Ask the grumpies: Important questions about ice cream preferences

Leah asks:

Ice cream: vanilla or chocolate base? Lots of stuff added or little? Any additions you hate?

#1:  There’s this ice cream place in Houston near Rice University that I think is my favorite ice cream place in the entire country and I kind of wish I could go back to Houston just to visit it.   (There’s gelato places that I like more, but not ice cream.  And my favorite hot chocolate place is in Boston in Harvard Square.  And my favorite coffee place is in Los Angeles, in or near Santa Monica.  One benefit of lots of travel for work…)   Basically all they sell is different kinds of chocolate ice cream with different chunky things in them, lots and lots of chunky things added.  OMG, so wonderful.  They have this one with nuts that is out of this world, but they give you two little scoops with a small so you can get that on bottom and like chocolate orange or the girl scout cookie one (which I don’t see as one of their regular choices– I must have just gotten lucky) on top.  SO GOOD.  One addition I dislike is a weird one– I love maraschino cherries and I love fresh/frozen real cherries, but sometimes you order a cherry ice cream and you end up with like the cherries that they use in fruit-cake and it’s just so wrong.

#2:  chocolate with things added


22 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: Important questions about ice cream preferences”

  1. Nanani Says:

    Both, and yes.
    My favourite ice cream is a blend of chocolate and vanilla with one or more of: chocolate chips, brownies, cookie dough, sprinkles, walnuts, and almonds (no peanuts, no mint)

    Syrup on top is optional

  2. Ana Says:

    What is this Rice Village place? Is it new? I’m racking my brain and can’t figure out what you are talking about.
    Chocolate with stuff in it forever. Crunchy stuff, preferably. Coffee ice cream is also a good base. Yesterday I had a delicious coffee/chocolate chip cone. I just can’t with vanilla ice cream, its not my thing.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      There’s a link in the post to it. Last time I went was a couple years back and it looks like it’s still there– at least it still has a webpage. It looks like they have two storefronts in Houston.

  3. monsterzero Says:

    Chocolate with stuff; Ben & Jerry’s NY Super Fudge Chunk is my current favorite.

    (Slightly off-topic) I’ve been wondering all summer, why doesn’t anybody make grapefruit sorbet? And when I say make, I mean sell. Do I have to do everything around here?

  4. Miser Mom Says:

    When we were in our teens, my sister and I went with her boyfriend to Baskin-Robbins (31 flavors). When my sister ordered chocolate ice cream, her boyfriend started arguing with her. “There are 31 flavors! You could have anything!” She said, “I want chocolate”. He said, “there’s Dutch chocolate, there’s this chocolate, there’s that chocolate with stuff in it”. She said, “I just want to chocolate”. So he gave in and order her plain chocolate ice cream.

    Then he turned and asked me what I wanted. I said, “vanilla”.

  5. Leigh Says:

    Lately I love cookies and cream ice cream with a chocolate salted caramel sauce mmmm. Or nutella/hazelnut gelato. Or strawberry sorbet. I’ve been branching out from plain chocolate ;)

  6. Katherine Says:

    I’m with Ana. Chocolate with crunchy stuff. I don’t care for plain vanilla, but if it has enough interesting stuff in it, I’ll eat it. I also really like coffee cinnamon.

  7. chacha1 Says:

    I am a promiscuous ice-cream (and gelato) lover, I will be pleased to eat nearly any flavor. Coffee, strawberry, vanilla, butter pecan, you name it. The ones I buy most often, though, are Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche, and the chocolate-hazelnut gelato from Al Gelato in Beverly Hills. Since there is virtually no nutritional rationale for ice cream, I don’t eat a lot of it, but when I do, it’s a shameless orgy.

    Back in Georgia I had a clear favorite. It was called “Heavenly Hash” and was a chocolate ice cream base with pecans, chocolate chips, and a marshmallow-crème swirl. I ate that by the gallon.

  8. Leah Says:

    I love vanilla! Chocolate sauce or chunks or fudge swirl is good, but I don’t really like full on chocolate ice cream. Oh, sweet cream ice cream is really amazing too – I can eat that plain but love it with fruit or peanut butter cups or white chocolate (yes, I like white chocolate).

    My favorite ice cream place is Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon. The have an olive oil ice cream to die for. Their salted caramel is also superb. Lavender honey, mmmmm.

    We have been trying to check out great places in the Twin Cities; there’s lots of unique options. I think I just love ice cream. I even enjoyed the sweet corn ice cream I got once.

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