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Another week with one of us traveling and the other one swamped.

#2 is totally sick of discussing politics.  Every time politics comes up, she goes, “Kittens!”  Seems like she’s not the only one.

If you are still reading about politics, this new republic article comparing Goldwater’s campaign to Trump’s is well worth a read.  It is the only explanation of Trump’s popularity that makes any sense at all.

This country.  SMH.  This is what our parents must have felt like growing up going, WTF is happening.  And, again, of course, it is all about race.  I’m not really sure what can be done.  I mean obviously vote for Hillary Clinton in the general and donate to her campaign once the primary is over.  If something can be done, then it is too important to ignore, but if nothing can be done then we should probably just look at pictures of kittens.  Hopefully it will be more clear what we’re supposed to do when the primaries are finally over.  Maybe the convention will give us guidelines on how to move forward.

Of course, we can’t ignore that it’s also all about gender.  And violence.

How long until black future month?

Sexism and Academia.

Look, I know that our system of agricultural subsidies is messed up, but this article just makes me think, mmmmm cheeeeeese.

Con or bust is doing auctions to name characters in books by future authors.  Here’s one for Scalzi.  Here’s one for Courtney Milan.

More on Chuck Tingle.

Life lessons from Diffy Q.

How the rich got rich and the poor got poor.


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