Ask the grumpies: Favorite cracker for enjoying with cheese

Leah asks:

 What is your preferred cracker with cheese? I only like certain crackers and will shun my non-preferred brand; are you similar?

#1: I’m not sure I have a favorite cracker. I will eat lots of different kinds, especially with cheese. I have to say, crackers are not an area where I have deep conversational depths. But if I have to say something, I like crackers with herbs in them.

#2:  I have passed through life (since beginning to ttc) with so many obnoxious food restrictions that I have thought much more about the subject of crackers.  (Though I have *never* liked Ritz crackers.  Yuck.  Well maybe when I was a really little kid I did, but I also liked cheeze wiz back then.)

These ak mak sesame crackers are really good with lemon quark.

These La Panzanella crackers are not good for me glycemically but they are really really tasty, especially the rosemary version.  They pair well with sharp cheeses.

I mainly like wheaty crackers and triscuits because they don’t make me feel like crap later (except when I was allergic to wheat and I couldn’t eat them).  I used to like kashi but now they’re too sweet.  Not a huge fan of oat biscuits.  I like dipping wheat thins into pub cheese or queso.  Wasa wafers are pretty good in pub cheese and queso too.  I like rice cakes with cream cheese.

So I guess I like a lot of different crackers, but mostly obscure brands other than like triscuits and wheat thins.

17 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: Favorite cracker for enjoying with cheese”

  1. Kay Says:

    HILLARY!!! Woot woot!!

  2. Leah Says:

    I am strangely picky about crackers. I do like Ritz (prefer the whole wheat), and I like wheat thins and triscuits. I can’t put a finger on what I don’t like other than to say I don’t take those crackers. I don’t like rye crackers or ones with giant nuts or seeds in them. Herb crackers are good.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    I am a cracker whore. That’s why I try not to have them in the house. It’s much easier to say “what crackers DON’T I like.” LOL that would be rye, or anything else with caraway. Caraway ruins the taste of cheese IMO. Well let’s face it I don’t like caraway at all.

    Really I do have a favorite though. It’s a brand called “Open Nature” which is something Safeway’s upscale Pavilions markets sells, and of their flavors I like onion & leek best.

  4. Contingent Cssandra Says:

    I try to go for whole grains (or mostly whole grains) most of the time. I like ok-mok. Kavli was my go-to for some time, but they’ve gotten hard to get (even by the case on Amazon). I *do* like caraway, so classic rye crisps and some of the variations thereon, mostly scandinavian or scandinavian-style, are good. Most of these get eaten with semi-decent supermarket cheddar, which I keep in stock (usually Cabot extra sharp or seriously sharp). I also like digestives and oat cakes with cheddar. It also gets melted on bread (often whole wheat pita) for open-face toasted cheese sandwiches. I enjoy the occasional buttery town-house or ritz-style cracker, usually as part of a university-catering fruit and cheese plate (I rarely if ever buy those). Regular and stoned wheat thins are also good, though I suspect they’ve got less whole grain than the name would imply.

    I also like plain water crackers, mostly with brie or blue cheese. That comes under the category of an occasional treat, because water crackers are mostly white flour and water (so, concerns about glycemic load, somewhat tempered by the fat and protein in the cheese, and often having some fruit — sugar, but also fiber/pectin — with).

    • Contingent Cssandra Says:

      And I also like apples and cheddar: skip the cracker, use apple slices in place of.

      • undine Says:

        Yes–crackers are a profanation of the cheese’s cheese essence! Bread or apples only.

  5. Rumpus Says:

    I second all the crackers listed in the post. I also like Engine 2 crackers, and practically any oat cracker…or maybe I should call them biscuits since the kind I like is really more like cookies.
    But I think the key point is that each cheese pairs well with certain crackers. Brie vs blue vs queso fresco…even different versions of the same cheese are better with different crackers. So I don’t have a favorite cracker, but like having a large variety in the cupboard.

  6. xykademiqz Says:

    During pregnancy with No 1, for a while all I could eat were Ritz crackers. I have grown to hate them with a passion.
    I sorta like Wheatables. But generally crackers are among the foods that, if I could never eat again, I wouldn’t really care.

  7. SP Says:

    I like the water crackers – unobtrusive, thin, cheap. Ritz are too buttery. I like triscuits, but they overwhelm any cheese. They also have some mulitgrain ones that I buy and like, but I can’t think of the brand. The rule is nothing too thick or buttery tasting. The cracker is there only to support the cheese.

  8. jjiraffe Says:

    I love this topic! I like water crackers also with cheese – preferably something cow, like a good vacherin when we lived in London. Yum. With goat or sheep, I prefer eating with a baguette or yummy bread. In France, they have this fig and walnut bread in some bakeries that is amazing with goat cheese.

    Now I’m hungry :)

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