Should I buy this?

Long-time readers may recall that one of us has PCOS (that would be me).

One of the lovely things that comes with PCOS is dark hair growing places women are not supposed to have hair.  In me, that results in sort of a Fu Manchu facial hair thing going if I don’t pay attention.

Lately my facial hair has started to become a huge hassle.  Even with my tweezerman I’m spending more and more time plucking and/or shaving.

I paid for professional laser treatment on my legs once but even though I paid in advance, when an appointment had to be rescheduled I just sort of didn’t finish going to my sessions.  My leg hair is a lot thinner than it was prior to treatment and during some follicle cycles I have kind of weird bald spots.  I’m sure I would have more of those bald spots if I had finished the treatments.

My skin, btw, is super pale and my unwanted hair is super dark, making me the perfect candidate for laser.

In the best of all possible worlds, I would do laser again, this time on my face and I would go to all the treatments and I would be happy.  I don’t trust myself to actually go to appointments.  I can’t even get my hair cut more than once a year (and then only if I have free time during business hours when I’m in Boston).

So I was watching a youtube video and the commercial suggested I get a Tria home hair removal laser machine.  They are $450, or IIRC, about the cost of two-four professional laser treatments (it takes about 6 treatments done with the right timing for permanent hair removal).

$450 is a lot.  We will have money leftover from our year in Paradise and other expenses.  So we can afford it.  But should we?

It’s got 4 amazon stars on average, with 45% giving 5 star and 23% giving 1 star.

So… what should I do?  Buy this?  Laser?  Electrolysis?  Nothing?

This totally came without attribution from some random pinterest page. I don't know where it originally came from!

What would you do to avoid [the above] beard?


Link love

This is exactly as good an idea as testing TANF recipients.

In which a white open carry protester learns that things might be different for black people.  Related:  mike drop.

#2 is writing to her representatives old school.  #1 sent emails to her senators and congressional representative.  Though her representative did not make it easy.  Ugh I hate him so much.  You can also call.  Here’s some how to take action steps from the Brady campaign.

Why thoughts and prayers aren’t enough.  Meet the 45 senators who blocked background checks (I emailed mine!).

More HRC supporters coming out of the electronic closet.  (At this point, whenever I see a Sanders story, I’m like, Bernie who?)

If I were reading about Trump in the news for the first time, I’d be like, no way these things are actually real.  It’s like that scene in Matilda where Trunchbull gets away with using children as shot puts because nobody would believe that she’s doing it, it’s so beyond the pale.

Interview with a woman who had a late term abortion (trigger:  much wanted pregnancy loss)

Long term effects of the Tuskegee experiment.

A scary Trump rally live-tweet with palpable anger.

Another Trump rally live-tweet, this one less scary and more boring (lots of palpable face-booking).

In case you missed it: Donald Trump seems to want to turn the US into some sort of 20th century dystopia. Did he read Farenheit 451 and go, “this sounds like a great idea, let’s do this”? Or maybe he was like, “the Soviet Union had something really good going there”?  Or maybe the time America was Great was 1984?

Prioritizing Civil Rights Over Privilege.  Also, docrocktex26 has just an amazing thoughtful twitter feed.  There’s a bunch of storified tweet series well worth reading.

Who gets to be angry?

Ugh, I HATE it when this happens.  (Also why I stopped reading the Lady Julia series.)

Woke classic lit


MRK surgery update

This cat is worth it.

I got three kittens writing up a referee report.

How to id passive voice (sort of)

Hobbiting .  In fact, this entire twitter account is pretty chuckle creating.


Cutest animals


Trigger: tremendous tragedies with this Tim Kaine video.  I’m good with him as a potential VP nom.

16 years and the routine of marriage

Every night that we’re together, and most nights when we’re apart, we talk as we drift to sleep.  Or rather, you talk, and I fall asleep.  I fall asleep when my feet get warm and I’ve heard your soothing voice.  After that, you tell me, you realize I’m asleep and only then do you fall asleep yourself.  You make me feel comfy and cozy and warm and safe.

