What happened when I rage bought the $450 laser hair removal thing

As predicted, one day I had enough of plucking my chin and went to amazon and bought this home laser hair removal thing.

You’re supposed to use it once every two weeks.  I’ve been using it once a week instead because my ability to remember something every other week is pretty bad and also I don’t think I’ve been using it as intensely (overlapping zaps) each time as the instructions say to do, so a second treatment probably doesn’t hurt.

There are five levels.  They say to use the highest that you are comfortable with.  I started out with level one, which was a light tingle.  Two weeks later nothing had really changed.  Level two hurt more and Level three was unbearable.  I had to ask DH to take over because I was flinching too much when I tried to do it myself.  Level two did seem to help some.  Then I had a conference and plucked for that.  When I got back, level three wasn’t so bad pain-wise.  I think the difference in pain was because there were fewer hairs to kill given the plucking.  I can also tell a big pain difference between heavily populated follicle areas and areas of sparser hair density.  Level three works much better at killing hairs.  Chin hairs die and fall out over a two week period after use.

I’m not done with the treatments yet, but I have a lot fewer chin hairs at this point.  There’s still plenty, but if I stopped now, it might be a manageable plucking number (at least for this hair follicle cycle– apparently hair grows in cycles and you have to kill off each cycle).

So, on the whole, I’m glad I purchased it.  Of course, I wasn’t expecting all the hair to go away, just to get a decrease to more manageable levels so I don’t spend 20 minutes or more plucking hair every single day.  And that decrease seems to be happening.

And that’s my mid-use update.

We’ll see if I can remember to keep it up once school starts!

11 Responses to “What happened when I rage bought the $450 laser hair removal thing”

  1. SP Says:

    Glad it is working out for you so far!

  2. chacha1 Says:

    “visible improvement” is a good thing. sounds like I wouldn’t want to use it on the acreage of my legs, but some other areas might be worth suffering through!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      yeah, plus it comes with only a limited number of laser flashes, so you might have to buy a second to finish your legs.

      But definitely good for if you have a funky two tonged beard thing going, or a couple bizarre hairs coming out of other places where hair should not come out.

      I think some people in the comments used it on underarms with some success, but the thought terrifies me just because of how dense that area is.

      Have I mentioned how much I hate the patriarchy but am not brave enough to completely flout its aesthetic standards?

      • CG Says:

        Yup. I have a friend who doesn’t shave her legs, and over time her hair has become thinner and blonder so that you can barely see it. Worked out great. Let’s just say if I did that the results would not be so unnoticeable and I’m too wimpy to try it.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I didn’t used to shave my legs at all but then my hair became thicker and darker. I doubt the shaving has anything to do with it.

        Plucking is thought to increase hair density, but shaving is thought to have no effect. (There’s research on the topic!) Mostly, though, it’s hormonal.

      • chacha1 Says:

        My leg hair is relatively inoffensive but also I almost never wear a skirt anymore. :-) If we are going out dancing, I will shave ’em. Otherwise, the hair flourisheth.

      • xykademiqz Says:

        One of the big cultural shocks for me when I came to the US were the grooming practices. In my home country, everyone plucks their own eyebrows but goes to a salon to get legs (and in needed arms, etc.) waxed. Salon waxing is efficient and inexpensive and IME ends up making the hairs thinner (don’t know about the density). Then I came to the US and everyone here gets eyebrows waxed in a salon, but shaves their legs at home (because it’s expensive, I am guessing, and the salons that offer body waxing are nowhere as ubiquitous as where I grew up, while you can get eyebrows waxed at a hairstylist’s). I thought shaving actually makes individual hairs thicker/tougher? (Isn’t it what boys are told to do in order to transform silly and silky facial hair into mustache/beards?)

        Anyway, I am very happy for you that the home laser therapy works! (I have recently started waxing my own eyebrows. Love Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper Kit!)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        No, shaving has no effect. And why would it? The hair you’re cutting is dead, you’re not stimulating the follicle. People just think it makes things thicker because they start shaving when they’re young and age increases hair growth.

        Plucking makes things thicker though because of follicle stimulation. Pity it doesn’t go the other direction. :(

  3. Flavia Says:

    I’m so excited to have this report! And if I had $450 to spare I’d be all over it (but I’m committing to more aggressive debt reduction). Maybe with holiday cash or after my next raise…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yay debt reduction! Getting rid of debt is so awesome and makes life so much easier once it is gone.

      As you will see on Monday, this was paid for with leftover money we didn’t spend in paradise.

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    […] I don’t find it itchy, but societal expectations being what they are, I am quite happy that this $450 home laser treatment thing has worked so well for the coarse dark beard hairs on my face.  So much less plucking and only […]

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