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One of us was gone this week, the other will be MIA next week (hopefully she’ll get to tune into the convention!).  But we’ll be back to usual come August.

His only demands were, “don’t shoot me or my unarmed client”  ICYMI.   I can’t even with the police.

These racist narratives MAKE NO SENSE.

On African American women’s voices and bodies

Why yes, I am sick and tired of it.  I’m also getting really sick of comedians and their lame and tired sexist narrative.  C’mon guys, stop being lazy.  (Here is Jimmy Kimmel not being lazy!  Kudos to Kimmel!)  There’s humor in the Clinton campaign that doesn’t rely on sexist tropes about powerful women.  Seriously.  That goes for you too, MSM.  Stop with the false equivalences and double standards.

Yes there is a difference.  We are better than Trump.

My jaw dropped a lot this past week.  Here was one of the first times.  Just… how… wha?

Leslie Jones twitter abuse.

Track whether or not men are talking too much.

This is also my story.  Next time they call I’m going to affect an accent and tell them they have the wrong number and I’m voting for Trump.  We will see if that works better than just asking them to take me off their damn list.  DO NOT give any political organizations your phone number EVER.

The choice is clear.

Historiann on menses and other wimmin things.   Also I’ve been debating calling up Pence‘s campaign to ask about whether it’s more immoral for me to use birth control or to allow fetuses to die given my higher chance of miscarriage.  Or you know, to just update him on the state of my cycle.

Thankfully my doctor knew what to do about granulation, but with my first baby I definitely did not mention it as early as I should have.

Personal finance tips from Ghostbusters

If you’re starting to phase out of itemizing and have 25K that you plan on spreading out in donations in the future (for however many years) apparently you can easily start your own charitable foundation with Vanguard for tax purposes.  This is AWESOME.  And we might do it next fiscal year when our tax situation will have settled and we’ll be back at full salary and no longer have any mortgage interest.

This was exactly what my DH said was the plot too!

The secret apartments of ny libraries.

Congratulations to evolving pf!

Baby sloth pictures.


9 Responses to “link love”

  1. Kris Says:

    Thank you for the whole Jon Stewart episode. And for the health aide who took the bullet. I hope you also saw the elementary teacher in TX who was tossed around by the cop and told that blacks have violent tendencies…… And then there is the whole “upskirting” being called legal in Washington DC, Mass, and GA. Women are under attack some more.
    Thank you for what you do.

  2. Miser Mom Says:

    Yes for the Vanguard donor advised fund! It’s what I’ve been jonesing for, for about two or three years now. (In fact, way back in April 2014, I wrote about this , and you commented and advised me to start with a Roth first while we waited to gather the start-up funds:

    I think we’re close to being ready to set it up, thanks to my sons returning to public life (or rather, public school).

  3. J Liedl Says:

    I’ve got my paperwork ready for my absentee US ballot – got to print that out on Monday and vote because, dangit, it really matters this cycle. The shooting of the care worker in Florida really riled me because of the justifications offered by the police union official that the shooter was firing at the autistic man (such a bad shot but then why was the careworker handcuffed while bleeding on the ground for so long? – Lies all around!).

  4. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, ma’am.

  5. Leigh Says:

    I really love the DAF idea! Fidelity and Schwab both have them as well. Fidelity has lower minimums for donations than Vanguard does and a lower startup amount. I plan to use this way to do my donations once I’m donating enough that it makes sense. I’m not quite there yet.

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