Link love: July already?!?

We’re not ignoring you, Grumpeteers.  We’re just kind of ignoring the rest of the internet, so it’ll be a light post this week.  See our upcoming post on Tuesday for an explanation about July.

Two spaces after a period 4-evah!

Register to vote, y’all!

Race relations  :-(

Texas must stop being jerks about abortion.


#2 sends more depressing links about politics.

Speaking of animals, I love how the internet names animals.

Fish have longer memories than politicians, and other myths debunked.  (Good news for those of you who swallowed chewing gum in 7th grade.)

Please send cute animal pics in the comments!

6 Responses to “Link love: July already?!?”

  1. crazy grad mama Says:

    I can’t figure out how to directly paste a cute cat picture in a comment, but here is a link to a picture of my cat sleeping in laundry, as cats do.

  2. becca Says:

    Re: the white working class voter article…
    I’m quite sure it’s one of those cases where the headline was written to be more sensational than the article itself. That said, the headline is really problematic. There were about 16 million votes for Obama in 2012 from “working class whites” (defined as whites without at least a Bachelor’s degree). That’s not a demographic that should be ignored, simply as a matter of tactics. Yes, it’s a shrinking group and their influence decreasing might be a great thing for the country in the long run- but it’s not like they are negligible for this election.
    That said, what I feel the article does get right is the idea that an information-deficit model should be applied to those voters.
    For one thing, most people respond to leaders on emotional and tribal levels, to the degree that even those us who take the time to learn the policies may be practicing some amount of post-hoc rationalization. For another thing, knowing that your life prospects are diminished by the perils of late stage capitalism doesn’t make you say “Hey my opposition to trade deals *was* based on irrational fear of the other!”. Instead, it’s way more likely to serve as one of those post-hoc rationalizations of that fear of the other. Plus, it’s not even clear the dispassionate information centered analysis of Clinton vs. Trump inherently favors Clinton (at least in terms of economic prospects of the working class… it largely depends whether you think Trump or Clinton will shred the safety net faster and whether economic protectionism espoused by Trump would actually get any traction).

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Given that Trump would crash the economy many times over… basically the only thing the White Working Class gets voting for Trump is to get to feel superior to minorities. Which, really, is what the ones voting for Trump want more than anything else anyway (heyo Southern Strategy).

      If you think otherwise, then you probably drank the Berniebro koolaid and don’t believe anything economists say.

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