Link Love

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There’s a lot of Hillary Rodham Clinton links this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton is coming out heavily for reproductive justice.  She wants to get rid of the Hyde amendment!  She actually used the word abortion in a pro-choice speech.  Not a euphemism.  Abortion!

Even though there’s still crazy berniebros online (#notallberniesupporters), more people are starting to say out loud that they support HRC With Joy and Without apologies.  No more of this “Of course I don’t agree with everything she says…” you know what, F- that.

Liberal Weather Forecast

She’s paid her dues, time after time, she’s done her sentence, but committed no crime…

Give ’em Hell, Hill!

This is an amazing article explaining exactly how HRC is an extraordinarily talented politician and why standard paradigms about what talented politician is don’t work when the politician is a woman.  Well worth a read.

Sanders and the Democrats’ racial problems.

Full Frontal has had some pretty awesome tweets recently.

If other female firsts were covered like Hillary Clinton’s Historic Nomination

How women should be reacting to Clinton’s victory. /s

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has refused to pay hundreds of bills.

In case you missed it, Trump ordered surrogates to double down.

Buzzfeed refuses to run Trump ads.

Better options for the HRC logo.

This sounds like a pretty cool dating app.

Why are women’s reproductive disorders so often brushed off?  I had a similar experience with GPs when I was in college and didn’t actually find out what was wrong with me until I started trying to have a baby.

University of Essex eliminated pay gap by increasing female salaries.

anti-choice protesters can’t handle hearing people talk about birth control

Boys get 13% more for their allowances than do girls.

Differences between men and women

I don’t have a question.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Muhammad Ali

Mary Robinette Kowal is having surgery.

Nine things this writer is so over in romance novels

What happens when a mansplainer gets called out.

Obama changes overtime rules.

Allergy stuff.

Joint vs. separate tax filing for people with significant student loan debt.



woke baby clothes

bubba cat

What goes on behind the scenes at Breaking Cat News.

If you watch one video, watch this next one.  If you want to be won over by HRC, then watch them all.  In her own words.  I want to live in an America where Love Trumps Hate.



8 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. bogart Says:

    OK, the flatev link prompts me to ask the following as a possible ask-the-grumpies question, because I’d be interested in this community’s response (and because, really? artisanal tortillas?):
    I have realized that I value (a) minimal environmental impact; (b) foods made from “natural” ingredients, with “natural” here being a stand-in for Michael Pollan’s sort of stuff-my-grandparents-would-have-been-familiar-with. Things people have been eating (or cooking with) for a long time; and (c) not having to do food prep. Ever. At all.

    B and C seem somewhat at odds with each other, though I am increasingly coming to believe that C is very consistent with A — that if, for example, I buy a rotisserie chicken it likely took a lot less energy to cook that chicken than it would had a roasted a single chicken at home (never mind baking bread). So my main question is how other people who value B & C manage to balance them. Should you post this, I’d be grateful if people could act like economists and assume that, no, really, I am confident about my actual preferences vis-a-vis C, it’s not just that I haven’t tried hard enough/long enough/gotten in touch with my inner chef. Also, I have enough of a budget constraint that I’m unlikely to land in a place where, e.g., I solve C by hiring a personal chef thereby violating A. So food prep does need to be minimal or inexpensively outsourced to solve this conundrum.

    Also: really? Artisanal tortillas?!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Have you considered a raw food diet?

      • Katherine Says:

        In my experience (not having been on one myself, but knowing some people who have and owning a few raw food cookbooks), raw food diets involve a MASSIVE amount of food prep.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I think you can be lazy about it, but it gets boring and you spend a lot of time chewing.

      • bogart Says:

        Haha, what Katherine said. I know very little about raw food diets but what little I do know suggests they are entirely inconsistent C.

    • Cloud Says:

      I’m really late to this, but… I like cooking OK, but hate cooking in the time crunch I usually have during the week. I’m probably less committed to your point (b) than you (I’m a big fan of EDTA and other preservatives, for instance), but do try to avoid excess sugar and more processing and additives than are strictly necessary, and my main trick is to read labels carefully and find favorite brands of convenience foods. There are some that would probably meet your point (b) requirements, and using those can help with your point (c).

      For instance, there are pasta sauce brands that really only have tomatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs as their ingredients. If you have access to good fresh pasta (or even good frozen filled pasta, like tortellini), you can mix that with the sauce in very little time. I also have a recipe I love that is essentially tortellini, a can of veggie broth, a can of diced tomatoes, a splash of white wine, spinach and basil. I can handle this recipe even on the crappiest weekday.

      I get a lot of recipes like this from Cooking Light. They have a “quick and easy” section that makes good use of convenience foods.

      The only caveat to my method is that it took a lot of time at the grocery store for a few weeks, while I read all the labels and found the brands I liked for the convenience food.

  2. chacha1 Says:

    Regarding the “what happens when a mansplainer gets called out,” after an experience like that I do believe I would engage anyone in conversation only while wearing a wire. Good God. “Don’t believe that’s what happened? Here’s the recording. Suck it.”

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