely socialist country, and it’s kind of awesome. I like the way they are willing to live with fewer luxuries so that everyone can eat well, get decent pre-natal care, etc. So, bigger pieces of a smaller, less tasty but very nutritious pie are sounding not that horrible to me right now.)

    I think Sanders and Trump supporters are noticing that over the last decade, big money interests have made more kinds of bribery legal, and big money is changing laws to make competition more difficult, and that ruins everything that’s good about a market system. Also, no company should be too big to fail, and no criminal should be too rich to go to prison for serious white-collar crimes.

    I voted for Sanders because I’m sick of corruption that allows big business to get laws passed that help almost nobody but their owners and bosses. Sanders has clearly not been bought. I feel that Clinton is sucking up to the big money interests just like everyone else and that she will happily do their bidding once in office in MANY ways, just like Obama does. For example, I fear she will be pro-spying/anti-privacy, pro-big-music-protection/anti-artist-power, pro-big-oil-and-fracking/anti-environment, etc. Yes, Clinton’s stated positions are a better match for me than Sanders’s (probably) and seem better thought out and more realistic and less extreme. But stated positions are not everything in American politics (“read my lips,” etc.).

    That said, if Clinton wins the nomination, I’m voting for her over any of the current top 3 leading Republicans. I feel that not only are those Republicans also corrupt (Trump doesn’t have to be bought–he is already pre-broken), but also they don’t even pretend to care about the downtrodden or even pretend to say that America is the land of the free–they want it to be the land of if-only-everyone-were-like-us-things-would-be-great. My boyfriend (a Libertarian who voted for Sanders in the primary–I know!) thinks the Republicans are too extreme to get anything done, but feels that Clinton knows how to pull all the strings and will get lots of horrible things done. So if Clinton wins, he will be voting Republican (unless I can change his mind). I think the legislature is crazy and will happily go along with a matching scary Republican president.

    I hope you are right and that Clinton would make a decent president because I think she’s going to win.

    Disclosure: I’m well-off and liberal, but not millennial, misogynistic, or socialist (I’m for the market system with regulation to minimize the tragedy of the commons problem and other abuses and with safety nets–for people, not businesses).

  8. Rosa Says:

    does this link work? I have been looking for an original source or cleaner link but not finding one. Anyway, it is the best Tubman meme so far:

  9. chacha1 Says:

    I loved that Wendig piece on Tiny Houses. His piece on turning 40 is pretty great, too.

    • Debbie M Says:

      Thanks for that recommendation; really liked some of the latter:

      On buying the lowest-price apple available: “It’s the apple they feed to old, dying goats. You can eat it, sure, but it’ll taste like sadness and goat mortality.”

      “Eat Your Vegetables, You Squawking Manbaby… Listen, if you’re not sure about vegetables, have them roasted. Roasted vegetables taste like fire and lightning and conflict, and they will make you feel manly because you punished them with heat.”

  10. Revanche Says:

    Tiny House people. Good grief. I know people who lived in tiny houses because they were poor and had to and ok, they made it work but FFS who chooses to cram themselves into artisanal tiny houses that cost real REAL money while still expecting all the amenities of not-Hobbit-sized houses?

    It astounds me.

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