How do you watch videos?

Netflix?  Amazon?  Hulu?  CBS?  TV?  Redbox?  Youtube? Your local library?  Cable?

Do you use your mobile or laptop or tablet or full-screen projector or giant tv?

These days I’m mostly entirely watching 4 min Youtube videos on the ipad.  The kids watch 20 min videos on the ipad or with the full-screen projector from Amazon and Netflix.  In paradise they get dvds from the library once a week but once we get back home we’ll probably start using our netflix subscription again.  Ah paradise, we will miss you.

#2 uses her computer and a large screen tv.  Old school cable, baby.


29 Responses to “How do you watch videos?”

  1. Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial Says:

    Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Now until GoT wraps up for the season via my Roku

  2. Leah Says:

    Mostly netflix now, but I anticipate using our library more as our little grows. They have quite a good selection.

    I like watching netflix alone on my laptop, but my husband prefers the TV. When we watch together, we use the TV.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Netflix on laptop. Occasional DVD from library on TV. The kids also watch Netflix on the laptop, and music off YouTube. There is no over the air reception here (we live at the edge of the National Radio Quiet Zone) and we’re too cheap for cable! Actually, we’re too cheap for Netflix too; my dad shares his with us.

  4. Nanani Says:

    “Videos” is pretty broad.
    If it was made for YouTube (Vlogbrothers-sphere stuff for instance) I’ll watch on my laptop and occasionally on my phone, but I don’t much care for tiny screens so laptop usually wins.
    Otherwise, TV. Netflix and my other computer both stream through a game console to my TV, so I can get everything on the biggest screen and control it from the couch. Ditto for my sports streams.

    I also have a collection of DVDs that span two regions because of international moves, so watching those can be constrained by which devices are currently hooked up that can play the relevant region.

  5. Katherine Says:

    We share a netflix account with my mom. I have a surface pro hooked up to a small TV on a bookshelf in the living room that I use as my main computer, so we watch on that. We also have a digital antennae to watch over the air TV, and I think it is hooked up and works, but it’s been so long since we wanted to watch anything that way that I honestly can’t remember whether it works. I occasionally watch DVDs, but since my surface only has one USB slot and an external dvd player can’t draw enough power through a USB splitter, it’s kind of a production to watch a DVD. I have two external DVD players, and I keep intending to set one of them to region 2 so I can watch european DVDs, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Netflix is so easy, and they even have some good shows and movies in my other language, so it’s really rare that I feel like it’s worth the trouble to set up to play a DVD. I even use netflix to watch things that I own on DVD.

  6. Ana Says:

    We have a projector and watch Netflix/HBOGo on a big screen via Apple TV (prior to recently getting the AppleTV we used our BluRay Player for Netflix and the very old first-gen Roku for HBOGo). When I’m watching on my own, I’ll watch Netflix or youtube videos on the iPad or my phone (for short videos or shows without major visual appeal). Before we got the Ipad I used my laptop, now I use the iPad unless I’m traveling.

  7. crazy grad mama Says:

    Old school cable FTW! Also Netflix, and a modest collection of DVDs and Blu-rays. Mostly on our TV unless we’re traveling.

  8. Leigh Says:

    My boyfriend loves trying out new boxes, so we have more boxes to watch videos via than really necessary. We use the Roku on the older TV and mostly the Apple TV on the newer TV. Mostly Netflix, but he uses HBOGo as well. Occasionally we’ll get something from Redbox and then use the Xbox. I had a Blu-ray player, but we packed it up since the Xbox also plays Blu-rays.

  9. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    We don’t have a TV. My wife watches operas and reruns of Antiques Roadshow on our desktop iMac computer. Once in a while the family will gather for a movie on the iMac (maybe once a month when our son is home from college). I watch very short videos (generally a minute or less) on my laptop. The iMac can also play DVDs as can my laptop, though I understand that Apple has discarded that functionality from most of their product line now.

    We all prefer reading to videos for most of our entertainment. We watch recordings of plays that our son has been in (generally only once, shortly after the production), and we watch other people’s productions when he is starting rehearsal on a new play.

    • Leah Says:

      The functionality is not gone; it’s just not built in anymore. That’s common with PCs too. You can buy an external drive. Not convenient for, say, sitting in bed and watching a DVD. But I have a new laptop for work, and it sure is nice to have a super light one since I rarely use discs.

  10. Steph Says:

    I don’t have cable. I usually watch Netflix or hockey on my laptop, or hooked up to my TV if I’m feeling fancy. Occasionally I’ll watch on the PBS site or free Hulu, if I’m trying to keep up with a current show.

    For music/concert videos and shorter stuff, I use youtube. I used to watch shows and movies on youtube, but it’s harder to find them now and I’m not usually not invested enough to go digging through other sites for the links.

  11. chacha1 Says:

    I’ll occasionally watch videos from YouTube or from FB links on my laptop at home. Almost never watch a video on the work computer. :-) Movies & TV shows we watch via streaming (Roku + Hulu and Amazon Prime). Now that I have cancelled the $44/mo landline I may sign us up for Netflix. Or I may not, gourd knows we watch too much screen as it is.

