Google questions

Q:  is working a minimum wage job as a teen a waste of time

A:  depends on the alternatives

Q:  can i be forced to do something i dont want to do

A:  Well, there’s death and taxes…

Q:  how to get a balanced check book when it doesn’t balance

A:  You could always burn it down and start over fresh, but I’m not sure we recommend that.  (We don’t)

Q:  how long i will wait furnished new build house

A:  If my friends are any indication, a long, looonnnnnnnnng time.

Q:  how to get pre k students to behave

A:  Tranq darts.  (Do not do this.)

Q:  why some people are miser and grumpy

A:  Too much time on early retirement forums?

Q:  is it right to make your children do things they don’t want

A:  It depends

Q:  when does the government stop taking social security

A:  Out of your paycheck, you mean?  When you no longer draw one.  (Or at the point where you have made more than $118,500 taxable income for the year in 2016.  Also SS benefits may be taxable depending on a bunch of stuff.)

Q:  is it just a privileged few that are home owners these days

A:  In most areas of the world, yes.

Q:  best gugli question

A:  Why did that movie ever get made?  Oh wait, that was Gigli.



4 Responses to “Google questions”

  1. Kellen Says:

    Yeah, because when you just try living without furniture, it turns out it’s totally unnecessary* AND there’s probably a lot more room to play fetch with the dog in the living room.

    *Just only have dogs over as guests!

  2. jjiraffe Says:

    “Too much time on early retirement forums?” Lol.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    I love when people ask questions about “these days” that betray a complete ignorance of history. This persistent notion that homeownership is something EVERYONE used to achieve is … well, it’s a testament to the power of compelling fiction. :-)

    Re: furniture: we took years to furnish our apartment, and we still ended up with things that we’ll ultimately discard. Sometimes you just gotta live with (or without) stuff to understand your real needs.

  4. Debbie M Says:

    “when does the government stop taking social security” – for me, it was your answer “When you no longer draw one.” But it felt like the answer was when my pay comes from a pension rather than a paycheck. My crappy part-time low-pay last job had almost exactly the same gross as my pension, but my pension net pay is so much higher because they no longer take out:
    * social security
    * pension fund contribution
    * half my insurance premium (my institution pays the full amount for the employee if you have 40 hours or are retired and half the amount if you have less than 40 but at least 20–I wish they would have paid 3/4 when I had 30 hours)

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