Link love

This is exactly as good an idea as testing TANF recipients.

In which a white open carry protester learns that things might be different for black people.  Related:  mike drop.

#2 is writing to her representatives old school.  #1 sent emails to her senators and congressional representative.  Though her representative did not make it easy.  Ugh I hate him so much.  You can also call.  Here’s some how to take action steps from the Brady campaign.

Why thoughts and prayers aren’t enough.  Meet the 45 senators who blocked background checks (I emailed mine!).

More HRC supporters coming out of the electronic closet.  (At this point, whenever I see a Sanders story, I’m like, Bernie who?)

If I were reading about Trump in the news for the first time, I’d be like, no way these things are actually real.  It’s like that scene in Matilda where Trunchbull gets away with using children as shot puts because nobody would believe that she’s doing it, it’s so beyond the pale.

Interview with a woman who had a late term abortion (trigger:  much wanted pregnancy loss)

Long term effects of the Tuskegee experiment.

A scary Trump rally live-tweet with palpable anger.

Another Trump rally live-tweet, this one less scary and more boring (lots of palpable face-booking).

In case you missed it: Donald Trump seems to want to turn the US into some sort of 20th century dystopia. Did he read Farenheit 451 and go, “this sounds like a great idea, let’s do this”? Or maybe he was like, “the Soviet Union had something really good going there”?  Or maybe the time America was Great was 1984?

Prioritizing Civil Rights Over Privilege.  Also, docrocktex26 has just an amazing thoughtful twitter feed.  There’s a bunch of storified tweet series well worth reading.

Who gets to be angry?

Ugh, I HATE it when this happens.  (Also why I stopped reading the Lady Julia series.)

Woke classic lit


MRK surgery update

This cat is worth it.

I got three kittens writing up a referee report.

How to id passive voice (sort of)

Hobbiting .  In fact, this entire twitter account is pretty chuckle creating.


Cutest animals


Trigger: tremendous tragedies with this Tim Kaine video.  I’m good with him as a potential VP nom.

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