  12. Cloud Says:

    We have a Roku, and we access Amazon through that. We’re Prime members, so we have a lot of free things. We occasionally buy something else. We also have a Roku channel we pay $5/month for called Acorn. It has British (and some Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand) TV shows. This is how I feed my British mystery addiction. We recently added Sling TV so that we can get rugby. My husband has found a bunch of other channels he sometimes watches things on but I never do and I don’t pay any attention to them. We also have the PBS Kids channel, for obvious reasons.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I would be happy getting rid of PBS Kids completely (which my kids get through netflix). The only reason we have Amazon is so we can get access to Nikelodeon kids shows. PBS is just so implicitly sexist that I can’t handle their kids lineup anymore.

      • Cloud Says:

        We have it for The Odd Squad. Have you seen that one? It doesn’t strike me as sexist, but I confess I haven’t really watched it critically. It is the last of the PBS shows my kids really like. My kids mostly find stuff they like on Amazon now. There are some NickJr and Disney things in there, but also the Amazon originals. Recent favorites were Annedroids and Just Add Magic.

        And my 6 y.o. has just gone on a Caillou binge… which I can’t explain at all.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Haven’t seen the Odd Squad. It looks like it’s Canadian? So perhaps doesn’t conform to the standard 4-5 kids with the white boy in charge and the girls doing all the inside work while the boys do all the active work that *all of their other shows* have. (Slight exception– Sid the Science kid where the biracial boy is the one in charge.)

        Nickelodeon knows how to make strong female characters and to not put people into stereotypes by their gender/race/ethnicity. Their characters are people. Get with the program PBS.

        (Also MLP and Powerpuff girls, though not the least bit educational, are the shows of choice in Casa Grumpy.)

      • Cloud Says:

        The leader of the Odd Squad is a girl of color, and the lead duo in the show has one boy, one girl, who seem to be equally competent. If anything, the girl is a bit more competent. It is a math based show, and is goofy in a way my kids really love.

        I should totally dig out my old Powerpuff girls DVD for the kids to watch.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Powerpuff girls is streaming on Netflix. :)

        One of the girls is always the most competent person on PBS kids shows. Which is another thing that makes it so infuriating that it’s almost always the white boy in charge. (see: SuperWhy, Kratt Brothers, Aquanauts, Bob the Builder, etc. Also, even though Peg + Cat has Peg as the main person, there are no other female characters in the entire show except a couple extremely ditzy teenagers. I could rant about this for a long long time.)

        But it looks like Odd Squad is an import and not actually created by PBS kids, which might be why it breaks their standard mold.

  13. gwinne Says:

    I watch either from Amazon prime or netflix, generally on laptop, or more recently iPad. LG does the same, along with youtube. Tiny Boy watches DVDs on the TV and netflix on my phone, because it’s novel.

  14. Mrs PoP Says:

    Mostly Hulu on iPad – individual viewing. With someone else, either streaming or dvd (often from library) played on our wall via a projector.

  15. Rosa Says:

    We have a digital antenna. We used to run it through a Linux box that was a DVR, but several years ago it mysteriously stopped being able to communicate with the antenna, so we gave up DVRing things. We watch DVDs on the TV via PS2.

    We have weekly American Ninja Warrior viewing parties for the not-quite-middleschoolers, and there’s a related show they want to watch (Spartan!) that is past everyone’s bedtime, so we just got a second antenna to hook to my laptop instead of plugging and unplugging the other antenna at times we want to record. This machine runs Windows 7 and an old version Windows Media Player that will allow you to burn to DVD if you want, but since last time we were using it often it’s lost it’s ability to read the TV guide. So now we can DVR again, but only by manually telling it time/channel, and I’m sure any day Microsoft is going to force-upgrade something that takes away all its functionality.

    • Rosa Says:

      …and this morning somehow it has set itself from “ask about updates” to “automatic updates” and tried to hijack my computer. I hate Windows, I wish Linux has more functional things to do stuff I need to do (and that I didn’t keep having jobs that require Windows-specific software)

  16. Rosa Says:

    oh and most of the DVDs are from the library, but our family also gives us DVDs for Christmas pretty often so we are still working our way through owned-DVD seasons of Naked & Afraid (which is awesome but not as awesome as American Ninja Warrior) and Penny Dreadful (only on nights we can manage to stay awake longer than the child) and rewatching Too Cute, from last Christmas.

    • chacha1 Says:

      I forgot to mention our 400+ DVD library. :-) We have a jukebox. Everything gets viewed on a nice Samsung flatscreen.

      p.s. we like “Ninja Warrior” too!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      #2 is *obsessed* with Penny Dreadful. I would watch Eva Green all day long and twice on Sundays. I wish there were less of Billie Piper and Frankenstein; I wish there were more of Dr. Jekyll. Josh Hartnett’s current storyline is uninspiring. The show’s production values are very high.

      • Linda Says:

        I’ve been missing Penny Dreadful since I cancelled the more expensive channels from my pay TV package. I have been able to watch it at my neighbor’s house using her On Demand, but squeezing in TV watching has been low on my list these days so I’m terribly behind.

  17. Linda Says:

    Right now I use a combination of basic pay TV channels for local programming and the major networks, and a Roku for streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime. A friend logged me in to HBO Go and StarzPlay using his account, so I can watch GoT and Outlander. (Hooray!) I tried using a wall mount digital antenna to pull in HDTV, but I couldn’t get a signal. I may just try an outdoor antenna again once I move to the new house. It’s a bit further south (and therefore closer to the signals), and if I want to mount something on the roof or attic, I can do that as the owner. :-)

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