Welcome to our semi-break

We’ll be posting less in July.  We both have multiple papers to finish in the next 6 weeks and we both have family travel planned.  Plus, it’s summer.

Tune in on Mondays and Fridays throughout July for new stuff, and feel free to read our archives on other days  :-)

And who knows, there might be a surprise post      here or there in the middle of the week.  We also haven’t decided about link love.  But definitely not a full slate of posts this month.

Cheers, mates!


6 Responses to “Welcome to our semi-break”

  1. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    Enjoy the (semi-) break!

  2. crazy grad mama Says:

    Good luck writing, and have fun traveling!

  3. Steph Says:

    Good luck with your papers! Enjoy your break!

  4. Ana Says:

    What is this Rice Village place? Is it new? I’m racking my brain and can’t figure out what you are talking about.
    Chocolate with stuff in it forever. Crunchy stuff, preferably. Coffee ice cream is also a good base. Yesterday I had a delicious coffee/chocolate chip cone. I just can’t with vanilla ice cream, its not my thing.

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