We’ve built a lot of routines during our years together.  I do the bills, you do the vacuuming, we fold clothing together.  You’ve worked around my annoying habits, and hopefully now find them endearing.  I know I love your eccentricities– the way you have of hobby jumping every few months, your goofy sense of humor (even the horrific puns!), especially the crinkle you get next to your eyes when you’re about to be extra-silly.

These patterns of comfort remind us we’re working together to create a tapestry of life.  If we’re being metaphorical.

And the intertwined paths of our lives are not at all boring.  Our well traveled rhythms still provide plenty of excitement.  Even as we dance our familiar patterns, things change as the children come into being and grow older.  Our routines spiral into something familiar and something new.

Every year with you is wonderful, every month, every day, every hour, every minute.  I can not think of anybody with whom I would rather tread familiar paths or explore new places.

As you’ve heard me say before and as I will say again, many times a day for the rest of our lives, I love you so much.  I’m so lucky to have met you and to have you for my own.

What is balance?: a metaphor

Imagine you’re standing in the middle of a see-saw, trying to keep either end from hitting the ground.

There’s a huge range of places to stand.  Not just one.  You don’t have to be at some mythical unstable sweetspot where the seats are perfectly even.

It’s the same way with balance in life.  There’s a large continuum of places to stand, ways to be.  There’s not just one optimal sweet-spot.  There’s a lot of room for doing things differently and for trying things out.

How do you watch videos?

Netflix?  Amazon?  Hulu?  CBS?  TV?  Redbox?  Youtube? Your local library?  Cable?

Do you use your mobile or laptop or tablet or full-screen projector or giant tv?

These days I’m mostly entirely watching 4 min Youtube videos on the ipad.  The kids watch 20 min videos on the ipad or with the full-screen projector from Amazon and Netflix.  In paradise they get dvds from the library once a week but once we get back home we’ll probably start using our netflix subscription again.  Ah paradise, we will miss you.

#2 uses her computer and a large screen tv.  Old school cable, baby.

Love is love is love is love is love

If you live in Florida, donate blood.  If you live elsewhere in the US, write your congress people.

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There’s a lot of Hillary Rodham Clinton links this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton is coming out heavily for reproductive justice.  She wants to get rid of the Hyde amendment!  She actually used the word abortion in a pro-choice speech.  Not a euphemism.  Abortion!

Even though there’s still crazy berniebros online (#notallberniesupporters), more people are starting to say out loud that they support HRC With Joy and Without apologies.  No more of this “Of course I don’t agree with everything she says…” you know what, F- that.

Liberal Weather Forecast

She’s paid her dues, time after time, she’s done her sentence, but committed no crime…

Give ’em Hell, Hill!

This is an amazing article explaining exactly how HRC is an extraordinarily talented politician and why standard paradigms about what talented politician is don’t work when the politician is a woman.  Well worth a read.

Sanders and the Democrats’ racial problems.

Full Frontal has had some pretty awesome tweets recently.

If other female firsts were covered like Hillary Clinton’s Historic Nomination

How women should be reacting to Clinton’s victory. /s

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has refused to pay hundreds of bills.

In case you missed it, Trump ordered surrogates to double down.

Buzzfeed refuses to run Trump ads.

Better options for the HRC logo.

This sounds like a pretty cool dating app.

Why are women’s reproductive disorders so often brushed off?  I had a similar experience with GPs when I was in college and didn’t actually find out what was wrong with me until I started trying to have a baby.

University of Essex eliminated pay gap by increasing female salaries.

anti-choice protesters can’t handle hearing people talk about birth control

Boys get 13% more for their allowances than do girls.

Differences between men and women

I don’t have a question.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Muhammad Ali

Mary Robinette Kowal is having surgery.

Nine things this writer is so over in romance novels

What happens when a mansplainer gets called out.

Obama changes overtime rules.

Allergy stuff.

Joint vs. separate tax filing for people with significant student loan debt.



woke baby clothes

bubba cat

What goes on behind the scenes at Breaking Cat News.

If you watch one video, watch this next one.  If you want to be won over by HRC, then watch them all.  In her own words.  I want to live in an America where Love Trumps Hate.