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The courts can be forces for good.

It was only a matter of time before this headline popped up.  Because women can’t win even if they’re winning.  So much FFS with this election. More misogyny in political coverage. Here’s more.

Great news! You can vote for Hillary AND keep your dick!

heaven help us

ICYMI, here’s Trump calling for Clinton’s assassination

The desperate Russian/GOP/crazy guy line these days seems to be about HRC’s health, as if Tim Kaine wasn’t perfectly capable of stepping into office.

‘From the book summary:  “In a covetous quest to attain the power that men had, women were advised to work like men, talk like men, party like men, and have sex like men. There’s just one problem: women aren’t men. Instead of feeling happy with their newfound freedoms, females today are tied up in knots, trying to strike a balance between their natural, feminine and traditional desires and what modern society dictates—and demands—through the commandments of feminism. ”  The irony is off the charts with this one.’  (Not that she should have been harassed, but seriously, stop contributing to patriarchal oppression!  Even if you’re a victim.)

I think trump is more crabbe or goyle

If only

Why are more US women dying of childbirth?


A Snowy Day.

Retirement plans for small companies

I don’t even like cooking for just myself

We did not go to Egypt.

Go for the John Scalzi links, stay for the cat pics

Where’s Charley?

At least this cool kid

Transportation agency attack haiku


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