Fore! (or, On The Links)


Cop shoots dog like it’s a black man.  When’s the last time we said F the police?  Exactly why they are biased tho.  (Spoiler alert:  it’s systemic racism.)

Clinton says shut up and listen, you fcukers.  More of Scalzi’s political writing (on point).

Even more.

Irony, or something

You should call Drumpf for advice about your period or anything period-related.  Really.

#2 can’t stop sending me links about Drumpf.

Why does Russia want Drumpf to win?

~~~~~~~~~stop ants~~~~~~~~~~~

 Ok, this is kind of awesome.
Three little kids review dinner, Yelp style.
Here’s a cool organization that you can donate to:  Every Library.  Speaking of libraries, here’s two women kicking butt!
Kanye West is good at his job!

Got any good kitten videos, Grumpeteers?   Stay cool out there!

9 Responses to “Fore! (or, On The Links)”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Disclaimer: #2 agrees with Michelle Obama that when they go low we go high and does not support calling him drumpf.

    She also thinks that Trevor Noah has a really good perspective on one true danger of a trump reign that isn’t getting a lot of press:

    Also, back to regularly scheduled posting next week.

    • Leah Says:

      Excited for regular posts. Agree about trying to be polite about all sides — go high and rise above. #imwithher but awfully sick of seeing anti-Trump articles. Ready for the election already.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Well, it is still important to know that he says he will eliminate NATO or doesn’t realize Russia invaded Ukraine or even when he says horrible things about the parents of a war hero.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It’s not that important to those of us who already know how we’re going to vote, though, and won’t change our minds. It’s just knowing depressing stuff that we can’t do anything about for 100 days.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        You’re not the only person who reads the blog, AND there’s more to activism than just voting. If reading about these fresh new horrors leads someone to volunteer or donate, then it is worth it.

        I should write that post in which we disagree about not being able to do anything where I say that’s a luxury you have of living in paradise since if nothing can be done then I have no hope. But there is hope. If democrats in my state felt like something could be done and it wasn’t hopeless we would *already* be blue. We’re at a bad equilibrium, but maybe if people get active, that will tip us.

  2. Rosa Says:

    I am not 100% sure the puppycide database is a libertarian project, but the whole idea of publicizing and tracking police killings of pet dogs and the “puppycide” phrasing came from libertarian writer Radley Balko (I think starting at Reason magazine? It’s been almost ten years since I started hearing about his stuff from anti-police brutality folks). Not a fan of libertarians but when they focus on abuse of state power they can do some good stuff.

  3. Susan Says:

    You’re welcome.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    Love the Clinton parody. “If you think any problem has a tweetable solution, you’re just wrong.”

    “doing the fucking homework since 1947” … LOL

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