Sunday afternoon link love

Yeah, so caffeine withdrawal isn’t pretty.  Related to that, updates may not be regular for the next couple months (there’s no post scheduled as of this typing for Tuesday, for example) because deadlines.  We’re fine, just busy.

PSA:  That frozen veggies recall has been way expanded from before.

The minecraft generation

note to self: check out reader comments on these

Astounding is right.  He does not understand interest rates.  Trump is gonna run this country like he runs his businesses:  into the ground.

This is so true.

Cinco de Mayo PSA from Gatos de Noticias

Oooh, snakes!

This is kinda NSFW

Your Free Trump Score (TM) is:  570

xykademiqz calling advance readers

Can you not pac

He really should have

Love IT

Misty Copeland Barbie

Larry Wilmore breaking it down for the confused

Georgia governor actually vetoes campus carry bill.   It is so weird to see a Republican actually interested in preserving individual freedoms these days.

Check out these new bios of early American women.

This is depressing

Math + cooking

Hot take

We still don’t get this.

This industry and living life on the lowest difficulty setting

Fluent cat

on homeowners insurance

5 Responses to “Sunday afternoon link love”

  1. xykademiqz Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Much appreciated.

  2. Debbie M Says:

    Wow, you included one of mine. And I actually noticed!

    To other readers, mine is the one on homeowner’s insurance, more specifically on how to figure out the amount for which you should insure your house. It’s very long-winded, sorry!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We haven’t before because we weren’t sure your blog was public. This one seemed anonymous enough we could chance it. But if you’re out we can link more often!

      • Debbie M Says:

        It’s public, though I don’t advertise. It started out being for friends and family, but my actual readership is mostly friends of friends, acquaintances who have turned into friends because we both blog, and blog friends (like y’all).

        Feel free to link to things you like that you think your readers might like.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    Re “fluent cat” – I understand my cats pretty well, and they speak VERY differently from each other. I would be astonished if animals *didn’t* have regional dialects just like people do.

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