link love

Gorillas are more important than women

Fighting rape myths

Depressing abortion news.

Patriarchy depressing.

Pretend Hillary Clinton had a day like Trump did.  How would the press cover it?  Trump’s grievances.

David Brooks is so out of touch with his boring white cis male upper class privilege.  How does he even get published?  Why do people read him or talk about him?  It makes no sense.

Vote for Hillary if she wins the primary

So maybe narcissists do like other narcissists

What to do if Windows 10 forces an upgrade you didn’t want on you

The art of editing comedy.

Nanny costs

So true

I just got hooked on a podcast about the bachelorette. It is the craziest thing– a really intelligent and thought provoking feminist commentary on the bachelor franchise.

There’s this MRA douche on this season of the bachelorette and there’s some articles on the internet suggesting that this is the producer’s commentary on Trump.  Like, if that’s the case, the bachelorette is totally art. Sadly, I read enough internets to be pretty sure that he’s actually for real and not just a parody of an MRA guy.

So I was curious to see if any phds had ever been on the bachelor, and apparently one has!  She’s an assistant prof at Duke now.

Season 2 of this show looks like it will be really interesting.

I feel like Historiann would like this.

Yo mama’s so vast she contains multitudes.

Music for cats

39 adorable kittens

bunnies and babies



One Response to “link love”

  1. monsterzero Says:

    Re: the involuntary Windows 10 upgrade…ugh, I work in IT and this is happening to a lot of people. I would say don’t bother with hiding the icon etc because that isn’t working for more than a week or so. Just google Never10, download it, and run it once. That’s it.

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