Revenge of What-are-we-reading

… a partial list.

Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older.  I like this kind of book, and I liked this one.  I’ll read more by him.

Kage Baker’s early The Hotel Under the Sand.  A delight!  #2 should read it.  #2 owns it, but it is an oversized paperback or maybe even hardback and is back at home.  Definitely when we get back!

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers.  The third in a trilogy something about girl assassins in the Middle Ages.  I liked the love interest in this one.

Taking a (possibly permanent) break from Ngaio Marsh, I reread Tommy and Tuppance (first one available free from Gutenberg).  The second and third were delightful as I remembered, but I did get a pricking of my thumbs when picking up By the Pricking of My Thumbs and had a bad feeling about it– and indeed, my subconscious correctly remembered that it was pretty sordid (also I had flashbacks to Miss Marple playing the Tuppence role in one of the video adaptations).  I’m feeling leery about the last one.  Though looking at wikipedia, that’s where I got the Gates of Damascus poem that I liked so much I memorized it.  “Pass not beneath oh caravan, or pass not singing.  Have you not heard the silence where the birds are dead, yet something pipeth like a bird?”

Romancing the Earl by Darcy Burke.  Fun in the style of The Toll-Gate but with sex.  :). To Seduce a Scoundrel was also good.  After that it kind of started going downhill.

Super You by Emily V. Gordon.  I heard about this nerdy self-esteem book and wanted to see if it’s good.  It’s pretty ok.  Give it a try if you’d like to be nicer to yourself.

The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi.  A strange and interesting novel about a girl who is kind of haunted.  I think I have Oyeyemi’s Boy, Snow, Bird on my to-read list, and I’ll get to it relatively soon.

What’s on your To-be-read list?

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8 Responses to “Revenge of What-are-we-reading”

  1. CG Says:

    I’m with you–I love the Secret Adversary, but the ones where T & T are old seem like they kind of wander around at random and happen to solve a mystery. But I’ll never forget those lines from The Gates of Damascus. I hesitate to suggest these, because colonialism and sexism and stuff, but I’ve really been enjoying, in the way that you might enjoy a hostess cupcake (guiltily) the mystery/romances of M.M. Kaye. I think the best two are Death in Berlin and Death in Kashmir. She has an amazing gift for detail and sense of place. The mysteries of S.J. Gazan (The Dinosaur Feather and The Arc of the Swallow) are both fantastic–you have to be a little patient though and trust that everything you’re reading is in the end relevant.

  2. monsterzero Says:

    I’ve just started Octavia Butler’s Patternist series and so far (about fifty pages in) it’s pretty good. Her stuff on aliens tends toward body horror which, you know, kind of fascinates me and repels me at the same time, but the Patternist books don’t have aliens (I don’t think) so I have big hopes for these books.

  3. Linda Says:

    I’ve continued a good reading run with Deanna Raybourn. I’ve read the first two Lady Julia mysteries and having just checked out the third one. (I think is the one that I was cautioned “gets dark” so I’ll find out what you mean.) I also read and enjoyed The Other Side of Midnight by Simone St. James. Still on the wait list for the most recent Mary Russel book and the Simone St. James book recommended in the last reading thread. I’m very close to the top of the list, though! :-)

    As always, I’ve been able to add a few books to my reading list based on this post. Thanks!

  4. chacha1 Says:

    I have a frightful queue on my Kindle. In actual books I have some nonfiction:
    Consilience: the Unity of Knowledge
    West of the Revolution
    The Explorer’s Guild by Kevin Costner et al., which seems like a promising mashup of, e.g., H. Rider Haggard + Indiana Jones and is beautifully designed besides.

    Still doing my Ngaio Marsh read-out, in between munching up romance and historical-mystery novels.

    And I have finally started reading A Pattern Language.

  5. Rented life Says:

    Daniel Jose Older is actually on my to-read list. I love him on Twitter and the things he’s written about writing. I haven’t read much of anything lately for fun. Work projects shifted so I’m trying to get up to speed on something new and we had a legal issue at husband’s (now former) job that I was researching as well. And home buying info because we just put an offer on a house! (Super walkable area making our one car situation easy and I know the neighbors already and the worst that needs to happen is “modernizing” and cleaning the gutters. Taking 2 years to find the right place pays off!) so my to-read list is pretty endless right now!

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